Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: The Military Exercise Is Coming!

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It was not until evening that the soldiers of the logistics company rushed back.

They were all in high spirits, and each of them had a smug smile on their faces.

Looking at everyone’s expressions, they knew that they had successfully completed the mission this time.

Soon, the trophies of the companies in front of the team were placed on the ground, except for the two trophies in the second platoon.

“What’s wrong? Did your Second Platoon fail the mission?”

Everyone asked the Second Platoon members curiously. They were also worried that if the Second Platoon messed up this matter, they would be beaten up by everyone!

“Who said we didn’t complete it!” Geng Hu was unconvinced when he heard everyone’s questions.

“The people from the Sixth Company are all in our logistics company now!

They brought the trophy with them!”

“So, in order not to take advantage of you guys, we directly removed the buttons on the sixth company commander’s military uniform and brought it back.”

Geng Hu had a smug look on his face. They had snuck into the sixth company commander’s room while he was sleeping.

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“F * ck! Not bad!”

Everyone laughed. Everyone had completed their mission. This time, they had used their actions to prove that they were not inferior to others.

Just as everyone was still immersed in the joy of completing the mission, Qin Yuan walked out of the hood.

“What are you all so happy about? It’s just a few trophies, and you’re already so smug?

“You have to know that my office is still empty!” Qin Yuan immediately shouted.

What was this! They were so happy just because he asked them to get some things.

In the future, they would only have to face a hundred times more difficult than now. The level of danger would not be comparable to now.

“Yes, sir! Company commander! We will definitely bring you the biggest trophy in this military exercise!”

“Yes, Company Commander. Just wait and see!”

Everyone swore solemnly. Their faces were firm and determined, and there was no sign of the decadence they had in the past. From this moment on, their logistics company had completely broken away from their former appearance.

“Everyone, set up camp here. Relax tonight and return to the company’s base early tomorrow morning!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

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After saying that, everyone scattered like a swarm of bees. Tonight was free time, so they had to go and get some good stuff.

These days of training, they had been starving every day. They could not help but want to eat a big meal. Soon, they each walked into the forest, looking for tonight’s bonfire feast.

Qin Yuan looked at the people who had disappeared into the forest and felt a trace of relief. In these three months, he had watched the soldiers of the logistics company grow to such a level step by step!

Two hours later, the soldiers of the logistics company came back with all kinds of wild fruits and some meat. Geng Hu carried a wild boar weighing about 200 pounds and dashed out of the forest.

A group of people were happily preparing the food they had found.

The night gradually darkened, and the moon was exceptionally bright tonight. A group of people gathered around the bonfire to enjoy the feast they had found, chatting about their various experiences.

They had gone from being weak, to being mocked, to being looked down upon by others, all because of one person, and that was Qin Yuan. If not for Qin Yuan, they would still be living their lives without a goal or direction.

The group of people looked at Qin Yuan eagerly, tears of gratitude in their eyes. Qin Yuan looked at everyone’s expressions and knew that they were grateful to him. He recalled that he had been a little harsh on them during the past three months.

However, he had long treated everyone in the logistics company as his brothers and family.

“From today onwards, I will lead you on the battlefield. For the sake of our country and our people, we will protect every inch of our country. We will make all our enemies tremble in fear when they hear our name!”

“Let the whole world consider whether they can withstand our fury before choosing to become enemies with us.”

Qin Yuan spoke of his yearning in high spirits, and everyone was excited as they listened.

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“Company commander! I won’t abandon you, I won’t give up!” “I won’t abandon you, I won’t give up!”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and everyone followed suit.

“Yes! I won’t abandon you, I won’t give up!” Qin Yuan shouted along with everyone!

Instantly, the deafening voice of the entire logistics company spread throughout the entire valley.

After chatting for an unknown amount of time, the soldiers all fell into a deep sleep by the bonfire.

The next day, everyone woke up before dawn.

This time, they wanted to surpass their own physiques once again and walk further and further on the path of becoming stronger.

Two hours later, the logistics company quietly returned to the camp. The soldiers of the sixth company did not notice that they had returned at all. The soldiers of the logistics company consciously took over their work.

Each of them was doing their own work in an orderly manner. It was not until dawn that the soldiers of the Sixth Company woke up and realized that the soldiers of the Logistics Company had returned and had even prepared breakfast.

“F * ck! Is this logistics company a human or a ghost! Why are they always so elusive?

“That’s right! Leave quietly and come back quietly!”

“And have you realized that you can’t tell what’s their strength at all now? “That’s right! Why do I feel that they have become so strong!”

The soldiers of the Sixth Company discussed animatedly. They were shocked when they saw the soldiers of the Logistics Company. They were no longer the Logistics Company they knew.

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“It seems that there will be a good show in this year’s exercise!” “That’s right! What have these people gone through?!”

“What are you guys talking about?”

The sudden voice made the soldiers of the Sixth Company tremble. They turned around and saw the Sixth Company Commander staring at them fiercely.

At this moment, the sixth company commander also realized that the soldiers of the logistics company had already returned. They had not noticed it last night. The sixth company commander’s heart shook, and he was so shocked that he could not speak!

The overall strength of the logistics company had completely exceeded his imagination. A company could actually walk and return silently. What kind of strength did it take to do this?

As he spoke, the sixth company commander walked towards Qin Yuan’s office. As expected, Qin Yuan was sitting in the office. The sixth company commander knocked on the door and walked in.

“Commander Qin, are you playing hide-and-seek with me? You didn’t say a word when you left, and you didn’t say a word when you came back,” Commander Liu smiled.

Qin Yuan looked at the sixth company commander who walked in with a smile and replied.

“Sixth Company Commander, you’re wrong. Didn’t I leave you a letter?” “When I came back this time, you were still sleeping soundly, so I didn’t disturb you.”

“Company Commander Qin, even I am shocked with their results after you took over the logistics company!” The sixth company commander directly said what he was thinking.

“I was just a little strict with them. That’s right! Sixth Company Commander, the military exercise is about to begin in two days. Has the higher-ups given us the Iron Fist Regiment a combat mission?” Qin Yuan immediately asked.

“I haven’t received any notice yet. Every year’s military exercise is only held at the last minute, so this year should be no exception!”

“Alright! Sixth Company Commander! It’s been hard on you, Sixth Company!”

“You’re welcome, Company Commander Qin! We’re all brothers, we’re all family! There’s no need to be so polite in the future.”

After the last accident at sea, the sixth company commander no longer had any distinction between them because Qin Yuan treated them the same way.. Because they were all brothers! They were all Chinese soldiers!

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