Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Company Commander, You’re a Big Hoodwinker!

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Qin Yuan continued to go deeper, searching in the area where he was not looking.

The number of people decreased. Qin Yuan’s early warning radar had been silent for almost two minutes!

There was no one in his direction now.

“Old Zhou, how many people have you captured?”

Qin Yuan immediately asked Zhou Qing and Liu Ye.

“Company Commander Qin! I’ve already discovered 12 soldiers! I’ve finished searching in this direction, and I didn’t find any soldiers!”

“Company commander! I found 10! We’ve also finished searching, but we didn’t find any other soldiers.”

“Alright, I’ve caught 20 of them. Let’s speed up! Search carefully again.”

“Yes, sir!”


After Qin Yuan heard the reports from the two of them, there were only six people left who had not been found. It seemed that someone had hidden well and could escape Zhou Qing and Liu Ye’s search.

Qin Yuan quickly walked towards the area where Zhou Qing and Liu Ye were searching. He believed that Zhou Qing and the others should have finished searching. Since the two of them did not find anything, it meant that these soldiers were hiding well.

Soon, Qin Yuan met Zhou Qing.

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“Company Commander Qin, I don’t see any soldiers here!”

“Yes! Let’s go to Deputy Company Commander Liu’s side and take a look!”


Qin Yuan did not receive any warning sounds from the early warning radar along the way, which meant that the remaining people were not in this area. The two of them quickly walked in Liu Ye’s direction and soon met him.

“F * ck, these brats hid well!”

“I’ve already searched back and forth several times, but I still haven’t found them hiding there!”

Seeing Qin Yuan and the others walk over, Liu Ye was also a little embarrassed.

Qin Yuan’s arrival meant that he and Zhou Qing had not discovered any soldiers. He did not know why he had a brainless trust and admiration for Qin Yuan. He did not believe that anyone in the logistics company could disguise themselves and escape Qin Yuan’s vicious eyes.

“Deputy Company Commander Liu! You have to pay attention to the changes in everything around you.”

“When tracking in the dense forest, you must be good at observing everything around you.”

“Everything around here is alive. Trust me, they will tell us who doesn’t belong here! ”

Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan and scratched his head, not understanding what Qin

Yuan meant.

“Company commander! The things around here can’t speak. How can they tell us where the soldiers are hiding?”

Looking at the confused Liu Ye, Qin Yuan walked towards a place not far away from Liu Ye. After walking for about 10 meters, Qin Yuan stopped.

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“Deputy Company Commander Liu! Do you see any changes in the surrounding environment?”

“Change? This place is bare, and there is also a pile of withered grass and leaves! How can someone hide here?”

Liu Ye looked at the surrounding environment. Other than dead trees and leaves, it was impossible for anyone to hide here because it was too easy to be discovered.

Qin Yuanyuan took a few steps forward and twisted his right foot in a particular spot several times.

“Come out! Geng Hu!”

Qin Yuan’s voice rang out, but there was still no reaction from the crowd. Liu Ye and Zhou Qing also looked at Qin Yuan curiously. There was no one here!

“Looks like you can endure it! In that case, I’ll step on you a few more times and see how long you can endure!”

Qin Yuan smiled in his heart. When he arrived here, Qin Yuan received the warning sound of the early warning radar. He looked at his surroundings and the dead leaves in this position had obviously been flipped by someone. Some of the dead leaves were still wet.

With such a strong sun shining directly on the dry leaves, it was obvious that someone had flipped them. Seeing that Geng Hu was still unwilling to come out, Qin Yuan twisted the leaves with his right foot a few more times.

“F * ck! I hid so well, how could the company commander find me? The instructor and the deputy company commander didn’t find me hiding here. The company commander must be trying to trick me out again.”

“Endure it! This bit of pain is nothing!”

“Who am I? I am Geng Hu, this bit of pain is nothing..

Geng Hu endured the intense pain in his hand. He was stepped on by Qin Yuan dozens of times, but he was still unwilling to come out.

This was because he did not believe that Qin Yuan would discover him as soon as he arrived.

“Still not coming out?”

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Qin Yuan once again said to the pile of dead leaves under his feet. Seeing this, Liu Ye also ran over and saw that other than the pile of dead leaves under Qin Yuan’s feet, there was nothing strange about the huge dead tree!


A figure crawled out of the withered tree hole.

“Company commander! Deputy Company Commander, stop stepping on me.

My hands are almost crippled!”

Geng Hu, who suddenly crawled out, also gave Liu Ye a fright.

“F * ck! Geng Hu, you’re really hiding here!”

“Commander, how did you find me? The deputy company commander went back and forth several times but didn’t notice me. He stepped on my hand twice! ”

Geng Hu also asked curiously. When he arrived, he realized that the heart of the withered tree was empty.

Therefore, he made use of the bare environment around him to make many people think that this was an illusion that could not hide people. He hid in the tree hole.

However, the space in the heart of the tree was a little small. He could only leave his hands outside and curl up inside. However, he also used the withered leaves to cover it well.

“Actually…l was just fooling you!” Qin Yuan replied indifferently.

“F * ck! Company commander, you big liar!”

“If I had known earlier, I would have endured it! I thought I was discovered!”

Hearing Qin Yuan’s words, Geng Hu’s face turned bitter.

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“Alright! Do you really think you hid well?”

“Look at the wet dead leaves on the ground. It’s obvious that someone has flipped them over.”

“Do you think these dead leaves can still be so moist under such a strong sun?” Seeing Geng Hu’s unconvinced look, Qin Yuan began to explain to everyone.

“So that’s how it is! Why didn’t I think of that!” Geng Hu scratched his head and instantly lost his temper.

“That’s why we must make good use of the surrounding environment no matter where we are. Also, we must pay attention to things that don’t match the surrounding environment.” Qin Yuan explained to the three of them again.

“Looks like I have to practice my investigation and counter-investigation.” Liu Ye came to a realization and was more and more convinced of Qin Yuan.

“Company Commander Qin, we have basically finished searching within a three-kilometer radius, but there are still a few other people who have not been found! Could it be that they have gone beyond the predetermined range?” Zhou Qing said what he was thinking.

When Geng Hu heard the instructor say this, the corners of his mouth immediately curled up slightly.

“Hehe! The rest should be the platoon leader and the others!”

When Zhou Qing saw Geng Hu’s smug expression, he recalled that the people they had caught and the people Qin Yuan had caught seemed to be Zheng Xiaohu and the others.

“It seems that you know where they are hiding?” Qin Yuan said with a smile.

“Of course, the platoon leader and the others are now…”

“No, Commander, are you still trying to fool me?”

“Commander, don’t even think about it. Even if you kill me, I won’t tell you..”

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