Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: An old Fox Like You will Fall?

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Fan Tianwei did not panic at all. Facing Qin Yuan and the others’ attacks, in his eyes, he thought that this was just the last struggle of the Red Army before they died.

However, after a while, something unexpected happened.

“Not good, Chief of Staff. The Red Army’s command system has been taken back by the Red Army. Now, the Red Army has begun to attack our Blue Army’s command system!”


Fan Tianlei’s expression changed drastically. He jumped up from the stool and immediately walked to the computer screen. He did not expect that the Red Army, which he thought was about to be destroyed, would actually come back to life.

Seeing that the Red Army’s command system had been taken back by the Red Army and was now attacking the Blue Army’s command system, Fan Tianlei’s face revealed a touch of horror.

“Since when did the 801st division have such powerful network technicians?”

“I’m not sure. The opponent’s offense is very fierce, and his network technology is extremely powerful. The Red Army’s command system was quickly taken back by him. Based on his current level, none of us are his match!”

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“What? What do you usually do? Aren’t you guys known as the top technicians in the entire military region?” Fan Tianlei was furious.

The command room instantly became quiet. Everyone sat in front of their computers with awkward expressions. They didn’t expect that the technology that they were so proud of would be slapped in the face by the 801st Army. This had never happened before.

“Can you find out where the Red Army that attacked us is?” Fan Tianlei asked.

“The moment the Red Army’s combat system was taken back, we also tracked their location. It was in the Red Army’s No. 3 exercise area.”

“Exercise Area No. 3?”

Fan Tianlei immediately walked to the map and was stunned when he saw the defensive troops in the No. 3 exercise area.

“Is this the defensive range of the Iron Fist Regiment’s Sixth Company and Logistics Company?”

“Call the Lone Wolf Assault Team over immediately!” Fan Tianlei immediately ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

“Also, immediately inform the special forces to surround the Red Army. Then, turn on radio silence and cut off our command system.”

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“Right, immediately protect the brigade commander and the others in the battle zone and retreat. I believe that our command center has been leaked. After the Red Army recovers its command system, their planes and missiles will soon come.”

“Yes, sir!”

Coincidentally, Gao Shiwei from the Southeast Military Region was inspecting the Special Combat Brigade. He had come to see how the Special Combat Brigade would fight against an army.

Fan Tianlei didn’t expect such a thing to happen. He was glad that he wasn’t in the command center, or else they would lose all their face.

Fan Tianlei had never thought that his command center would be invaded one day. After giving his orders, Fan Tianlei hurried out of the command center and headed for the prisoner camp.

Soon, they arrived at the prisoner camp.

“Old Kang! Surprised! I must chop off your head no matter what. I just didn’t expect your Iron Fist Guild to still have a trick up their sleeve!”

Fan Tianlei looked at Kang Lei with a gloomy expression. The smug smile on his face had long disappeared.

Kang Lei was tied up on a chair and looked a little haggard. He had been tied up for several hours.

“Hmph, you guys only know how to steal chickens and dogs. If you have the ability, let’s do it openly. I, Kang Lei, will not admit defeat.” Kang Lei looked at Fan Tianlei with disdain and didn’t understand what Fan Tianlei’s last sentence meant.

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“What do you mean by stealing? We are the special forces of the Special Combat Brigade! Do you think I, Old Fan, look like a fool when you let a brigade of mine go against your entire army?

“I just didn’t expect that your Iron Fist Guild would actually have a trick up your sleeve!”

Fan Tianlei was confused when he thought about how his plan had been ruined by the Iron Fist Gang. Who was it that ruined his plan?

“I didn’t expect an old fox like you to have a time when you fail miserably in the gutter!”

Kang Lei reacted and instantly laughed out loud. He had a certain guess in his heart. Looking at Fan Tianlei’s sour face, it must be Qin Yuan from the logistics company who gave Fan Tianlei, this old fox, a headache!

The only people who had the strength to give Fan Tianlei a headache were Qin Yuan and his logistics company. He had also learned a little about the strength of the logistics company through Zhou Qing.

Therefore, this time, he specially asked his personal guard, Xiao Wu, to give Qin Yuan an order. He wanted Qin Yuan to create some trouble to disgust the special forces brigade.

Although he did not dare to expect Qin Yuan to cause any big waves, he was already very happy to be able to give them a headache. Obviously, Qin Yuan had done it.

“Old Kang! What do you think your Iron Fist Regiment can do with just one or two companies?” Fan Tianlei smiled playfully. Although he knew that the Iron Fist Regiment had ruined his plan, they were still nothing in the eyes of the Special Combat Brigade.

This time, he planned to personally capture the Iron Fist Regiment soldiers in this battle for network command. He wanted to see who ruined his plan!

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“Don’t be happy too early. Do you know what it means to be reborn after death?

Be careful, your head will be chopped off by my infantry!”

It was rare for Kang Lei to see Fan Tianlei being defeated. He felt comfortable seeing Fan Tianlei frown.

“Would you die if you didn’t brag?” Kang Lei was overjoyed.

“Then just you wait. I’ll go and destroy those little brats from your Iron Fist Regiment now!” Looking at Kang Lei who was laughing, Fan Tianlei felt a wave of depression in his heart! This was also the first time he had stumbled. “Alright, I’ll wait here! Let’s see how you destroy them!”

Fan Tianlei ignored Kang Lei and walked out. From Kang Lei’s eyes, he knew that the people who ruined his plan were undoubtedly from the Iron Fist Gang.

This time, he would personally lead a team to see who had ruined his plan.

At this time, the Lone Wolf Assault Team had gathered. Team A and Team B were ready for battle and were waiting for Fan Tianlei’s order. “The destination is the Red Army’s No. 3 exercise area! Let’s go!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The voice of the Lone Wolf Commando Team echoed over the entire Blue Army command center. The deafening aura could prove what kind of unit this was!

Everyone boarded the assault helicopter in an instant. They did not ask what the target of this operation was. In their eyes, they only followed the orders of their superiors..

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