Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The Whetstone of the Three Armed Forces!

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After chatting for a while, Qin Yuan was about to walk out of the door when he bumped into Xiao Wu, the guard who was here to convey the regimental commander’s orders to the logistics company and the sixth company.

“Company Commander Qin! Sixth Company Commander! You’re all here!”

“Xiao Wu? Why are you here?” The sixth company commander was also a little confused when he saw the regiment commander’s guard, Xiao Wu.

“The annual military exercise of our Southeast Military Region has begun. The regimental commander and the political commissar have already rushed to the exercise area as soon as they received the notice. The regiment commander asked me to come over to deliver the exercise combat uniforms and give the battle notice to your two companies!”

“This military exercise is different from the past. In order to prevent the Blue Army from eavesdropping, the commander specially asked me to convey his orders.”

Seeing the panting guard Xiao Wu, Qin Yuan and the other man finally came to their senses. The annual military exercise had already begun.

“Xiao Wu, what does the regiment commander want us to do this time?

After hearing Xiao Wu’s words, the sixth company commander immediately asked.

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Usually, when the military exercise came, the regimental headquarters would call the companies to inform them and give them combat missions.

This time, the regiment commander had given up on the traditional way of conveying information. It seemed that he had learned from the failure of the previous military exercise.

“Sixth Company Commander, Company Commander Qin! Our military exercise this time is a confrontation between our A Group Army 801 Corps and our military region’s V Group Army 808 Special Combat Brigade!”

“The drill stipulated that our 801st Army will be the Red Army, and we have to defend the 505th defense line of the Southeast Military Region. The Blue Army will be the 808th Special Combat Brigade. After the drill begins, they will attack our Red Army at any time. If we can defend the 505th defense line, we will win. If we can’t defend it, we will lose!

“What is it? Against the 808th Special Combat Brigade?”

The sixth company commander was shocked, and his face quickly darkened. The sixth company commander recalled the great defeat in the last military exercise. Their entire army was wiped out by the 808th Special Combat Brigade.

The 808th Special Combat Brigade was the trump card of the Southeastern Military Region. In the Southeastern Military Region, the 808th Special Combat Brigade was a well-known existence.

This unit had been established for a long time and was best at special operations. The 808th Special Combat Brigade was always present in every major military exercise, and they had never lost a single military exercise.

Therefore, when the 6th Company Commander heard that they were going to fight against the 808th Special Combat Brigade, he was terrified.

“808th Special Combat Brigade? A brigade against our entire army?”

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Qin Yuan looked at the sixth company commander curiously. Qin Yuan had just joined the army this year, so he did not know how much trauma the 808th Special Combat Brigade had caused the sixth company commander and the others.

“Yes, Company Commander Qin!”

“Don’t underestimate the 808th Special Combat Brigade. Last year, our entire army was wiped out by them.”

“Their combat style and concept are different from our regular troops. They are extremely powerful! ”

“The 808th Special Combat Brigade is a well-known existence in the entire military region. Everyone calls it the ‘whetstone of the three armed forces’ of the Southeast Military Region.”

Xiao Wu frowned and explained. When he heard that they were going to fight the 808th Special Combat Brigade again, he felt a little worried. After all, he knew very well what kind of existence the 808th Special Combat Brigade was.

“Company Commander Qin! The 808th Special Combat Brigade is very strong in both aerial and naval battles. Last year, our entire army was wiped out in two days.”

“Also, the Wolf Fangs Special Forces are part of the 808th Special Combat Brigade.”

“The Wolf Fangs Special Forces are too powerful. Last year, when the military exercise started, the headquarters of our 801st division was directly beheaded by them. All communications were cut off by them, and the entire 801st division was instantly in chaos.”

“In the end, our 801st division was wiped out in less than two days. I didn’t expect to fight against the 808th Special Combat Brigade again.”

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From the Sixth Company Commander’s upset expression, Qin Yuan could tell how badly they had been beaten last year.

“808th Special Combat Brigade? Wolf Fangs Special Forces?”

“Looks like we’re going to meet this time. Since that’s the case, let’s see what they’re made of!”

Qin Yuan looked at the two of them thoughtfully. When he heard the Wolf Fangs Special Forces, he instantly understood what kind of existence the 808th Special Combat Brigade was.

In the past, he had only learned about the existence of the Wolf Fangs Special Forces in television dramas. Now that he was going to meet them, Qin Yuan had the urge to fight them.

Qin Yuan did not continue to talk to the two of them. At this moment, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye walked over and saw the regiment commander’s guard, Xiao Wu, and were also puzzled.

“Xiao Wu, why are you free to come over?”

“Xiao Wu is here to convey the regiment commander’s orders.” Qin Yuan replied.

“Right! Xiao Wu, what mission did the regiment commander assign us?”

Since the regiment commander had asked his personal guard to come over personally, he must have a plan.

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“The regiment commander wants your logistics company to go to the No. 3 exercise area and manage the logistics work of the entire army. The sixth company will also be defending the No. 3 exercise area. The regiment commander said that when necessary, all the officers and soldiers of the sixth company will fully cooperate with you, Company Commander Qin.”

“The regiment commander said that if there’s any chance to turn things around in this confrontation with the 808th Special Combat Brigade… it’s you, Company Commander Qin.”

“If anything really happens, the regiment commander said that you would know what to do, Company Commander Qin!”

After hearing Xiao Wu’s words, everyone knew how much their commander valued Qin Yuan. The sixth company commander also looked at Qin Yuan thoughtfully. The regiment commander was right. With the current strength of the logistics company, they might really have a chance to give it a try.

During this period of time in the logistics company, the sixth company commander felt the strength of the logistics company. Although he did not know if the combat strength of the logistics company could compete with the Wolf Fangs Special Forces.

The sixth company commander knew very well that their sixth company would definitely not be able to defeat Qin Yuan’s logistics company. Although Qin

Yuan only had 50 people, there should not be any company in the entire Iron Fist Regiment that could be a match for Qin Yuan’s logistics company.

The sixth company commander did not refute the regiment commander’s arrangements. He knew Qin Yuan’s strength very well. He could accept listening to Qin Yuan’s arrangements.

“Alright, then let’s head to the exercise area first!”

“Deputy Company Commander Liu, sound the first level combat alert immediately! Bring our soldiers to the No. 3 exercise area.”

“Yes, sir! Company Commander!”

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