Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Chief of Staff, Bad News!

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“Sixth Company Commander, we’re all in the same exercise area. Let’s go together! ”


“Company Commander Qin, Company Commander Liu! Since the mission has been passed to you, I will return to the Regiment commander.”

He had already passed down the regiment commander’s orders. It was time for him to return.

“Alright, Xiao Wu, thank you for making the trip!

“It’s fine.” “Be careful on the road!”


After saying that, Qin Yuan and the sixth company commander each led their own companies to their drill area. Qin Yuan knew very well that since the overall strength of the 801st division could not compete with the 808th special forces brigade, they could only carry out special operations to fight.

From the fact that the 808th Special Forces Brigade could fight against the entire 801st division, it could be seen that sometimes a strong special forces team was as effective as an army. Qin Yuan understood that their opponent this time was the Wolf Fangs Special Forces.

Their only chance was to compete with the Wolf Fangs Special Red Army and then wait for an opportunity to take out the Blue Army’s command center. Only then would they have a chance to turn the tables.

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The Wolf Fang Special Forces were very powerful, but it was impossible for the entire brigade to be as strong as the Wolf Fangs Special Forces. As long as they could stall the Wolf Fangs Special Forces, then they would have a chance. After all, they were an army!

At this moment, in the command center of the 808th Special Combat Brigade

of the Southeast Military Region.

“Brigadier General, you were looking for me! ”

The Chief of Staff of the 808th Special Combat Brigade, Fan Tianlei, pushed open the curtain and walked in.

“Chief of Staff? Sit down!” Brigadier General He Zhijun stood up and asked Fan Tianlei to sit down.

“I just received a call from Old Chief Qin. He asked us to take special care of the Iron Fist Regiment during this military exercise. What do you think about this?”

“Iron Fist? Isn’t that Kang Lei’s group?” Fan Tianlei thought for a moment and asked.

“Yes! It’s Kang Lei’s group.”

“The overall military strength of the Iron Fist Regiment is not bad, but in the eyes of our Special Combat Brigade, they are a little immature. I just don’t understand why the old general wants us to take special care of them!”

When he heard that the old chief had asked them to take special care of the Iron Fist Regiment, Fan Tianlei was confused.

“Since the old chief asked us to take special care of them, there must be a reason!”

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“How about this? Immediately send out the Lone Wolf Assault Team and deal with all the officers above the commander of the 801st Army. Decapitate their command system. This time, the exercise with the 801st Army is to consider whether the 801st Army should be reformed!”

“The current wars are all modern wars. Many troops’ combat methods can’t keep up with the current level of warfare.”

“Our existence is to continuously train our current combat methods to adapt to modern warfare! We can’t leave any leeway for this military exercise! ”

“Yes, sir! Brigadier! I’ll make the arrangements now! ”


Fan Tianlei stood up and walked out of the command center.

Qin Yuan and the others had also arrived at the designated exercise area. According to Qin Yuan’s understanding of the Wolf Fang Special Forces, they had already arrived at the designated exercise area.

The Blue Army and Wolf Fang Special Forces would definitely decapitate the Red Army in this military exercise. He remembered that Kang Lei of the Iron Fist Group was captured by Fan Tianlei in the previous TV series.

Just as Qin Yuan was about to contact Commander Kang Lei to tell him to be careful, Zhou Qing ran into the logistics company’s combat camp in a panic.

“Company Commander Qin, we can’t contact the regiment headquarters at all.

All our communication systems have been hacked by the Blue Army.”

“The entire Red Army’s military communications have been cut off, but the Red Army’s command center will soon activate the emergency communications system! But now, we haven’t been able to contact the Regiment commander for almost an hour!”

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“That long?”

“Old Zhou, get me a computer!” After hearing Zhou Qing’s report, Qin Yuan felt that something was wrong.

Since the Red Army had already activated the emergency communication system, why couldn’t they contact the regimental headquarters? There was only one possibility…The Red Army’s emergency system had also been hacked!

Soon, Zhou Qing came back with a laptop.

After Qin Yuan turned on the computer, he entered the military regional network of the Southeast Military Region after a while. Soon, a map of the Red and Blue Army’s combat confrontation was projected on the big screen.

The red dots representing the Red Army on the screen were in a mess and gradually turned into blue dots. The Red Army’s combat aircraft and missile units were bombarding their own Red Army troops.

“Company commander! What is going on? Why would our combat aircraft and missile forces bomb our own troops?

Liu Ye, Zhou Qing, and the others widened their eyes when they saw the situation on the screen. They looked at the big screen in shock.

“If I’m not wrong, our Red Army’s command center has been taken over by the Blue Army.”

“And they controlled the command system of our Red Army, commanding our air force and tanks to bomb our other units!” Qin Yuan looked at the situation on the big screen and instantly knew what had happened.

“What is it? If this continues, our Red Army will definitely lose!”

Seeing that the red dots on the map were getting fewer and fewer, Zhou Qing and the others were anxious.

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“If I’m not wrong, our regiment commander might have been taken out! ”

Qin Yuan felt that since the highest command system of the Red Army had been occupied by the Blue Army, then the Blue Army must have already executed the commanders above the regimental level of the Red Army. “Then, Company Commander, what should we do now?”

Liu Ye was having a headache. He didn’t expect that the commander of the entire Red Army would be beheaded just as the military exercise began. If this continued, the entire Red Army would be wiped out in a few hours.

“How about this, Old Zhou, go and call Xiaowu and the others who are in charge of network information operations in the company. Next, we have to snatch the entire Red Army’s combat command system.”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, Zhou Qing called Xiaowu and the others over. Xiaowu and the others were the vanguard of the network information warfare that Qin Yuan had specially trained. They were in charge of intelligence and network in the logistics company. Under Qin Yuan’s command, they began to attack the blue army’s command system.

“Report! Chief of Staff! Our command system is being attacked.”

In the command room of the 808th Special Combat Brigade, a soldier was anxiously reporting to Chief of Staff Fan Tianlei.

“What are you worried about? How can the 801st division compare to us in terms of network technology? Besides, we’ve already taken out their command center and commander!”

“Order the rest of the Special Combat Brigade to surround the Red Army immediately.. It’s time to end the battle!”

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