Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Lone Wolf Assault Team

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“When have you ever seen me retreat? And the commander of the military region is still here. You want me to retreat with him? Our Special Combat Brigade can’t afford to lose face like this!”

How could He Zhijun dare to retreat with the military commander! The military commander had come down to see how their special forces had wiped out an entire army. Now if he said that he was going to retreat, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face?

“Order the artillery units of our Special Combat Brigade to attack the missile units and air bases of the Red Army. They are in the open and we are in the dark. Since we can’t use them, we will paralyze them. No one can use them.” “Yes, sir!”

“There’s more! Find a way to contact the Chief of Staff and tell him to come back immediately!”

“Yes, sir! Brigadier!”

After saying that, the soldier quickly contacted Chief of Staff Fan Tianlei, afraid that the brigade commander would vent his anger on him again.

“Golden Condor! Golden Condor! This is the wolf den, please reply!”

“Golden Condor! Golden Condor! This is the wolf den, please reply!”

At this moment, Qin Yuan and the others had already infiltrated the Blue Army’s exercise area. They were only 10 kilometers away from the location of the command center that they had just tracked down!

Qin Yuan immediately ordered the soldiers of the Second Platoon to speed up their march because he wanted to destroy the Blue Army’s command center before the Wolf Fang Special Forces who were going to capture them discovered anything. He believed that if Fan Tianlei really went to capture them, they would have already reached the No. 3 exercise area.

Qin Yuan’s guess was not wrong. The Wolf Fang and Lone Wolf Commando Team had already arrived at the No. 3 exercise area!

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Soon, they found the location of Liu Ye and the others! After the sixth company commander received Qin Yuan’s notice, he immediately brought the entire sixth company’s soldiers to help defend!

Fan Tianlei looked at the small place that was guarded by a company of soldiers. Every 10 meters, there was an open post, and there were many hidden posts. Fan Tianlei knew that this was the Iron Fist’s backup plan!

Although there was a company of soldiers guarding it, it was not enough for the Lone Wolf Assault Team to bite the teeth!

“Begin the operation! Get rid of everyone!” Fan Tianlei ordered through his earpiece. “Team A received!”

“Team B received!”

After receiving the Chief of Staff’s order, Old Gao led the members of Team A and Team B to sneak in.

“Forest Wolf, take your team B members and surround them from behind! Stop them from escaping!”

“Yes, sir!”

After Geng Jihui received Captain Gao Da’s order, he brought Xiao Zhuang and the others to move behind Liu Ye and the others.

At this moment, the soldiers of the Sixth Company had no idea that the Lone Wolf Assault Team had already infiltrated the city. In a short while, some of the soldiers of the Sixth Company on the periphery were wiped out by the Lone Wolf Assault Team one by one.

“F * ck, the Chief of Staff sent us here to deal with these small fries?”

After the paratroopers were done dealing with the soldiers of the Sixth Company, they felt upset.

“Why are you so depressed? You’re an ostrich!” the medical staff said with a smile.

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“Go, go, go. You’re the one who’s so troublesome! Go to the side.” “I’m just afraid that if you call them names, we’ll get in trouble later!”

“Pay attention! Enemy attack..”

Until some of the patrolling soldiers from the 6th Company, who were in the middle, had not received the signal from their comrades in the outer perimeter for over five minutes, they knew something was wrong and shouted out in frustration.

“Damn it! Medic, did you jinx it?” A paratrooper exclaimed helplessly.

“Act immediately! There should be a secret signal between them every few minutes.”

Seeing the soldiers of the Sixth Company not far away roar, Geng Jihui understood something.

“Secret signal? Since when do regular troops know how to do this?” Xiao Zhuang was also a little confused. They only knew about this kind of reverse infiltration combat deployment after entering the special forces.

In fact, Qin Yuan had long taught this to the soldiers of the logistics company. Coincidentally, they had also told the soldiers of the sixth company this time.

“We have to act as soon as possible! Otherwise, they would run away later!


“Yes, sir!”

After everyone heard Geng Jihui’s order, they sped up their marching speed. Since they had already been discovered, they could fight freely.

Soon, Lone Wolf Team A and Lone Wolf Team B charged in. The soldiers of the Sixth Company also began to suppress them with fire. However, it did not take long for the soldiers of the Sixth Company to be wiped out by the Lone Wolf Assault Team.

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The first and third platoons of the logistics company stood guard outside the tent and kept firing at the members of the Lone Wolf Assault Team.

“F * ck! How can their marksmanship be so accurate?”

The paratrooper complained as he clenched his arm. At this moment, he could clearly see the yellow mark of a blank bullet on his hand.

According to the rules of the drill, he was injured now, but it was not enough to withdraw from the drill.

“That’s right! Their marksmanship is very skillful. They must have gone through some special training.”

“I was almost killed many times. The bullet brushed past my head. Everyone, be careful.”

Geng Jihui saw that the paratrooper had been shot, so he voiced out the doubts in his heart. They had been in the Wolf Fang Special Forces for some time and had carried out many missions, but he had never encountered a situation like today.

“Why do I feel like their marksmanship isn’t any weaker than ours?”

Xiao Zhuang’s question instantly broke the line of defense in everyone’s hearts.

“Yes, it can be said that we just have more combat experience than them in dodging bullets.” The medic also said what he was thinking. At this moment, the few of them realized that there was an additional yellow mark on the tip of his foot.

“Which troop are they from? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

“Are the regular troops so awesome now? This is unbelievable.”

The paratrooper was shocked. This was the first time he had encountered such a strong opponent since he became a special forces soldier.

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“Lone Wolf Team B! Forest Wolf! Please reply if you receive it!”

The voice of Old Gao sounded in everyone’s earphones.

“Forest Wolf, copy!”

“Siberian Wolf received!” “Mountain Wolf, copy!” “Evil Wolf, copy!” “Big Tailed Wolf received!”

“Bald-tailed Wolf received!”

After receiving everyone’s reply, Old Gao’s anxious heart finally relaxed. Their situation was the same as Team B’s, but they were not shot like Team B. However, they were deeply shocked by the marksmanship of the logistics company.

“Report the situation!”

“Wild Wolf, the big-tailed wolf’s right arm was shot, and the bald wolf’s left toe was shot. ”

“The rest of the team is fine! But the enemy’s marksmanship is quite terrifying.

We can’t rush in without clear visibility ahead. Requesting instructions!

Requesting instructions!”

The Forest Wolf immediately reported the situation of their B team..

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