Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Retreat?

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At this moment, after Qin Yuan and the others regained control of the Red Army’s command, they began to repair the Red Army’s command system. This would take half an hour to complete.

The Red Army now had to gather the remaining Red Army troops of the 801st Army together to effectively defend. They could not be defeated one by one anymore. They had to take the initiative to attack.

Qin Yuan understood that the remaining Red Army troops were no match for the entire 808th Special Combat Brigade. This time, after the Blue Army invaded the Red Army’s command system, and the commanders were all decapitated by the Blue Army, many of the Red Army troops suffered heavy losses.

Now that he knew the location of the Blues’ headquarters, he believed that with the Blues’ reaction speed, they would definitely change the headquarters! Their location had already been exposed. Perhaps the Wolf Fang Special Forces were already on their way.

Reality proved that Qin Yuan’s guess was correct. The Lone Wolf Commando Team was coming towards them.

Qin Yuan immediately ordered Zhou Qing to gather the troops of the logistics battalion. This time he planned to make a decisive counterattack and use a bait-and-switch tactic against the Wolf Fang Special Forces.

After the entire logistics company had gathered, Qin Yuan immediately instructed everyone about the combat mission.

“Old Zhou, you will bring Xiao Wu and the others to a hidden place to set up a command post to command the battle. This time, the entire Red Army will depend on you to command! Our location has been exposed. You have to bring them to a secret location to hide.”

Zhou Qing was shocked when he heard that. Did Qin Yuan want him to command the entire Red Army to engage in a simulated exercise with the Blue Army?

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“Company Commander Qin. This was…This… How can I command them!”

Zhou Qing stammered and did not know how to answer Qin Yuan. He was a little flustered when he was asked to command the entire Red Army. After all, he had never commanded such a big battle.

Qin Yuan looked at Zhou Qing and said in a low voice,

“Old Zhou, I know your ability during this period of time. I believe in your commanding ability. This time, I have to lead the team to think of a way to destroy the Blue Army’s headquarters. Only then will we have a chance to win!”

“Other than me, you have the best commanding ability in our company! Old Zhou, you have to believe in yourself!”

Although the Red Army’s combat command system had been taken back, he had to issue various combat missions to the Red Army troops. He had to find a way to destroy the Blue Army’s command center and could not command the entire Red Army to fight.

This time, they wanted to destroy the Blue Army’s command center, but they were facing the Wolf Fang Special Forces. The task of commanding the battle could only be handed over to Zhou Qing!

“Company Commander Qin! Don’t worry, leave the commanding to me!”

Zhou Qing also understood that this time, Qin Yuan had to lead the team to fight against the Wolf Fang Special Forces. If they wanted to take down the Blue Army’s command center, no one else in the entire company could do it except Qin Yuan, who had the ability to lead the team to carry out the mission.

“Old Zhou, don’t worry! If we really take down the command center of the Blue Army, I will immediately send out a signal flare! When your radar detected the signal flare, you will begin to command the entire Red Army to counterattack and surround the Blue Army!”

“Our Red Army doesn’t have many combat troops left now. We can’t let them break through one by one. If that happens, we really won’t have a chance.”

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“The Blue Army’s most outstanding ability is their special operations. As long as the Wolf Fang Special Forces stall us, we will have a chance to take down the Blue Army’s headquarters.”

“Alright! Company Commander Qin!”

After saying that, Zhou Qing immediately led Xiao Wu and the others into the deepest part of the forest. They wanted to find a secret location to hide before the Blue Army’s Wolf Fang Special Forces arrived.

“Deputy Company Commander Liu!”


“Take 1st Platoon and 3rd Platoon and stay here. Then take a few computers and pretend that this is our command center. Get him to bring the soldiers of the Sixth Company around and pretend to protect you! We have to set up a sentry post every 10 meters.”

“Create an illusion that this is our command center! This time, I will use a bait-and-switch tactic against the Blue Army!”

Liu Ye instantly understood Qin Yuan’s arrangement. He wanted the Blue Army to think that this was their command center and launch an attack on it, thus protecting Zhou Qing and their command system.

“Good! Second Platoon, follow me deep into the enemy’s territory and wait for an opportunity to strike! They must have discovered our current location just now! Therefore, the Blue Army will definitely send the Wolf Fang Special Forces to annihilate us!”

“So our mission is to take advantage of the time when their special forces come to search and attack our command center. Their command center’s defense will definitely be weakened.”

“We’ll go around them and ambush their headquarters. They won’t expect us to ambush their headquarters!” Based on Qin Yuan’s understanding of Fan Tianlei, he would definitely bring his troops to capture them personally.

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“Yes, sir!”

Everyone was very excited after hearing Qin Yuan’s arrangements. They never expected that they would be able to compete with the special forces one day. Their faces were filled with excitement!

“Let’s go!”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone immediately took action. Qin Yuan led the second platoon into the forest and disappeared into the forest in a short while!

Liu Ye also quickly arranged the combat missions left behind by Qin Yuan.

In the command center of the 808th Brigade Blue Army!

The soldiers of the Special Combat Brigade were tidying up their documents and retreating. The brigade commander, He Zhijun, who received the notice from the soldiers, ran to the command center in confusion.

“How did it become like this? Where’s my Chief of Staff?”

“Brigadier! The Chief of Staff personally led a team to capture the Red Army! The control of the Red Army’s command system was taken back by them a few minutes ago, and they launched an attack on our Blue Army’s command system!”

“The Chief of Staff instructed us to have the other units of the Special Combat

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Brigade surround the Red Army and activate radio silence! He led the Lone Wolf Assault Team to capture the Red Army that attacked our command system!”

After listening to the soldier’s report, He Zhijun was furious.

“Nonsense! How could he care about the gains and losses of a city? He couldn’t even accept a small failure at his age! Tell him to come back immediately!”

“Brigadier! The Chief of Staff has already activated radio silence. We can’t contact them now!”

“This is nonsense! Contact him and tell him to call me back immediately!”

He Zhijun did not expect his chief of staff to have led his team deep into the enemy’s rear.

“Yes, sir!”

“By the way, Brigadier, the Chief of Staff asked me to cover your retreat with the Military Region Commander. The Red Army will launch an attack on us as soon as their command system is restored!”

“What is it? Retreat?” He Zhijun was instantly furious..

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