Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Camouflage Training!

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Everyone looked at Qin Yuan’s serious face and did not dare to complain at all.

They took the bag from Zheng Xiaohu’s hands and each of them took out a “spicy stick” from inside. They immediately peeled it and swallowed it with tears in their eyes. During this period, many people still could not get used to the bloody smell. After a while, a group of people started vomiting crazily.

“Gather! ”

Qin Yuan did not give everyone any chance to catch their breath. He wanted to become stronger! Become stronger than others! They could only endure the pain that ordinary people could not endure and endure the training that ordinary people could not endure.

Soon, everyone got into their formation.

“Next, I will explain to you what special operations are! This wilderness training will further strengthen your combat strength! So you have to listen carefully!”

This special training in the wilderness was to train their cooperative combat ability and teach them what special operations were. He had taught them some special operations concepts before, and Qin Yuan was bringing them here to practice.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

‘ Special operations refer to operations that are carried out by special forces or temporarily assigned special tasks to achieve specific goals.

” Including attacks on the head office, important military facilities, and other vital targets, as well as special operations to rescue hostages. ”

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“One of the special combat tactics is to infiltrate secretly and launch a surprise attack. We’ll use all kinds of covert maneuvers to enter the enemy’s rear or the vicinity of the intended attack target. We’ll quickly subdue the enemy.”

“This is a tactical method commonly used by the special forces to carry out operations behind enemy lines. Its main purpose is to directly achieve the specific purpose of the strategy and campaign or create favorable conditions for the strategy and campaign operations by concealing and suddenly attacking the enemy’s important targets.”

“So, I’ll teach you all these things one by one. Do you understand?”

As soon as Qin Yuan finished speaking, everyone in the team looked excited. The special forces was their dream. Who wouldn’t want to be a special forces soldier after joining the army?

“Company commander? Are we going to start learning special operations now?”

“Yes, Commander. Can we really join the special forces?”

Some soldiers in the team asked Qin Yuan excitedly. Before Qin Yuan came, they did not even dare to think about it.

“Do you want to be laughed at? If you don’t want to, then train well. This military exercise is the time to prove yourself!”

“If others can do it, why can’t you?

Qin Yuan looked at everyone with a determined gaze. Everyone saw strong confidence in Qin Yuan’s eyes.

Qin Yuan knew deep down that although the overall strength of their logistics company was already high, the soldiers in their logistics battalion hadn’t had a chance to prove themselves yet, so they still carried the shadow of being ridiculed in the past.

“Company commander! We can definitely do it!”

“Yes, we can! We will definitely train well.”

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When the soldiers of the logistics company thought of this military exercise, they also hoped to prove themselves in this military exercise and let others know that the people of the logistics company were not only good at raising pigs and vegetables.

“I’ll give you 20 minutes to use everything in the surroundings to hide within a 3-kilometer radius!”

“In 20 minutes, I’ll go find you with the instructor and the deputy company commander! The first 30 people to be discovered would be punished with 300 push-ups each! 500 frog jumps!”

“Let’s go now!” Qin Yuan immediately ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, everyone rushed into the forest and disappeared from the sight of Qin Yuan and the others.

Qin Yuan looked at everyone who had disappeared and also activated his early warning radar skill. Although his current radar scanning range was only one kilometer, it was enough for now.

After the early warning radar was activated, everything within a kilometer of him was clearly imprinted in his mind.

There were more than 20 soldiers hidden within a kilometer. Their every move could not escape Qin Yuan’s early warning radar.

“Company commander! It’s already been 20 minutes. Shall we start?” Liu Ye looked at his watch, walked to Qin Yuan’s side, and asked.

“Let’s begin!”

After saying that, Qin Yuan and the other two walked into the forest.

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Soon, more than a dozen soldiers were pulled out by Qin Yuan like they were chicks. It was not because Qin Yuan had the early warning radar skill to cheat, but because Qin Yuan could not stand it anymore.

The dozen or so people who had used everything around them to disguise themselves were all wearing dark green combat uniforms and hiding behind rocks and trees. They did not have any disguise on them at all.

“You guys think this is a game of hide-and-seek?”

“Everyone will receive an additional 100 points on top of the original punishment!” Qin Yuan looked at the dozen or so people with a sharp gaze.

“Yes, sir!”

More than ten people could only lower their heads helplessly, not daring to look at Qin Yuan! They really did not know how to hide. It was really difficult to hide in this dense forest in just 20 minutes. The better positions were all taken by other comrades.

Not long after, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye’s voices came from Qin Yuan’s earpiece.

In just five minutes, nearly 30 of the 40-odd soldiers of the logistics company had been captured.

Qin Yuan quickly walked forward. His early warning radar only had a range of one kilometer. Within this range of one kilometer, he did not find any soldiers from the logistics company. It seemed that many people had hidden outside.

“Di di di…”

Not long after, a system notification sounded in Qin Yuan’s mind.

A few red dots flashed in his mind within the range of the early warning radar.

Each red dot represented a soldier. Qin Yuan quickly walked towards the warning point of the early warning radar.

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“Hiding your head but not your bum?”

Qin Yuan walked to the edge of the haystack and kicked it. A soldier shouted and crawled out of the haystack while covering his butt. Seeing Qin Yuan’s serious expression, he did not dare to speak and lowered his head helplessly.

Qin Yuan picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the big tree in front of him.


A soldier fell from the tree.

“Aiyo…lt hurts! Company commander, the leaves are so lush. How did you find me?!” The soldier clutched his chest and wailed.

“The tree is so conspicuous. Do you think your clothes match the surroundings?

“Or do you think the enemy is blind?”

Faced with Qin Yuan’s question, the soldier did not dare to say anything else. He could only limp up from the ground.

Qin Yuan quickly scanned the surrounding logistics company soldiers. At this moment, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye’s voices came from his earpiece again.

In 10 minutes, the three of them had already discovered almost 40 people. Although Qin Yuan had the early warning radar, Zhou Qing and the others did not!

In such a short period of time, Zhou Qing and the others had discovered more than 20 people. It could be said that their camouflage skills were really bad..

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