Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: These Things Are Too Pure!

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Liu Ye laughed excitedly after hearing Qin Yuan’s words. Qin Yuan was too ruthless. He could even think of such a training method.

“Old Zhou, go get two fire pipes.”

“Deputy Company Commander Liu, you’ll have to trouble you to take care of the things we discussed earlier!”

“Gather here in ten minutes!” Qin Yuan quickly instructed the two of them.

“Alright, Company Commander Qin!”

“Company commander, just wait here for my triumphant return!”

After saying that, Zhou Qing and the other two quickly ran out to prepare for Qin Yuan’s instructions.

Soon, the two of them brought over everything that Qin Yuan had instructed them to do.

“Company commander, these goods are too f * cking pure.”

Liu Ye covered his nose, and a refreshing smell wafted over. The pungent smell even stung his eyes.

“Company Commander Qin, is this really good?”

Zhou Qing’s eyes hurt from the pungent smell.

“Listen to me! Tonight, we’ll teach them what it takes to be a qualified soldier!” Qin Yuan said indifferently.

Zhou Qing and Liu Ye looked at each other helplessly and could only smile bitterly in their hearts. It was a surprise attack in the middle of the night, and the two barrels of goods that Liu Ye brought were really too pure. Only Qin Yuan could think of such things.

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“Let’s go! Let’s go!”

After saying that, Qin Yuan walked towards the logistics company’s soldiers’ dormitory. Zhou Qing and the other two had bitter smiles on their faces. They could only follow behind Qin Yuan silently with their things.

After a while, the three of them quietly arrived in front of the logistics company’s dormitory. After the sixth company arrived, the logistics company slept in a large dormitory, which saved them from running from dormitory to dormitory.

“Old Zhou, Vice Company Commander Liu! Take this!”

As he spoke, Qin Yuan took out two red watercolor pens from his pocket and handed them to them.

“Company commander! What are you doing?

The two of them were also stunned when they saw the watercolor pen Qin Yuan handed over.

“After we go in, we’ll use a red watercolor pen to ‘slit’ their throats one by one!”

“Special infiltration is also a skill that we should learn next. The two of you don’t have any issues with this, right?” Qin Yuan said indifferently.

“No problem!”

“Don’t worry, Company Commander!”

“Alright! Remember to be careful later. Don’t let them wake up!” Qin Yuan instructed.

“Yes! Don’t worry, Company Commander Qin. We can still handle it.”

“Alright! Start moving!”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, Zhou Qing and the other two took the watercolor pen that Qin Yuan handed over and gently pushed open the door of the soldiers’ dormitory.

A few minutes later, Qin Yuan and the other two walked out of the soldier’s dormitory.

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“Why are these guys sleeping like dead pigs!”

“Based on the situation tonight, the entire company would be wiped out!” Liu Ye sighed helplessly.

“Yes, that’s why Commander Qin told us to be vigilant!”

“With their current state, once the enemy infiltrated, they would have already sacrificed themselves!”

Zhou Qing was helpless. In just a few minutes, the three of them had killed all the soldiers in the logistics company. In a sense, it was equivalent to death. All of them slept like dead pigs, not realizing that a red line had been drawn on their necks.

“So … We can only train them non-stop. Otherwise, when the war comes, we can only wait for death!”

“Vice Company Commander Liu, wake them up!” Qin Yuan said coldly.

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye looked at each other. They suddenly opened the door and threw the smoke grenade and tear gas grenade in.

Fafa fa …

Smoke grenades and tear gas grenades were thrown in by the two of them, and the soldiers’ dormitory was instantly filled with smoke. A thick smoke with a choking smell instantly woke everyone up.

“What is it? Is there a fire?” “No, what is this smell?”

” F * ck, this is smoke and tear gas! ”

“Quickly get up…”

The dormitory was instantly in chaos. The thick smoke stimulated everyone, and the tear gas kept choking them until they were in tears.

“What’s going on? Isn’t the company commander still in the hospital? This kind of surprise attack shouldn’t only be done by the company commander!”

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After Geng Hu woke up, he saw that everyone in the dormitory was in a mess. He hurriedly got up and wanted to jump off the bed, but the thick smoke spread throughout the room. He did not realize that one of his feet had been tied to the foot of the bed by Qin Yuan with a hemp rope.


“F * Ck your grandpa…”

Geng Hu jumped off the bed and his face was already kissing the floor. Geng Hu’s nearly 200-pound body hung upside down like a dead pig.

Most of the people in the logistics company were the same as Geng Hu. The scene was like entering a slaughterhouse, hanging there one by one.

“F * ck, when did the deputy company commander and instructor become as perverted as the company commander?”

“That’s right! It hurts!”

“Stop talking and get out quickly. If this continues, you’ll soon become a smoked pig!” Zheng Xiaohu immediately instructed everyone, but when they untied the ropes, they realized that all their clothes had disappeared without a trace…

One by one, they ran out of the door in their underpants.


The two barrels of pure goods hanging on the door instantly poured down…

“F * ck, what is this thing!”

Zhao Xiaowu and Geng Hu, who were running at the front, were directly drenched in the water. The pungent smell instantly surged into everyone’s noses.

“F * ck! Platoon leader… “This is f * cking shit!” “That’s right! This taste is absolutely real. It can’t be purer.”

The soldiers behind Zhao Xiaowu, who had been watering the vegetable fields every day, immediately reacted when they smelled the pungent smell.

After listening to his comrade, he touched the top of his head and found that there was still an unknown object hanging on his head. He grabbed it with his hand and looked at it under the faint light.

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Isn’t this a pile of sh * t? “Ugh..

Geng Hu instantly vomited..

“This kind of abnormal operation must have been thought of by the company commander.”

“That’s right! This training method is undoubtedly a company commander…”

“But isn’t the captain still in the hospital?”

Looking at the abnormal training in front of them, a smile appeared on everyone’s face. It was Qin Yuan.

“Stop talking. Let’s go out and take a look.”

Zheng Xiaohu also felt that only Qin Yuan, the company commander, would train them like this. Could it be that the company commander had returned? “I can’t take it anymore. My clothes are gone, and I’ve even been splashed with

“Let’s go out of the bathhouse first…”

Geng Hu and Zhao Xiaowu ran out in an instant. They could not care less that they were only wearing a pair of underpants. Even if they were not wearing anything, they would still run to the bathhouse first.

The group of people covered their noses and rushed out with all their might.

However, just as they ran to the corridor, they saw a scene that made their bodies tremble.

On both sides of the corridor, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye each held a high-pressure water gun, and the black muzzles were pointed at them.

“F * ck…Run back! Hurry back to the dormitory…”

Geng Hu immediately turned around and ran towards the dormitory, shouting at the top of his lungs as he ran…

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