Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Aiyo! My Brain!

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Geng Hu was provoked by Qin Yuan and hurriedly walked out of the door.

Zheng Xiaohu immediately laughed.

“Company Commander, you don’t know that Geng Hu is a fool!”

“The nurse asked him for his WeChat this morning. You know what he said!” “What do you mean?” Qin Yuan also asked with a smile.

“He actually told her that he only has one WeChat account and asked the nurse to apply for one herself!” “Tell me…There’s actually someone who likes someone like him! ”

“The heavens are really unfair!”

Zheng Xiaohu laughed and complained, he didn’t expect Geng Hu to be such a typical straight man.

“That’s just how he is. I suspect that he’s never been in a relationship before, and he doesn’t really talk to girls.”

“I’m afraid if we ask him to get someone’s phone number, he would just take their phone directly!”

Just as the two of them were still discussing, Geng Hu, with a red face, rushed into the ward.

“Company commander! Quick, I’ve brought the phone. She said that she can only lend it to me for three minutes.”

“Call whoever you want! I have to return it!” Geng Hu said confidently.

Qin Yuan was speechless.

Zheng Xiaohu was speechless.

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“Company commander! You’re a true god.

The two of them looked at Geng Hu in confusion. They did not expect it to be as Qin Yuan had said. Geng Hu actually came with her phone.

“Company commander, platoon leader!” “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Commander, are you still going to make the call?”

Geng Hu asked Qin Yuan seriously, not feeling like he had done anything wrong!

“Aiyo, my brain!” Zheng Xiaohu scratched his head and laughed.

“No! I’m not going to make a call anymore. You should return it!”

Qin Yuan was instantly speechless. Looking at the honest Geng Hu, he did not know what to say.

“Company commander… Why did you ask me to get her phone number then?”

“You don’t know how awkward this is…”

Geng Hu blushed and walked out with the phone.

“Company commander! Do you think he can still be saved?”

Zheng Xiaohu looked at Geng Hu who had walked out and immediately asked

Qin Yuan.

“I don’t know…”

“This brain… I’m also helpless…”

Time passed quickly. Just like that, Qin Yuan had been lying on the hospital bed tor five days.

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Now, Qin Yuan’s bones had been repaired by the Vitality Liquid, but a white warm current was still wrapped around Qin Yuan’s bones.

Qin Yuan slowly got up and adapted to the newly repaired bones. Although it was still a little painful, at least he could support his body.

Geng Hu and the other two were also forced by Qin Yuan to rush back to the logistics company. The nurses had been taking care of him for the past two days!

“Why did you get up?”

“Something’s not right… You can actually move?”

A nurse walked in and saw Qin Yuan sitting up with a shocked expression. Qin Yuan’s bones were almost shattered! How many days had it been! He could sit

“Yeah, I’ve been lying down for too long. I saw that I could move so I moved around!”

“This is too bizarre. Don’t move first. I’ll call the doctor over now.” The nurse ran out in shock.

After a while, the nurse rushed over with the attending doctor.

“Company Commander Qin, you can’t move now!”

“Although your bones can repair themselves, it’s only been a few days!”

The attending doctor rushed over when he heard the nurse’s summons. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Qin Yuan sitting on the hospital bed and hurriedly reminded Qin Yuan.

“I’m fine. I really can’t take it anymore!”

The attending doctor saw that Qin Yuan was fine and was a little curious. He immediately brought the equipment to check on Qin Yuan.

“What’s going on?

“It’s only been a few days! His bones have already recovered to such an extent?” “This is unbelievable! It was a miracle! It’s a miracle!”

The attending doctor exclaimed repeatedly. From the moment he entered the door, the expression on his face had not changed. Qin Yuan’s perversion was far beyond his imagination.

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Qin Yuan looked at the dumbfounded crowd and did not know what to say or do.

“Company Commander Qin, you are the most incredible person I have ever seen in my medical career!”

“I didn’t expect your condition to completely exceed my medical knowledge!”

Looking at the attending doctor’s expression, if Qin Yuan was not a sergeant, he might have been immediately arranged to do hospital research.

In this situation, it was impossible for ordinary people to do this. The doctors and nurses looked at Qin Yuan as if they were looking at a monster.

“Doctor! Don’t look at me like that! I’ll be embarrassed!”

After hearing Qin Yuan’s words, the attending doctor finally reacted, and his face was slightly awkward!

“I’m sorry! Company Commander Qin, we’ve lost our composure!”

The attending doctor said apologetically. After all, Qin Yuan’s condition was really worth studying.

If they could figure out how Qin Yuan recovered, it would cause a huge shock in the medical field.

If they could develop a medical theory, it would be a medical achievement that would benefit the world.

“I’m fine! I’ve recovered quickly since I was young.”

Qin Yuan covered it up. It was impossible for him to tell them that he had a system!

“Then Company Commander Qin, you’re really different from ordinary people!”

“With your current condition, you will definitely recover in less than half a year. Moreover, there is still hope for you to enter the army again!”

“Yes! Thank you, doctor!”

“Company Commander Qin, you don’t have to be polite! This is what we should

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“When you’re better, can you promise me a small request?”

The attending doctor looked at Qin Yuan expectantly, hoping that Qin Yuan would agree to his request. He really wanted to seriously examine Qin Yuan’s physique, hoping to find something useful.

Qin Yuan looked at the attending doctor with anticipation. He knew that the attending doctor was curious about how he could recover so quickly.

This request should be to check his physical fitness.

“Alright! Doctor, if I, Qin Yuan, can do it, I will do it!”

Qin Yuan immediately agreed.

“Good! Good! Company Commander Qin, when you’re better, I want to give you a systematic check.”

“Don’t worry, this process won’t affect your body in any way.”

“If there are any valuable discoveries, it will be for the benefit of the people.

Moreover, the hospital will also give you the corresponding remuneration!”

The attending doctor expressed his thoughts, as he was curious about Qin Yuan’s physical condition and what kind of physique would result in Qin Yuan’s current situation.


Qin Yuan also agreed, although he knew that no matter what kind of examination they did, the doctors would not get any useful value.

Not anyone could have the system. Qin Yuan was an exception, but Qin Yuan did not say it out loud, so he could only agree to the attending doctor’s request.

“Good! Thank you, Company Commander Qin!”

“Then Commander Qin, you should rest well first! We’ll go out first!”

The attending doctor instantly smiled. He was also very happy to get Qin Yuan’s permission.

With that, he led everyone out of Qin Yuan’s ward!

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