Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Regiment Leader, Give Me More Ammunition

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At this moment! In the regiment commander’s office.

Commissar Bi Guotao was called over by commander Kang Lei.

“Old Bi, you’ve heard about it too.”

“I just heard about it. Qin Yuan is really powerful!” Bi Guotao was also shocked.

When he heard the report from the guard, Xiaowu, his jaw dropped.

“Yup! We didn’t misjudge him.”

In just a short month, the changes in the logistics company are too terrifying.

“Yup! I heard that they only sent 13 soldiers to deliver the supplies.”

“They actually defeated two full platoons of the 9th company. It’s incredible.” Bi Guotao said in surprise.

“Yes, I didn’t believe it at first either.”

“But that brat, the commander of the 9th company, still has the nerve to ask me to punish him.”

“It’s so embarrassing just thinking about it! I told him to get lost.” Kang Lei’s expression darkened as he said angrily.

“I heard that the commander of the 9th company was punched too,” Bi Guotao said. The boys from the logistics company have really gone a little too far.

“No matter what, he’s still a company commander. It’s true that he has no regard for military discipline.”

“That’s true, but 9th company was the one who provoked them first. In the past, the soldiers of the logistics company might not have dared to make a sound.”

“But now that they got beaten up, what’s the point of looking for their parents for help?”

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“They were not as skilled so they deserved it.”

“That’s true! The soldiers of the 9th company are used to being at ease now, it’s time to give them a bone-loosening exercise.”

“Then, old Kang, how do you plan to handle this?” Bi Guotao asked Kang Lei with a frown.

“I won’t report this matter. I can’t afford to lose this face.”

“Get Qin Yuan and the 9th company’s commander to come over and explain everything clearly.”

“Yeah, that’s the only way.”

“Xiaowu, inform the 9th company commander and Qin Yuan to come over.” Kang Lei quickly shouted.


“Oh right, inform all the companies to train hard. The military exercise of the entire Military Region is about to begin.”

“When the time comes, don’t screw up.”


The security guard, Xiaowu, retreated after receiving the order.

Bi Guotao looked at Kang Lei and laughed, “It seems like the logistics company will give us an unexpected surprise during this military exercise!”

“Yes, based on the current situation, the logistics company will be a sharp knife that none of us will expect.”

“It seems like we’ve found a treasure. Qin Yuan didn’t let us down.”

“Hahaha! He’s not bad indeed. I hope we can get a few more Special Forces training spots this year.” Kang Lei said, pleased.

Just like that, the two of them started to plan the arrangements of the Iron fist Regiment’s companies in the office.

After Qin Yuan and the commander of the 9th company came to the regimental commander’s office.

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This matter ended unhappily.

The commander of the 9th company could only go back angrily. Before he left, he didn’t forget to say some harsh words to Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan couldn’t be bothered with him. After all, Qin Yuan didn’t care about the 9th company at all.

He was only thinking about how to make the soldiers of the logistics company stronger in these two months.

He would bring them to the Special Forces.

“Qin Yuan, I was right about you.” Commander Kang Lei said to Qin Yuan.

“Regiment commander, how can I disappoint you with the mission you have given me?”

“Haha, good job. At least you didn’t cheat me of my equipment for nothing.”

Kang Lei laughed as well.

“Regiment commander, I really had no other choice regarding that matter.” Qin Yuan also explained.

“It’s okay. I don’t blame you. At least you didn’t let us down.”

“Then, commander, can I make a small request?”

“Just say it. As long as it’s not too much, I’ll agree.” Kang Lei laughed happily.

“That… Can you give me the same list from last time? And 200000 more bullets.”

Qin Yuan spread his hands and said.

“F*ck! You brat, I haven’t even blamed you and you’re already climbing up the tree!”

“Trying to trick me again?” Kang Lei’s happy face instantly sank.

“You brat, why do you need so many weapons and ammunition?” Kang Lei continued.

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“Commander, you know that a good gunner is trained by bullets.”

“You can’t let the horse run again, but you don’t let the horse eat the grass, right?”

“Hmph, you’re starting to lecture me,”

“Do you know that the amount you took last time was almost half a year’s worth?”

“You guys only have 50 people.” Kang Lei snorted.

“Regiment commander! Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

In order to provide more military supplies for the logistics company’s soldiers, Qin Yuan had racked his brains.


“I’ll give you five more sniper rifles, but I won’t be giving you the 95-case rifle.”

“I’ll give you 400000 for the bullets, and some of the others as well.” Kang Lei said helplessly.

In fact, it wasn’t that Kang Lei didn’t want to give it to him, but because they were in a peaceful era.

There was a standard amount allocated to the troops.

After all, bullets were also money, and he couldn’t be extravagant and wasteful.

“Thank you, commander!”

“Thank you,” Qin Yuan quickly thanked him. After all, he had gained another 400000 bullets.

He had more confidence in improving the shooting ability of the logistics company’s soldiers.

Besides, the system could only assist him in training, but the soldiers had to fight steadily and surely.

“Don’t let us down, the military exercise will be held in two months.”

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“Yes! Regiment commander, I promise to complete the mission.”


“Then, regiment commander, I’ll take my leave first.”

“Let’s go back!”

“Yes! Regiment commander, political commissar, I’ll go back first.”

After saying that, Qin Yuan left the office and walked out.

Commander Kang Lei also wanted to quickly send this God away.

He was also afraid that he would have more “small” requests later.

After all, he could only brace himself and request ammunition from above.

“Old Kang, haha, you feel the pain?” Bi Guotao laughed as he looked at Kang Lei.

“As long as this kid can really create a different company for me.”

“I’ll give him another 200000 bullets.”

“I can still afford the ammunition.” Kang Lei said, trying to show off.

“Regiment commander, are you serious?”

Qin Yuan walked in again.

With his radar warning skill, he could hear everything clearly.

He had just left the place but returned when he heard that.

Kang Lei was taken aback when he saw Qin Yuan walk out and come back in.

“You brat, get lost…”

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