Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Getting Beaten Up Nine Times in a Row (1)

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Getting beaten up nine times in a row (1)

“System, organize, and report the physical fitness information of all the logistics company soldiers.” Qin Yuan said to the system.

“The system has received the message. It is organizing the information for you.”

After a short while, a set of data appeared in Qin Yuan’s mind.

[Host: Qin Yuan]

[Position: Commander of Fierce Tiger Regiment’s logistics company]

[Rank: Captain]

[Physique: 39 (normal human 10)]

[Skills: elementary Eagle Eye (1000 meters), elementary radar warning system (200 meters), elementary special fighting technique. (physical fitness equivalent to 4 times that of an ordinary person)]

Skill points: 10580.

“At present, the host is the only person who has broken through physique 35 and above.”

“No one has managed to break through physique 30 and above.”

Five people who broke through physique 25: Geng Hu (29), Liu Ye (25), Zheng Xiaohu (25), Kang Xiaowu (25), Zhou Qing (25) ”

[ The remaining soldiers are between level 20-25. ] The system reported.

Qin Yuan was quite satisfied with the information reported by the system.

In this one month, the soldiers’ physiques had all broken through to more than twice that of ordinary people.

Although the higher the level of the soldier, the more generous the reward was, the higher the level of the physique, the harder it was to break through.

“System, what’s the Special Forces’ physique level? For example, the Wolf Fangss Special Forces.”

Qin Yuan also asked hurriedly.

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After all, he really wanted to bring the entire logistics company to the Special Forces.

Although he had only been in the logistics company for slightly more than a month, he already had an ineffable feeling for the logistics company.

Although the system’s mission was to let Qin Yuan lead the logistics company to the top company in the entire regiment.

However, he led the logistics company step by step.

If he was going, then he would take them all with him.

“According to the current world’s analysis, a normal Special Forces soldier’s physique is in the range of 30-40 points.”

“Currently, the highest level Special Forces soldiers in the world range from 40 to 100.”

“100?It’s not as simple as having a physique ten times that of an ordinary person.”

“Yes! For example, the Wolf Fangs Special Forces is only a basic Special Forces.”

“There are even higher levels. You will encounter them in the future.” The system analyzed for Qin Yuan.

It seems that there are still some abnormal troops in the world!

“They’re just unknown existences! They are silently protecting the country.”

Qin Yuan was also a little surprised. After all, he had never heard of Special Forces of this level.

He had never come into contact with them before.

Fortunately, the standard of the Wolf Fangs Special Forces was only about 30 points.

There was still hope for the entire logistics company, as long as he stepped up their training during this period of time.

It was still possible to find their problems one by one and break through them one by one. After all, he had the assistance of the system.

Qin Yuan looked at the skill points in the system. He had more than 100000 points now.

He opened the system store.

He then looked at the skill points required to level up his skills.

“I can’t believe it costs 50000 skill points to upgrade the [ Eagle Eye ] to the intermediate level.”

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The intermediate radar warning system costs 100000 skill points.

In the beginning, the system announced that if a soldier of the logistics company becomes the top company in the entire Regiment within three months, he will be rewarded with 10000 skill points.

“I still think it’s high!”

“This stupid system, I was too naive.” Qin Yuan said helplessly.

“Host, please mind your words.”

Qin Yuan was speechless.

“By the way, the overall strength of the soldiers in the logistics company has already surpassed the other companies, right?”

“Why isn’t the quest completed yet?”

“Don’t tell me that it can only be considered complete if the entire team acknowledges it?”

[Yes, host. It must be approved by the whole team to be considered complete.] The system explained.

“Alright! I’ll take it slow.”

“I’ll exchange this 100000 points for the body-strengthening liquid.”

“The reward from the soldiers will be the source of my happiness.”

I would have to dilute it for everyone to drink. At least it can change the physical functions of the soldiers and quickly improve their physiques.

Just like how Zhou Qing is now catching up to Liu Ye and the others.

After speaking, Qin Yuan clicked on the exchange button for the body-strengthening liquid.

At this moment, there were five small glass bottles in Qin Yuan’s hand.

After exiting the system panel, Qin Yuan lay on his bed and gradually fell asleep.

The next day, the sky was slightly bright.

On the road to the top of the mountain, the soldiers of the logistics company were carrying out 10 kilometers armed march with 30 kilograms of weight.

Right now, they were all constantly breaking through their limits.

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The blazing sun was now covering the entire camp after the march was over.

After the soldiers finished their breakfast, they stood in rows on the training ground.

Today was the day that their logistics company would be sending supplies to the various companies in the regiment.

Their instructor, Zhou Qing, was currently assigning them each task.

“1st platoon, you guys go and deliver supplies to the 1st Battalion.”

“2nd platoon, you guys should go to the 3rd Battalion.”

“3rd platoon, three of you will follow me to the headquarters. The rest will go to the 2nd Battalion, which is closer.”

“Everyone, do you understand?”


After that, everyone started to move.

At this moment, in the pigpen of the logistics company.


“Every year, I have to send these white and fat pigs to those guys in the 9th company. I’ve really wasted the pigs I’ve raised.”

Lu Zhengtao complained.

Because every year, the 9th company loved to mock them.

“Don’t say anymore, hurry up and get to work.” Zheng Xiaohu continued.

At that moment, Geng Hu carried a 300-pound pig and sent it to the truck. He was the most eye-catching in the entire company.

After a while, the rows of supplies were packed and they headed to the companies they were in charge of.

At this moment! Zheng Xiaohu and Geng Hu of the 2nd platoon had also arrived at their final destination, the 9th company’s encampment.

“Yo! These aren’t the cowards from the logistics company of the regimental headquarters!”

“What’s the matter? The pigs didn’t lose weight this year, did they?”

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At that moment, a few veterans of the 9th company walked towards them with mocking words.

“You guys…”

At this moment, a few new soldiers in the 2nd platoon couldn’t help but get angry when they heard their ridicule.

“What’s wrong? You got a problem?”

“You private, can’t you see that I’m a first-class soldier?”

“Do you think a few pig farmers like you guys can fight us?” A well-built veteran of the 9th company said.

“What right do you have to say that about us?”

“On what basis?”

“Why don’t you take a look at what kind of soldiers you are?”

“Every year during the drill, you run until you don’t even have time to put your pants on. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your platoon leader.”

“Liu Ming, that’s enough!”

At this moment, Zheng Xiaohu walked over.

The person who was talking to the new recruit of the 2nd platoon of the logistics company was the Deputy platoon commander of the 2nd platoon of the 9th company, Liu Ming.

Seeing Zheng Xiaohu speak, Liu Ming also quickly said,

“What’s wrong? Zheng Xiaohu, you’re still not convinced? You want to give it a go?”

“Practice your head!”

An angry roar came from behind Zheng Xiaohu.

A huge figure clenched his fist and punched Liu Ming’s face.


Liu Ming was seen flying backward. He lay on the ground and kept wailing in pain, blood still flowing out of the corners of his mouth.

That’s right. Geng Hu, who was standing behind Zheng Xiaohu, had long been unable to stand Liu Ming’s sarcastic words.

“F*ck! How dare you come to our 9th company to cause trouble? Don’t even think about leaving today!”

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