Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Kill Them All!

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Qin Yuan asked Zhou Qing and Liu Ye to split up to the left and right while he quietly sneaked over.

The night was especially bright under the moonlight. Qin Yuan quietly lay in the bushes.

The Japanese didn’t even notice that there was someone in front of them. After all, who would come to this desolate mountain at night?

“The opportunity has come!”

Seeing the few of them slowly approaching, Qin Yuan, who was lying in the grass, suddenly moved. All the strength in his body suddenly erupted. He stomped his left foot and rushed out like a cannonball in an instant. He picked up his dagger and pounced at the well in front.

“Baka! Enemies!”

Jing Dao’s expression changed drastically. The sudden appearance of the figure also gave him a fright. He didn’t stop at all. His right foot stomped on the ground and he rolled backward. His right hand immediately reached for the dagger at his waist. Having many years of infiltration experience, he reacted immediately.

The few people behind him were also shocked by this sudden situation and quickly dispersed.

Qin Yuan’s eyes were filled with killing intent when he saw that his sudden attack had failed.

“He’s an expert!”

Qin Yuan did not panic. He waved his right hand and the dagger instantly flew out.

A cold light flew past, and Jing Dao felt a deathly aura envelop his surroundings. Jing Dao did not have time to think too much and immediately dodged backwards, but Qin Yuan’s dagger was too fast.

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Jing Dao felt a piercing pain in his right hand as blood gushed out. The dagger he was holding instantly fell to the ground.

“Baka! Run, this is an expert!”

Jing Dao immediately said to the few people behind him. Qin Yuan gave him the feeling that he was an expert. If this continued, they would all die here. They did not have time to think before they fled. Qin Yuan immediately chased after them.

Seeing Qin Yuan chasing after him, a Japanese man picked up his AK and wanted to shoot at Qin Yuan, but he was immediately stopped by Jing Dao.

“Do you want to kill us all by shooting? The moment the gunshot rang out, the Chinese soldiers in the surrounding encampment would immediately rush over! If that happens, we’ll all die, you idiot!”



“Trying to run?”

“Old Zhou, Vice Company Commander Liu, they’re running towards you. Immediately inform the Seventh Company to bring their men over! Be careful not to chase too closely. They have guns in their hands.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Qin Yuan immediately said into his earpiece, picked up the dagger, and chased after her.

Seeing that Qin Yuan was catching up, Yamamoto immediately asked the injured Jing Dao to leave with the others to stop Qin Yuan.

Yamamoto clenched his fist and swung it at Qin Yuan, trying to force Qin Yuan back.

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But he had miscalculated.


Qin Yuan’s fist met Yamamoto’s fist. With a muffled sound, Yamamoto’s hand bones broke. The broken bones pierced through his muscles and appeared. It looked especially terrifying.

Yamamoto looked at Qin Yuan in shock. The power brought by that fist was too terrifying. It was like a surging flood. It was impossible to resist and made people despair. His right hand could not help but went down!

He did not expect Qin Yuan to be so terrifying. With one move, the bones in his hand were broken. The sharp pain from his hand made him sweat profusely.


A muffled sound of air being torn sounded. Qin Yuan did not give the enemy a chance to think at all. He raised his right foot and swept over.

“We’re finished!”

Looking at Qin Yuan’s right foot sweeping over, Yamamoto knew that he would not have the chance to fight back at all. With Qin Yuan’s terrifying strength, he had no chance of survival at all.


Yamamoto was sent flying, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Long live the Emperor!”

Yamamoto was sent flying a few meters away and crashed heavily onto the ground. However, he gritted his teeth and his body trembled. A dark color appeared on his face.

“Suicide by poison?

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Qin Yuan walked in to take a look and found that Yamamoto was almost dead. Looking at Yamamoto’s dark face, he knew that he had committed suicide by taking poison.

“These Japanese are really ruthless!”

Qin Yuan did not think too much about it. He picked up the dagger and continued to chase after him. Since he dared to infiltrate, he could forget about returning alive.

Soon, Qin Yuan caught up with Jing Dao and the others. When Jing Dao saw that Qin Yuan had caught up, he knew that Yamamoto was already dead.

Otherwise, how could Qin Yuan catch up so quickly?

At this moment, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye also surrounded them. Qin Yuan and the others were here for training this time and did not bring live ammunition. He looked at the Japanese soldiers pointing their guns at the three of them.

“Baka…Since we can’t go back, let’s die together!”

Da da da da…

A series of gunshots sounded, and Qin Yuan immediately pushed the two of them away. A hot bullet brushed past Qin Yuan’s cheek, and soon the three of them hid behind a big tree.

“F * ck! These Japanese really don’t want to live anymore!”

Liu Ye, who had reacted, was still in shock. If Qin Yuan had not pushed them away at the last moment, they would have been beaten into a sieve by now.

“These devils are very strong. You guys stay here and act according to the situation! I’ll deal with them first!” Qin Yuan immediately said to the person who came.

“Commander Qin, the brothers from the 7th Company are already here. Should we wait for them? Our guns are full of blanks. It’s useless.” Zhou Qing immediately looked at Qin Yuan.

“I’m fine! If it’s too late, I’m afraid they’ll escape. You guys, be careful!” After saying that, Qin Yuan rolled and jumped out.

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Seeing Qin Yuan jump out, Jing Dao held the gun in his hand and fired at Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan suddenly rolled towards the ground.

Sand and mud flew around Qin Yuan’s feet. Bullets flew past him and sank into the ground. They did not stop until they reached a big tree not far away. He leaned against the big tree and breathed heavily.


Jing Dao cursed loudly. Such an intense shot actually did not hurt Qin Yuan. His eyes were filled with shock.

“Sir, if we don’t leave now, it’ll be too late!” A Japanese beside Jing Dao urged him in a low voice.

“You still want to run? Do you think that’s possible?”

When Qin Yuan heard that the Japanese were still thinking of escaping, he immediately jumped from behind the tree and swung his dagger.

Under the illumination of the moonlight, a cold light flashed as the dagger accurately pierced into Jing Dao’s forehead.

Jing Dao’s eyes widened. He could not forget that terrifying aura until he died.

Hurry up!

It was too fast!

The person standing beside Jing Dao only saw clearly that a cold dagger had been stabbed between his eyebrows the moment Jing Dao fell.

Before everyone could react, Qin Yuan had already jumped to their side and picked up the AK that Jing Dao had just used.

Dada dada…

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