Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Company Commander Is Awesome

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“Let’s go! Go back!” Qin Yuan said indifferently.

“Commander, are we not going to look for them?”

Hearing Qin Yuan say that he was going back, Liu Ye was also dumbfounded. He had not finished searching.

“They’re at our gathering place! ”

“What is it? That is impossible! Why are they there?” Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan in shock.

“Deputy Company Commander Liu, did you forget that the second platoon leader was a scout?”

“They took advantage of the time when you were looking for the others to bypass you and return to the starting point.”

“Company commander! How did you know about the platoon leader’s plan?!”

When Geng Hu heard Qin Yuan’s words, he looked at Qin Yuan in shock. From the beginning, their platoon leader had wanted Geng Hu to follow him.

However, when Geng Hu discovered this place, he decided to stay here. After all, there were too many people, and the area was too big. However, he did not expect Qin Yuan to know Zheng Xiaohu’s thoughts.

“That’s right! I almost forgot that Xiaohu came from the reconnaissance company!” Liu Ye scratched his head, looking a little embarrassed.

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“Let’s go! Go back!”

After saying that, the few of them followed Qin Yuan to the gathering place. Just as Qin Yuan had said, Zheng Xiaohu and the others were hiding in the gathering place.

“Your disguise skills have disappointed me in this disguise training! Although someone had played some tricks! However, disguises are used on the battlefield to kill the enemy!”

“Therefore, in the following period of time, you must all properly learn how to disguise yourself in various areas and environments! There is a document here that clearly tells you how to disguise yourself. Take it and circulate it!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he took out a document from his backpack and handed it to everyone! This information was copied from the Camouflage skill that he had received from the system before he set off.

It included how to use the surrounding environment to disguise oneself in various environments and regions.

This time, the system rewarded him with two skills, namely Camouflage and a beginner climbing skill.

As the name suggested, the camouflage technique taught you all the camouflage techniques. Once Qin Yuan obtained them, these canouflage techniques were imprinted in his mind. If Qin Yuan disguised himself now, no one would be able to discover him.

As for the climbing skill, it allowed him to walk on rock walls and cliffs as if they were flat ground without any auxiliary tools. It could be said that he was like a gecko.

Just like that, Qin Yuan and the others had been training their camouflage skills in the forest for several days. Only when Qin Yuan was relatively satisfied did they stop their camouflage training.

Following that, Qin Yuan also taught all the tactics of special operations. Now, the strength of the logistics company was almost comparable to a real special forces unit.

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“Next, it’s time to test you. I’ll only give you two days. Gather here in two days!”

“In platoons, I want you to go past the outposts and defenses of each company, enter the company commander’s office, and bring back a trophy for each company!”

“Do you have the confidence?” Qin Yuan immediately arranged the next training program for everyone.


“I promise to complete the mission!”

The soldiers of the logistics company responded loudly. Their faces were filled with confidence. They had long wanted to try out the camouflage skills they had been training for the past few days.

“Good! The first platoon went to the three companies of the first battalion, and the second platoon went to the three companies of the second battalion! Third Platoon to Third Battalion!”

“This time, you will act on your own. The instructor, deputy company commander, and I will wait here for you to come back!”

“I hope you can complete the mission. Don’t make me bring you back! If that’s the case, you don’t have to come back!”

Qin Yuan instructed everyone with a serious expression. This time, he was going to test the combat coordination ability of the various teams in the logistics company.

Therefore, he was not prepared to move with the others. Qin Yuan was going to let them carry out the mission on their own because he could not be by their side all the time. The soldiers of the logistics company needed to resolve problems by themselves.

“Understood, Company Commander! We will definitely complete the mission!”

“Yes, Company Commander. You and the Deputy Company Commander can wait for our triumphant return!”

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The people from the logistics company swore without any fear on their faces. After Qin Yuan’s systematic training during this period of time, they were still very confident in their combat ability.

“Good! Let’s go!”

“When you return, we will show everyone that the logistics company can be very dazzling! ” “Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The deafening voice of the logistics company reverberated through the entire jungle.

After a while, the soldiers of the logistics company went to their respective aescmauons ana disappearea Inco cne wrest In cne DilnK 01 an eye.

Qin Yuan, Zhou Qing, and the others set up their tents on the spot. Liu Ye also caught a few fish from the river. Soon, the three of them fell asleep after drinking and eating.

The soldiers were not around, so they had a rare moment of leisure. These few days, the three of them had barely slept because they were training the logistics company. This time, they were assigned to carry out a mission, so they could have a good sleep.

It was not until midnight that Qin Yuan was woken up by a commotion.

The early warning radar in Qin Yuan’s mind kept ringing. Qin Yuan saw a few figures walking towards their tent 500 meters away.

“This time, China’s Southeast Military Region will be conducting a large-scale exercise soon!”

“Boss, don’t worry! Our people are already spread all over the various areas of their exercise! The mission will be completed the mission!”

“Yes! Very good, we have to quickly infiltrate and try to reach the core area before their drill!”

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“This defence system is useless!!”

“Don’t be careless! Let’s hurry up. It won’t be convenient for us to make a move once the sun rises!”


After the few of them finished speaking, they quickly walked over to Qin Yuan and the others.

“Enemies! They’re here to steal!”

Qin Yuan used the early warning radar to listen to their conversation and immediately knew their identities.

Qin Yuan immediately woke Zhou Qing and Liu Ye up. When the two of them woke up, they saw Qin Yuan gesturing for them to keep quiet.

“Commander, what’s wrong? It’s the middle of the night!” Liu Ye asked softly.

“Don’t talk, something’s wrong!”

How could Qin Yuan hear a voice 300 meters away? What kind of hearing is this!

“Yes! Follow me! Since they’re here, they must be plotting something!”

After saying that, the three of them put on their clothes and walked out of the tent. Under the moonlight, Zhou Qing and the others saw a few black shadows not far away. It was really as Qin Yuan had said, there were a few people walking towards them not far away..

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