Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: My Underpants…

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Everyone watched Geng Hu and Zhao Xiaowu run out in a hurry and then run back, but they didn’t notice what had happened.

They were still rushing out one by one. When they saw Zhou Qing and Liu Ye, it was already too late.



The high-pressure water gun roared, and two water dragons spewed out. The few people who were walking at the front were directly swept to the ground.

The power of the high-pressure water gun was very terrifying. Just like that, red marks immediately appeared on their bodies.

“F * ck! Instructor, deputy company commander…You can’t play like this!”

“That’s right! The company commander didn’t come back! Why are you guys so perverted!”

“Deputy Company Commander, don’t charge… My pants are gone…”

Zhou Qing and Liu Ye did not care much. Since Qin Yuan had already instructed them, they would spray them hard…

The two of them held the high-pressure water gun and fired at the crowd without caring about anything. The recoil of the high-pressure water gun made the two of them take a few steps back.

“Deputy Company Commander…”


“When did you become as perverted as the company commander…”

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The group of people wailed, hoping that Zhou Qing and Liu Ye would stop attacking them.

Because of the impact of the high-pressure water gun, their small underpants could not withstand it at all. Several people hugged their naked buttocks and wailed bitterly.

Geng Hu was unable to escape Zhou Qing’s water gun. He slipped to the ground in a hurry to escape, but when he got up, he was hit by Zhou Qing’s water gun and fell to the ground. He fell heavily to the ground.

The crowd was also thrown into a mess by the water gun. They grabbed onto the only remaining underwear on their bodies to prevent themselves from being washed away.

“It’s still better when the company commander is around! Training is really fun…”

Liu Ye looked at the tragic scene in the corridor and laughed. He did not show any sympathy or pity.

After a while, the high-pressure water guns in Zhou Qing and Liu Ye’s hands gradually died down, and everyone stopped wailing.

Just as everyone recovered, they saw a familiar figure walking over.

“Company commander???”

“It’s the company commander!”

When everyone saw that the familiar figure was Qin Yuan, they shouted.

“Company commander?”

Geng Hu, who was lying on the ground, immediately jumped up.

“Commander, why are you back? Why didn’t you tell us that you were back?”

“Are you all better?”

Geng Hu

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s eyes were fixed on Qin Yuan. He was overjoyed when he saw Qin Yuan walk out. He did not care about his tattered pants and pounced on Qin


“If I don’t come back, how relaxed would you guys be?!” “Look at all of you now, and look at the red marks on your neck!”

Qin Yuan said coldly with a hint of anger.

Only then did everyone realize that a red line had been drawn on their necks.

Although it was diluted by the high-pressure water gun, the faint red marks were still eye-catching.

“Company commander… We…”

Everyone’s faces turned red. They looked at each other speechlessly.

“Take a look for yourselves. Tonight, just me, the instructor, and the deputy company commander wiped out your entire company.”

“All of you were sleeping like dead pigs. When the war comes, the enemy’s special forces team of a few people will be able to wipe all of you out.”

“That’s it! How can you talk about going to the battlefield, how can you talk about serving the motherland and the people?”

Qin Yuan looked at everyone and lectured them. He had already told them many times about their alertness, but this time, no one realized that they had sneaked in.

Realizing their mistake, everyone lowered their heads in shame. They blushed and did not dare to respond to Qin Yuan.

Seeing everyone lower their heads in shame, Qin Yuan knew that they would learn their lesson after this. His eyes were sharp as he said, “I’ll give you 10 minutes. Wash up immediately, collect your equipment from the deputy company commander, and gather here!”

“Yes, sir!”

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“Yes, sir!”

Everyone responded loudly, turned around, and went back to wash up. They were very happy that Qin Yuan was back, and smiles appeared on their faces.

However, they were already used to Qin Yuan’s training method. They all ran back with smiles on their faces.

“Whose Crayon Shin-chan’s pants? Take it back!”

Qin Yuan saw that there was still a pair of pants lying in the water on the ground and shouted at everyone.

Zhao Xiaowu covered his lower body and ran over obediently.

“Co… Company commander! It’s mine!”

“Hurry up and take it back!”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, everyone washed up and stood neatly in front of the dormitory. All of them had smiles on their faces. They were extremely happy that their company commander had returned safely. They were looking forward to Qin Yuan’s orders.

“Next, we’ll be conducting 15 days of wilderness survival training. During this period, I’ll teach you what special operations are. Next, it’s time to test the results of your training.”

“The annual military exercise will be held in 15 days. If you want everyone to look up to you and take off your clothes among all the soldiers, you’d better buck up and learn your skills in the following training.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Understood, Company Commander!”

“Good! Since you all understand, we will set off now with heavy weights and try to reach the Seventh Company’s jurisdiction before dawn. During this period, we cannot be discovered by any company and can only sneak in.”

“Let’s go!” “Yes, sir!”

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“Yes, sir!”

Everyone was in high spirits. As soon as Qin Yuan finished speaking, he carried his heavy backpack and ran into the forest.

The 7th Company’s jurisdiction was more than 30 kilometers away from their logistics company. If they wanted to avoid being discovered, they could only choose to enter the forest. With dozens of people like them, they could only go into the forest to hide their tracks.

Qin Yuan had taught them how to survive in the forest and hide their tracks before, so they did not seem to be at a loss.

Soon, the entire logistics companv disaDDeared into the forest under Qin

Yuan’s leadership.

Early the next morning, the soldiers of the Sixth Company realized that the entire logistics company had disappeared. Only the Sixth Company was left in the encampment.

The sixth company commander woke up early in the morning and saw a letter on the table in his room. This letter was placed by Qin Yuan last night.

The sixth company commander opened it and saw that it was written by Qin Yuan. The general idea was to ask the sixth company to help manage the logistics company’s station.

“Company Commander Qin? He recovered so quickly? How many days has it been!”

The sixth company commander read the contents of the letter in shock. “No! I locked the door last night. How did Qin Yuan come in?”

The sixth company commander looked at the intact door and the window, and his eyes were filled with horror.

“Sigh! What kind of person is he!”

The sixth company commander sighed softly. After a while, the door was knocked on by the soldiers of the sixth company..

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