Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: This Will Only Get People Killed

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“Geng Hu! Hurry up!”

“Hang in there, hang in there! We’ll be there soon.”

“Go, Geng Hu! Hurry up!”

The soldiers continued to encourage him.

At this moment, Qin Yuan looked at the timer and continued,”There are still 10 seconds left before the end!”


“… 4,3,2,1.”

At the last second, Geng Hu finally reached the finish line.


With a dull thud, Geng Hu threw his backpack on the ground.


Geng Hu spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

He was still mumbling,’I won’t abandon the team! I won’t give up!”

Then, he fell heavily to the ground.

“Geng Hu…”

The soldiers were frightened by the sudden scene and quickly ran over to help Geng Hu up.

Qin Yuan looked at the situation in front of him and hurriedly went over to check on the few people.

“System! Scan the soldier’s body.” Qin Yuan said.

“System received.”

After a short while, Qin Yuan received a message from the system.

“They’re fine at the moment, but they’re exhausted from the extreme overload.”

“Geng Hu’s condition is more serious. A serious overload may have affected him.” The system continued.

“What? F*cking hell!” Qin Yuan also said angrily.

The sudden voice startled everyone.

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They only saw Qin Yuan standing there expressionlessly. No one understood what was going on.

At this moment, Qin Yuan was exchanging for a body-strengthening liquid in the system store.

Fortunately, the body-strengthening liquid could not only strengthen his physique but also restore his body’s functions.

Qin Yuan took out a water bottle from his pocket. It was filled with a strong body strengthening liquid. It was used to prevent such an unexpected situation from happening.

Qin Yuan gave Geng Hu and Zhou Qing a few sips.

About 10 minutes later.

The few of them woke up.

“Do you guys not want to live?”

“You think you’re very capable?” Qin Yuan roared.

“Company commander, we won’t abandon you! We won’t give up!” Geng Hu said weakly when he heard Qin Yuan’s roar.

“Yes! We won’t leave any of our comrades behind.” Zhou Qing and the others chimed in.

“So you guys are very powerful, huh?”


“If we were on the battlefield right now, you would all die.”

“Because of the mistakes of one or two of you, more of your comrades will die.”

“I’m telling you, a dead person is dead! I didn’t give you a chance to start all over again.”

“If they fall, it means they’re weak. If they die on the battlefield, it means they’re not as good as others.”

“Are you going to give up on your mission just because two people died?”

“Today, all of you have displayed your friendship, but on the battlefield… The enemy won’t talk about friendship with you.”

“Everyone, 200 push-ups each in 10 minutes.” Qin Yuan roared.

Although Qin Yuan said that, he was extremely satisfied with their performance.

This was the so-called friendship between comrades-in-arms, one would never give up or abandon their comrades!

Of course, Qin Yuan was right. If they were on a mission, they might fail the mission because they did not give up on their comrades.

Friendship was important, but to a soldier, completing the mission was the ultimate mission!

“Also, for the soldiers who were brought back by our comrades, each of them will have an additional 20 kilometers of armed cross-country training every day starting from today.”

“If you let your comrades die because of your weakness, then you don’t deserve to continue staying in the logistics company.”

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Qin Yuan shouted at the soldiers.


At this moment, the soldiers did not dare to speak.

The soldiers who had been helped back were even more upset.

They now knew that if such a situation were to happen on the battlefield, they would be in danger.

They would really kill their own comrades.

The few of them buried their heads and swore to themselves that they would become stronger.

Only by becoming stronger would they be able to complete their mission better. They would never let their comrades die because of them.

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he walked out of the training ground.

Half an hour later, the soldiers were all exhausted and collapsed on the ground.

All of them were exhausted beyond recognition.

They felt as if their bodies had been separated from their souls.

Some of them had already fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Qin Yuan walked in and blew the assembly whistle when he saw the exhausted soldiers.


The whistle immediately woke everyone up.

One by one, they struggled to get up and stood there in an orderly manner, waiting for orders.

This reaction had already become an instinctive reaction of their bodies.

Qin Yuan continued, “Everyone. I’ll give you two hours to wash up, eat, and rest.”

“Two in the afternoon. Gather at the camp’s smart classroom.”

“I’ll train you in special combat and firearm knowledge.”

“Do you all understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” The soldiers replied loudly.


After saying that, the soldiers quickly supported their exhausted bodies and walked back to the dormitory.

Two o’clock in the afternoon.

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In the camp’s multimedia classroom.

The soldiers of the logistics company were listening to Qin Yuan’s explanation seriously.

“What is Special Operations?” Qin Yuan immediately asked.

One of the soldiers replied, “Special Operations refers to carrying out surprise attacks and breaking the enemy’s important military, political, and economic targets, as well as other Special Operations.”

“Special Forces or troops temporarily assigned with special combat missions fight like airborne combat to achieve specific goals or goals.”

“Landing operations, the rescue of hostages, and attacks on the enemy’s headquarters, important military facilities, and other key targets.”

“For example, collecting intelligence, disrupting the rear, destroying facilities, and carrying out surprise attacks.”

“Very good, well said.” Qin Yuan praised.

He continued,

“The world is complicated, but The Art of War is colorful.”

“Although the World War is over, the Cold War is over.”

“But the International conflict has not been resolved.”

“We need a new way to solve new conflicts.”

“When the struggle is complicated, politicians try to use the ‘quick blade’ of Special Operations to clean up the various intertwined contradictions.”

“Therefore, in today’s era, when countries in the world are generally reducing their armies and the total number of armed forces is constantly shrinking…”

“Special operations forces are developing, and special operations are alarming heads of state in various countries.”

“It also enriches human wisdom and innovates the art of warfare in the information age.” Qin Yuan patiently explained.

The soldiers below were all entranced.

Most of them were not familiar with Special Operations.

“My goal is to turn each and every one of you into a sharp blade.”

“A sharp blade that will cause fatal damage to the enemy.” Qin Yuan continued.


“So, from now on, you will receive a different kind of brutal training,” Qin Yuan said.

“Only by comparing your training to actual combat training can you have a chance of surviving in the brutal reality of combat.”

“Do you all understand?” Qin Yuan roared.

“I understand.”

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“Good! I’ll be teaching you how to engage in special combat in your daily training.”

“I’ll teach you how to fight a modern Special Forces war.”

“How to use sparrow warfare, psychological warfare, electronic reconnaissance, and network warfare.” Qin Yuan continued.


After that, Qin Yuan continued to explain some tactical knowledge.

There were also some combat methods in different regions.

The soldiers were also learning in a hurry.

When Qin Yuan finished his lecture and walked out of the multimedia classroom, the sky had already turned dark.

At this moment, the moon was particularly bright.

Qin Yuan walked straight to his dormitory.

After returning to the dormitory, Qin Yuan couldn’t wait to open the system interface.

[Host: Qin Yuan]

[Position: Commander of Ironfist logistics company]

[Rank: Commander]

[Physique: 45 (10 for normal people)]

[Skills: Elementary Eagle Eye (1000 meters), elementary radar warning system (200 meters), elementary special combat technique. (Four times the physical fitness of an ordinary person.)]

Skill points: 155580.

“The soldiers’ breakthroughs at the end brought more skill points!”

“Although I just spent 20000, I still have at least 150000 left.”

Qin Yuan was browsing through the system store.

A recommendation from the system store popped up.

Qin Yuan looked at it curiously.

“Advanced computer network programming technique!”

“Is this computer technology?”

“With this, wouldn’t it be able to strengthen the shortcomings of my computer skills?”

“This is good stuff!”

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