Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Isn’t This the Company Commander?

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Just like that, Qin Yuan stayed in the hospital for half a month.

During this period, all the soldiers of the logistics company had to run more than 60 kilometers to the hospital to visit Qin Yuan.

After Qin Yuan was injured, the soldiers of the logistics company trained even harder. They hoped to see a different side of them when Qin Yuan returned!

The sixth company commander also came. His grandfather and the regiment commander were the most diligent, but they were numb to Qin Yuan’s recovery. Every time they came to see Qin Yuan, they did not look the same.

Yesterday, he was still limping. This morning, he was seen running on the hospital’s field, and Jiang Feng was still lying in bed! Qin Yuan naturally became the focus of the entire hospital.

“Is Company Commander Qin even human?”

Jiang Feng, with the help of a nurse, watched Qin Yuan running on the playground, feeling extremely unfair.

Qin Yuan’s injuries were much more severe than his, and it hadn’t been long since the incident! Yet here he was, running on the playground, while he was still lying in bed unable to get up.

These days, he had also heard the nurses talking about Qin Yuan’s condition, and he was extremely shocked.

He tried to get up, but he couldn’t move. The pain in his chest made him unable to stand up.

“Don’t force yourself. If you continue like this, I don’t know when your wound will recover!”

The nurse beside Jiang Feng immediately reminded him. Jiang Feng had tried countless times in the past few days, and every time the wound that had just healed was torn open by him, the nurse beside him felt heartache.

“F * ck! Why can’t I?!”

Jiang Feng looked at Qin Yuan on the field and felt puzzled.

For some reason, he actually had the idea of following Qin Yuan.

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During this period of time, whether it was the logistics company or Qin Yuan himself, they were all extremely abnormal.

He knew that this must be because of Qin Yuan. Unknowingly, he had developed a serious curiosity about Qin Yuan.

“You should recuperate first! Company Commander Qin is a pervert. How can you compare yourself to him!”

The nurse looked at Jiang Feng and advised him. Jiang Feng fell silent and did not say anything else. He really understood Qin Yuan’s perversion.

“Looks like I should go back!”

“Don’t know what’s happening to those kids in the logistics department but during this period of time, their physiques have broken through!”

After Qin Yuan finished his morning exercise, the system’s rewards kept ringing in his mind.

In the past few days, the physiques of the soldiers in the logistics company had actually broken through the standard physique of the special forces.

He could imagine how hard they trained.

Although his body had not fully recovered, it would not take long.

After saying that, Qin Yuan walked to the attending doctor’s office and prepared to go through the discharge procedures.

“Company Commander Qin, aren’t you going to rest for a while longer?”

Seeing that Qin Yuan had come to settle the discharge procedures, the attending doctor did not say anything else. During this period of time, he had been so shocked by Qin Yuan that he did not want to talk anymore.

He had recovered in just ten days. He could only say that it was a miracle.

Qin Yuan had already cooperated with him to complete all the checks!

Although he didn’t find anything valuable, he was already very satisfied.

Soon, she helped Qin Yuan settle the discharge procedures. After settling the discharge procedures, Qin Yuan also went to visit Jiang Feng.

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He casually gave Jiang Feng a bottle of the homemade recipe that he had exchanged from the system.

Qin Yuan also went home. After eating at home, he went back to the logistics company without stopping.

He didn’t see Miao Xiaoxiao when he went back this time. He heard from his grandfather that she had gone to participate in some art competition.

It was already evening when Qin Yuan returned to the logistics company! Night had already enveloped the entire logistics company.

“Are you tired?”

“I’m not tired!”

“The company commander is not here, but our training cannot be lagging behind!”

“Before the company commander returns, I want you to give him a different logistics company!”

“Can you do it?”

Qin Yuan had just returned to the gate when he heard Liu Ye’s roar from the camp’s training ground.


“We’re not tired! We can still hold on!”

Qin Yuan used the early warning radar to quickly scan the training ground.

The soldiers of the logistics company were each carrying about 200 pounds of wood and moving up and down in the mud.

After not seeing each other for a few days, the soldiers of the logistics company looked more determined.

Their eyes were filled with killing intent. The current logistics company was more like a steel and fierce army.

“These brats are not bad!”

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Qin Yuan thought about it and began to plan to train these soldiers later.

Qin Yuan walked in. Instead of going to the training ground, he returned to his dormitory.

Tonight, Qin Yuan would begin training the soldiers of the logistics company in special tactics.

Qin Yuan scanned the soldiers of the sixth company and saw that the sixth company commander was leading the soldiers of the sixth company to cook.

The Sixth Company was about to take over the work of their logistics company. In fact, what Qin Yuan did not know was that the soldiers of the Sixth Company had long been numb to it.

They did not expect that the soldiers of the logistics company would train at such a pace that they did not care about their lives.

In the beginning, the soldiers of the 6th Company still persisted in competing with the soldiers logistics company every day. However, in the end, they realized that the training of the logistics company was insane.

Climbing glass shards, soaking in alcohol, and even using live ammunition for training. The training method was as perverted as it could be. The sixth company commander was also shocked by this scene at the beginning.

In the beginning, he had brought the soldiers of the Sixth Company to train together, but it had only been a few days. There were only twenty or so people left in their sixth company who were unharmed.

The others were all hospitalized. In the end, the sixth company commander had no choice but to stop their training.

Looking at the logistics company that Qin Yuan had groomed, they could only be deeply shocked. The Sixth Company could not last as long as the Logistics Company, so they brought the Sixth Company to cook.

“Company Commander Qin is back?”

Zhou Qing had just walked back to his dormitory from his office when he realized that Qin Yuan’s dormitory had been opened by someone. Zhou Qing gently opened the door and saw a figure in front of the window.

“Who is it?”

Zhou Qing took a step forward and quickly raised his right leg to kick.

Qin Yuan turned around and dodged Zhou Qing’s attack. He immediately stopped Zhou Qing.

“Old Zhou! It’s me!”

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Qin Yuan immediately said.

“Company Commander Qin? Why are you back?”

“Are you feeling better? Why are you back so soon?”

Zhou Qing was overjoyed when he heard Qin Yuan’s voice and realized that the black shadow was Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan turned on the lights in his room.

“Of course I’m fine! If you don’t come back, I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on alone!”

“Company Commander Qin, your injury?” Zhou Qing also asked Qin Yuan worriedly.

“I’m fine! It’s almost better now!” Qin Yuan explained.

Zhou Qing looked at Qin Yuan, who seemed to be just as Qin Yuan had said. He was overjoyed that he was fine. He did not expect Qin Yuan to return so quickly.

During the period when Qin Yuan was not around, the entire logistics department had been entrusted to him alone.

He had only visited Qin Yuan once during this period of time. He had originally planned to visit Qin Yuan after he was done with his work.

He did not expect Qin Yuan to return. Looking at Qin Yuan’s condition, his recovery speed was too abnormal. Zhou Qing looked at Qin Yuan in shock. “Company Commander Qin! Why don’t you take a break for a while?”

“The logistics company is fine now. After your accident, the soldiers of the logistics company also trained very hard!”

“Old Zhou, are you saying that they train harder without me?” Qin Yuan smiled.

“Company Commander Qin! What are you thinking? Aren’t they all afraid that you’ll be transferred out of the company?”

“That’s why they’re all training with all their might!”

Zhou Qing smiled. Seeing Qin Yuan return meant that Qin Yuan was fine. “It’s been hard on you during this period of time!”

“Company Commander Qin, what are you talking about? We’re all commanders company.. This is my duty!”

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