Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Geng Hu, Go Get Her Phone Number?

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“Yes! Alright, just you wait and see, Commander!”

Qin Yuan did not say too much. Even if Qin Yuan was not around in this military exercise, the logistics company’s current strength would still be able to stand out in this military exercise. His body would also recover under the effect of the Vitality liquid, but he couldn’t tell everyone that.

The system was his biggest secret. Moreover, they wouldn’t believe him even if he told them. He might as well not tell them. He just needed to understand his body’s condition.

Kang Lei saw that Qin Yuan was fine, and his mentality was also very good. He did not give up on himself as he had worried.

There was nothing to worry about. This morning, he was worried that Qin Yuan would not be able to accept the fact that he was in a bad condition after waking up.

As soon as he received the good news from the military, he rushed over, hoping that this good news would calm Qin Yuan’s emotions. However, when he saw Qin Yuan’s state of mind, he was relieved.

“Yes! Then you should rest well. I’ll go back first! I’ll come and see you when

I’m done.”

“Alright, Guild Leader!”

Seeing that Qin Yuan was fine, Kang Lei finished speaking to Qin Yuan and walked out of the ward.

After Kang Lei left, Jiang Feng, who had woken up, was pushed in by the nurses.

The first thing Jiang Feng did after waking up was to ask about Qin Yuan’s situation.

Even if they couldn’t move, under Jiang Feng’s forceful request, the nurses could only agree to his request and push Jiang Feng’s bed toward Qin Yuan’s ward.

Zheng Xiaohu and the other two were also dumbfounded when they saw Jiang Feng being pushed in.

“You’re awake?”

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Zheng Xiaohu looked at Jiang Feng lying on the hospital bed and said.

“Yes! Where’s Company Commander Qin? How is he?”

“The commander is awake too.”

Zheng Xiaohu also replied, but he did not tell Jiang Feng about Qin Yuan’s actual situation.

“Jiang Feng, why are you here?”

Qin Yuan asked when he saw Jiang Feng being pushed in by the nurses.

“Reporting, Company Commander! As soon as he woke up, he forced himself to come here. We couldn’t stop him, so we agreed!” The nurse immediately explained the situation.

“Yes! I’m fine!”

“Company Commander Qin, are you alright?” Jiang Feng looked at Qin Yuan with slightly red eyes.

When he thought of how Qin Yuan had used his life to protect his life at the last moment, tears flowed from the corners of Jiang Feng’s eyes.

He knew how terrifying the impact of the waves was. At the last moment, he gave up.

However, Qin Yuan used his body to protect him at the last moment. Even so, he had broken three ribs. It was hard to imagine how serious Qin Yuan’s injuries were.

“I’m fine! Don’t worry!” Qin Yuan comforted her. “Company Commander Qin, thank you. You saved my life.” “I, Jiang Feng, will definitely repay you in the future!”

“We’re all comrades. What’s there to repay? We’re all Chinese soldiers, brothers!”

“Yes! Company Commander Qin, thank you!”

Jiang Feng understood a lot of things after this experience, and he admired Qin Yuan more and more.

He did not expect that after this, the idea of following Qin Yuan would grow in his heart.

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Qin Yuan did not expect that one day, Jiang Feng would use his life to exchange for the person he loved the most, but that was all in the future.

“Company Commander Qin, I’ll go back first. I’ll come back when I’m better!”

When Jiang Feng saw that Qin Yuan was fine, the huge rock in his heart was finally put down.

“Yes! Rest well!”

With that, Jiang Feng was pushed back to his ward with the help of the nurse.

“Company commander! When you recover, will you have to leave our logistics company?

Geng Hu also started to worry. He had been a soldier for so long, and Qin Yuan was the only person he admired.

However, according to the conversation between the regiment commander and Qin Yuan just now, he could sense the meaning in the regiment commander’s words.

The higher-ups might transfer Qin Yuan out of the logistics company.

Zheng Xiaohu also looked at Qin Yuan worriedly. They also knew about the company commander’s physical condition.

In the beginning, they couldn’t accept that their commander’s future would be ruined because of this injury.

However, Qin Yuan’s optimism was far beyond their imagination. The two of them were originally sad, but their emotions were also affected by Qin Yuan’s optimistic attitude.

“Don’t worry! I won’t go anywhere except for logistics!”

“Besides, without me, who can control you guys!”

Qin Yuan saw that the two of them had dark expressions and comforted them. “Yes! If you’re not here, I’ll beat up whoever comes!”

“Only you can be our company commander. Other than you, no one else can come!”

Geng Hu said loudly. Qin Yuan was furious when he saw Geng Hu’s expression.

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“You brat! Can you not think of using your fists to solve anything!” “Hehe! Commander, I’m used to it!”

“Besides, what kind of good words can I think of with my brain? It’s more practical to use my fists to speak!”

Geng Hu grinned. He didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with using his fists to solve the problem!

In the past, whether it was in school or in the ring, fists were his greatest guarantee and advantage.

“Company commander! You really won’t leave the logistics company, right?”

“If you leave, we will definitely make a fuss at the regimental headquarters. Our company commander can only be you.” Zheng Xiaohu also voiced his thoughts.

After Qin Yuan came, their logistics company had changed too much, and Qin Yuan was not like the previous company commanders.

In just two months, Qin Yuan had almost become the backbone of their logistics company.

Regardless of whether it was his strength or style, Qin Yuan was deeply loved by all the soldiers in the logistics company.

“You brat, when did you become as stupid as Geng Hu?”

“You still want to cause trouble at the regimental headquarters or even higher?

Have you forgotten the duty of a soldier?”

Qin Yuan was also very helpless. Zheng Xiaohu could be considered one of the more rational people in the logistics company.

“Company Commander! …”

Zheng Xiaohu wanted to say something but hesitated. In his heart, he was the same as Geng Hu and the others. He only admired Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan looked at the two of them and knew how they were feeling.

“Don’t worry! I won’t leave!”

“The two of you can go back in two days!”

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“The military exercise is coming. Training can’t be delayed. I’ll be back in half a month at most!”

“Yes! As long as you don’t leave, I’ll do whatever you want!”

Geng Hu was in a much better mood after receiving Qin Yuan’s affirmative answer.

“Do whatever I tell you to do?”

“I saw you flirting with that nurse just now. Why don’t you go get her number?”

Hearing Qin Yuan’s words, Geng Hu


s face instantly turned red.

“Company commander…This was…This…”

Geng Hu did not expect Qin Yuan to find out about this. Just yesterday, Geng Hu


s burly personality also caught the attention of the nurse. This morning, the nurse confessed to Geng Hu immediately.

Who knew that when Qin Yuan was seriously injured, Geng Hu’s bad temper made the nurse think that he was very manly and had the temperament of a soldier.


Qin Yuan smiled. When he saw Geng Hu and the nurse’s condition early this morning, he knew that they were not simple..

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