Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Survival Training!

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“Company commander! Not good!”

“The soldiers of the logistics company are all gone!”

Outside the door, the soldiers of the Sixth Company hurriedly shouted into the room.

“What are you shouting for? I know!”

The sixth company commander opened the door and was furious when he saw the panicked soldiers.

“The people from the logistics company have left, and none of you noticed?” “No, Commander!”

“Last night, we heard wailings from their dormitory. When we woke up early in the morning, they were gone.” The soldier looked flustered and didn’t know how to explain himself.

“Emergency training in 10 minutes!”

The sixth company commander immediately gave the order. Looking at the comparison between his sixth company and Qin Yuan’s logistics company, he was furious.

“Yes, sir! I’ll go and pass on the order now.”

With that, the soldier hurriedly ran out.

On another flat ground in the forest, the logistics company members were lying on the ground, panting and resting. They had run more than 30 kilometers with weights, and they were exhausted. “Company commander, we are almost at the 7th Company’s camp.” Liu Ye walked forward with the map and said to Qin Yuan.

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“Yes! Everyone, rest up on the spot. Oh right, Old Zhou, Deputy Company Commander Liu, let’s go get them some breakfast.”

“Breakfast? Where can I find breakfast in this wilderness!”

Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan in confusion. His stomach was growling.

“Follow me! I’ll bring the two of you to eat first.” The corners of Qin Yuan’s mouth curled up slightly as he walked into the forest. “Good! Commander, you treat us the best!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Old Zhou, let’s go eat first!”

Liu Ye was overjoyed. After instructing everyone to rest, he pushed Zhou Qing and followed closely behind Qin Yuan.

Zhou Qing looked at Qin Yuan, who was smiling evilly, and knew that the breakfast was not simple. Under Liu Ye’s urging, he helplessly followed Qin Yuan into the forest.

Not long after, Qin Yuan walked out with a few gray “Spicy Strips” and handed them to Liu Ye and Zhou Qing without saying a word.

With the help of the radar warning skill, all the creatures within a kilometer could not escape Qin Yuan’s demonic claws.

“What? Company commander? This is the breakfast you were talking about!”

Liu Ye looked at the few grayish-brown snakes that Qin Yuan handed over. Seeing that the snakes were still rolling around, he immediately felt a chill in his heart. He admitted that he was a little scared.

“What else?” Qin Yuan replied with a smile.

“Commander, I’ll start a fire now. Trust me, I’ll make sure it’ll taste good! ” Liu Ye took the snakes that Qin Yuan handed over and thought of roasting them. They would definitely be crunchy.

“Deputy Company Commander Liu, this thing must be eaten raw.”

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“When the special forces fight in the wild, they sometimes go deep into the enemy’s territory. Once they start a fire, they will be discovered by the enemy, so they can only eat it raw! ” Qin Yuan instructed indifferently.

“What is it? Eat it raw?”

Liu Ye was dumbfounded. He felt his stomach churn when he saw these living snakes being eaten raw.


As he spoke, Qin Yuan picked up a snake and immediately skinned it, eating it bite by bite.

Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan eating with relish and felt a sense of resistance in his heart. Zhou Qing also took one and started eating, but his expression was not as calm.

Liu Ye saw that Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing had already eaten. If he didn’t do anything, it would seem like he was afraid.

He picked up a snake, skinned it, and put it into his mouth with great difficulty. He vomited a few times during the process. This was the first time he had eaten raw food like this. There was still snake blood at the corner of his mouth. Seeing that Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing had finished eating, he began to chew with difficulty.

“Alright! I’ll get some more for them! Wait for me here for a while. ”

After saying that, Qin Yuan took a big step forward and darted into the forest. Soon, he disappeared without a trace.

About 10 minutes later, Qin Yuan came out with a small sack.

He handed the bag to Liu Ye, who opened it curiously. There were dozens of “Spicy Strips” inside.

There was also a pile of frogs. Liu Ye looked at the mixed things in the bag and directly vomited.

“Looks like Old Liu still has to adapt!”

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Zhou Qing sighed as he looked at Liu Ye, who was vomiting.

“This is the only way! If you want to become stronger, you have to constantly overcome your psychological barriers.”

“Let’s go! Old Zhou, let’s send it to those guys first.”


After saying that, Qin Yuan picked up the bag and walked towards the soldiers’ resting area, leaving Liu Ye still vomiting.

Not long after, Qin Yuan and the other man quickly returned to the place where everyone was resting. Qin Yuan threw the things in the bag in front of the soldiers.

“Everyone, eat something! Arrange for a combat mission in 10 minutes!” Qin Yuan immediately instructed.

Everyone was overjoyed when they heard that there was something to eat. They had not eaten anything since last night, and their stomachs were already growling with hunger.

The group of people rushed into the bags impatiently. They couldn’t stand the burden of traveling in the morning.

Geng Hu went forward to open the bag and took a look. The things in the bag shocked him and he immediately threw them on the ground.

“Damn, what the hell is this! You scared me to death!”

Everyone was also dumbfounded when they saw Geng Hu suddenly jump up and throw the bag on the ground.

Didn’t they say that they were going to eat? Did they have to be so scared? Just as everyone was curious, the snake crawled out of the bag.

“F * ck! Snakes?”

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“And toads? How are we going to eat these things!”

“It looks terrifying and disgusting!”

Everyone was also shocked by the things in front of them. Just as everyone was still in a daze, Zheng Xiaohu walked over with a smile.

He picked up the things on the ground and said, “What do you know? This is good stuff. And this is a frog. Who told you that toads can be eaten? Wait for me, I’ll start a fire and cook it!”

After saying that, Zheng Xiaohu was ready to carry him to the stream.

“Wait, Second Platoon Leader!”

“You have to eat these things raw! When we fight in the wild, we will often go deep into the enemy’s territory. In that case, we can’t start a fire.”

“So, you must all eat them raw! If anyone can’t overcome it, then withdraw from the logistics company!” Qin Yuan’s expression immediately became serious.

“Eat it raw? Company commander… Don’t!”

When everyone heard Qin Yuan’s request to eat it raw, they immediately resisted. At the thought of eating it raw, everyone retched.

“Don’t dawdle! I’ll give you 10 minutes. Clean up one fish each and eat them all!”

“If you can’t even overcome this little difficulty, then don’t stay in the logistics company!”

“The instructor and I have already eaten. I’ll give you 10 minutes.”

“After 10 minutes, arrange the training mission!” Qin Yuan instructed everyone with a hint of sternness in his eyes.

“Yes …. “

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