Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Encountering a Ghost Today (1)

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After hearing the report from Lone Wolf Team B, Old Gao frowned, and a hint of horror gradually appeared in his eyes.

He had never thought that the soldiers of a regular army would be so skilled in shooting. Moreover, it was obvious that the soldiers stationed at the front had undergone a certain amount of special training.

From their marksmanship and defense, it could be seen that they were different from ordinary troops. It was just that they were still a little immature and had not experienced actual combat training.

“Everyone, be careful. They are very strong, and their marksmanship is no weaker than ours! It’s just that they don’t have enough experience!”

“Release the smoke grenade immediately and disrupt the enemy’s vision! Then, we’ll wait for an opportunity to move!”

“Yes, sir!”


Old Gao’s voice immediately sounded in everyone’s earphones. Hearing Old Gao’s evaluation, everyone’s hearts tightened.

“F * ck, which unit are they from? Why haven’t I heard of them before? Their strength is almost comparable to the special forces!”

This was the first time the paratroopers had seen Old Gao evaluate a regular soldier like this. He stared at the troops in front of him in disbelief.

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“I’m not sure. The 801st division doesn’t seem to have a special force, but their strength is almost on par with ours. It’s undeniable that they are very strong.”

“Release smoke grenades immediately and follow the smoke. We must end the battle quickly.”

Geng Jihui immediately ordered the members of Lone Wolf Team B to throw a circle of smoke grenades at the area in front of the logistics company.

In an instant, the entire battlefield was filled with smoke. The thick smoke directly blocked the vision of the logistics company soldiers.

“Deputy Company Commander! Not good, they released a smoke bomb. We can’t see their position at all.” The platoon leader’s expression changed drastically as he looked at the thick smoke in front of him. He could only see a few meters away.

“Then let’s fire at the smoke and throw grenades at where they were just now to suppress their speed. Remember to save some bullets. We don’t have a lot of bullets. ”

“Also, pay attention to their whereabouts. The company commander said that they might be the special forces of the Blue Army. There is still a gap between our strength and theirs.”

“However, our mission this time is to stall them and buy as much time as possible for the company commander and the others.”

When Liu Ye heard the platoon leader’s report, he did not panic at all and commanded the soldiers of the logistics company in an orderly manner. After staying with Qin Yuan for a long time, he learned a lot.

On the battlefield, one had to remain calm. Even if the enemy was very strong, even if they couldn’t beat them, they had to make them lose a piece of meat! “Sixth Company Commander, how many soldiers do you have left?” Liu Ye asked immediately when he saw the Sixth Company Commander walking over.

“Our 6th Company is left with the first platoon soldiers in the inner circle. The second and third platoon soldiers in the outer circle should have sacrificed themselves and withdrawn from the exercise because we haven’t heard their reports for a while.”

The sixth company commander frowned. It had only been about 10 minutes since the battle started, and his two platoons of soldiers had almost been wiped out. He could not help but feel shocked by the strength of the blue army’s special forces.

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“Alright, Company Commander. I’ll bring a platoon from the logistics company to their rear. You stay here to command the battle. We’ll try our best to pincer them from the front and back!”

“Their target should be our command center now. The troops in front should be the Blue Army’s special forces. They are very strong. We can only stall them as much as possible to buy time for the company commander and the others.”

Liu Ye immediately discussed with the sixth company commander. The Blue Army’s target was their command center. If they continued to confront them head-on, they would be wiped out by the Blue Army’s special forces sooner or later. It would be better to delay their speed if they went around and attacked them from the front and back.

“Alright, Deputy Company Commander Liu! Leave this place to me. You guys be careful!”

“Don’t worry, we have more people than them. It’s worth it even if 10 of us replace one of them! Our mission this time is to delay them!”

“Even if we can’t beat them, we have to make them lose a piece of meat!”


After saying that, Liu Ye led the soldiers of the Third Platoon of the Logistics Company and ran into the jungle behind the command post. Soon, they disappeared into the jungle.

The logistics company had gone through Qin Yuan’s cruel special training. Although their current military quality was not as good as the real special forces, their current strength was still very strong.

“Reporting to Wild Wolf! Report to Wild Wolf! Their firepower has weakened!”

After a while, Geng Jihui saw that the firepower in front of them had obviously weakened a lot, so he immediately reported the situation on their side.

“Attention, everyone. Smoke grenades are being thrown forward and grenades are being thrown at the firing point. The battle must be resolved within 10 minutes. The Chief of Staff is still waiting for our news! ”

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“Yes, sir!”


The members of the Lone Wolf Assault Team immediately carried out the order. They used smoke grenades to block the enemy’s line of sight and continued to advance toward the command center in front.

The members of Lone Wolf Team B saw that their firepower was obviously weaker than before and immediately rushed forward. After a while, the battle gradually entered a white-hot state.

“Deputy Company Commander! We’ve already circled around to their rear.”

In the bushes, Liu Ye was hiding with the soldiers of the Third Platoon. They could clearly see the members of Lone Wolf Team B not far ahead.

“The Wolf Fang Special Forces are indeed worthy of their reputation!”

Liu Ye was amazed by the powerful combat strength of the Lone Wolf Team B members not far away. The special forces team formed by just a few people had actually wiped out two platoons of soldiers from the Sixth Company in 10

11 +Gc’

“Deputy Company Commander, are we going to make a move?”

Zhao Xiaowu saw that Lone Wolf Team B was getting closer and closer to their command center, so he hurriedly asked Liu Ye.

“Let’s get closer. After the shooting, you two must keep an eye on a Blue Army special forces soldier.”

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“Our current strength is not their match, but it’s worth it to replace one or two of the Blue Army’s special forces!”

Soon, the soldiers of the Third Platoon slowly approached the members of Lone Wolf Team B. They did not dare to go too deep. After all, the special forces of the Blue Army were real special forces. Their reaction speed and insight were not to be underestimated.

After a while, Liu Ye saw the paratroopers enter his shooting range and immediately gave the order to fire.


Dada dada …

A gunshot came from 50 meters behind Lone Wolf Team B. The soldiers of the logistics company followed Liu Ye’s orders and started shooting crazily at a member of Lone Wolf Team B.

“Not good! Paratroopers, get down…” Xiao Zhuang shouted after he reacted.

Xiao Zhuang looked through the sniper scope and saw Liu Ye and the others shooting wildly at them. He picked up his gun and swept it at Liu Ye and the others, but Liu Ye and the others nimbly dodged it.

“There is a well-trained Red Army assault team 50 meters behind us! There are about a dozen of them. Their strength and reaction speed are very strong.” “Aiyo! Damn it, we must have encountered a ghost today!”

The paratrooper covered his chest and cried out in the grass. Although it was only a blank, it was still very painful to hit his body at such a distance. There were two obvious yellow bullet marks on the paratrooper’s thigh, and there was also an obvious bullet mark on his chest about 8 cm away from his heart..

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