Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Second-Class Merit!

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After Zheng Xiaohu and the other man left, Qin Yuan returned to the system page again.

“System, organize personal data!” “System received! Calculating for you …”

[Host: Qin Yuan] [Position: Iron Fist Regiment Logistics Company Commander]

[Military Rank: Captain]

[Physique: 55(Normal person: 10)]

[Skills: Elementary Eagle Eye (1000 meters), Elementary radar warning system (200 meters), Intermediate special combat technique. (8 times the physical fitness of an ordinary person) [Advanced computer programming] [Skill Points: 205840]

“If this hadn’t happened, I would have over 400,000 Skill Points.”

“I originally wanted to give them some more body-strengthening liquid!” Qin Yuan looked at the 200,000 skill points that he had lost and felt a little heartache!

Originally, he had planned to use his skills to exchange for some body-strengthening liquid before bringing his soldiers into the wilderness to strengthen their physiques. However, it seemed that his plan had failed.

Qin Yuan then glanced down at the skill page.

“It’s time to upgrade the Eagle Eye and Radar Warning system!”

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Qin Yuan looked at the two skills that were still in the beginner state and did not hesitate. He spent 200,000 skill points to immediately upgrade the two skills to the intermediate level.

Next, he would bring the soldiers to the wilderness survival training. The more advanced these two skills were, the more secure he would be. This way, the training would be easier.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for upgrading the Eagle Eye skill to Intermediate Level. [Eagle Eye Range: 2000 meters]

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for upgrading the early warning radar system to the intermediate level. (The radar covers a radius of 500 meters.)”

The moment the system notification sounded, the early warning radar was activated. The sounds and matters within a kilometer were clearly imprinted in

Qin Yuan’s mind.

“The warning range has increased several times!”

Qin Yuan was very satisfied with the warning range of the early warning radar.

“System reporting the information of the soldiers of the logistics company!”


“Currently, the host is the only one who has broken through to a physique of 50 and above.”

“There are currently two people who have broken through to a physique of 40 and above: Geng Hu (42) Zhou Qing (40)”

“Three people who broke through to a Physique of 35: Liu Ye (36), Zheng

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Xiaohu (37), Zhao Xiaowu (35)”

“The remaining soldiers have all reached level 30!” the system reported.

Qin Yuan was relatively satisfied with the information of the soldiers reported by the system. The physique of the soldiers had improved significantly in the past two months.

“Looks like the effect of the body-strengthening liquid is very obvious!”

Qin Yuan did not expect Zhou Qing to have also broken through to 40. Geng Hu was a little abnormal, but the effect of Zhou Qing’s transformation with the body-strengthening liquid was very obvious. Zheng Xiaohu and the others had also reached the physical requirements of ordinary special forces soldiers.

“There’s still a month left. I believe they can all reach the standards of the special forces!”

Qin Yuan believed that before the military exercise, he would definitely raise the physique of the entire logistics company to the standard of a special forces soldier.

The higher the upgrade, the more difficult it becomes, even if it’s just one point in physique, the effects are quite noticeable.

Although Qin Yuan’s physique is only in the 50s now, he can easily defeat opponents like Geng Hu who are much stronger in terms of strength, skills, and agility just by having one more point in physique.

“Looks like this is the only way for the next few days!”

Qin Yuan looked at his injuries. The Vitality liquid was currently repairing his bones. Judging from the recovery speed, he would have to lie down for at least two to three days before he could support his body.

Although the process of recovery was accompanied by intense pain, he could only endure it. This time, he was also very glad that he was able to survive. Now that he thought about it, he felt a little scared. He almost confessed.

He did not think too much about it. After logging out of the system, Qin Yuan lay on the hospital bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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Early the next morning, Zheng Xiaohu and Geng Hu came to Qin Yuan’s ward with the porridge they had bought.

“Company commander! How are you feeling today?” Zheng Xiaohu picked up the hot porridge he had just bought and fed it to Qin Yuan.

“I feel much better!”

“Right! How is Jiang Feng?”

Qin Yuan instantly remembered that the platoon leader of the sixth company he had saved and immediately asked about his situation. “He’s fine! He has three broken ribs and is now in the next ward.” “He hasn’t woken up yet. I went over to take a look just now!”

“That’s good!”

As the three of them were talking, Commander Kang Lei walked in, travel-worn. When he entered, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

“Qin Yuan! Let me tell you some good news!”

Kang Lei laughed loudly. As soon as he arrived, he wanted to tell Qin Yuan and the others about the notice that was issued by the higher-ups this morning.

“I just received a notice from the higher-ups this morning. After a serious discussion with the higher-ups, you have saved someone this time!”

“The higher-ups have decided to award you with second-class merit! Your military rank is still a captain. After all, you’re still too young. However, this credit will still be remembered for you. The military chief personally rewarded you and said that when you recover, he wants to see you at the military headquarters!”

Kang Lei was also very gratified. Qin Yuan was still so young, but he had already received such a commendation. Moreover, he had won the favor of the military commander.

However, as he spoke, Kang Lei’s expression darkened. When he thought of Qin Yuan’s injury this time, he also felt very regretful.

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Qin Yuan was such a good soldier! However, this injury could very well ruin his future.

Qin Yuan saw that Kang Lei’s smiling face turned into a sour face in a second. He knew that Kang Lei was probably thinking about his health. After all, with such an injury, even though he didn’t die, it would be very difficult for him to make a difference in the military in the future.

Qin Yuan suspected that he wanted to transfer him to the rear after he was promoted.

“Sir! I’m fine. Aren’t I recovering now?”

“Moreover, I, Qin Yuan, have recovered quite quickly from my injuries since I was young. Don’t worry!”

Kang Lei knew that Qin Yuan was comforting him. Qin Yuan’s mentality was still good. If it were anyone else, they might have collapsed.

For a soldier, if he couldn’t continue to be a soldier, it would be a huge blow.

“Yes! Rest assured, I will do my best.”

Kang Lei knew that even if Qin Yuan was transferred out of the combat unit, he would do his best to arrange a good position for Qin Yuan.

“Yes, I am. Don’t worry, Regiment Commander. I won’t go anywhere except for logistics!”

“I haven’t finished what I promised you. How dare I go back on my word!” Kang Lei saw that Qin Yuan’s gaze was firm and did not give up on himself because of his injured body, so he did not say anything else. At this moment, Qin Yuan’s mentality was the most important. “Yes! Then rest well, I’ll leave the logistics company to you!”

“I’ll treat you to a drink after this military exercise!”

Kang Lei also toss away his low mood. Since Qin Yuan was confident in himself, he could not have this mentality..

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