Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: KO’d in 10 seconds?

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“It seems that you guys are still very energetic.”

“More than forty people beating up a prey, and he still had the strength to speak.”

“If he doesn’t fall to the ground in a minute, everyone will have to run five kilometers with 20kg of weight.” Qin Yuan looked at the battlefield and shouted again.

At this moment.

Zheng Xiaohu, Kang Xiaowu, and the rest who were surrounding Geng Hu swarmed forward again.

A minute later, a set of data appeared in the system.

[ Name: Geng Hu ]

[ Physique: 20 ]

[ Physical strength: 1% … ]

[ Endurance: 0%, 1%, 0%, 1% is recovering continuously ]

In a short while, Zheng Xiaohu and the others knocked Geng Hu to the ground due to his lack of physical strength.

At this time, only a dozen or so people, including Zheng Xiaohu, could still stand.

Over 20 people had been beaten to the ground by Geng Hu alone.

Geng Hu was lying on the ground, motionless. His face was already bruised and swollen.

Blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

His body had already reached its limit.

The moment he closed his eyes, he couldn’t help but give Qin Yuan the middle finger.

The remaining dozen or so soldiers were all injured, and their faces were bruised.

“Ding! Soldier Geng Hu has broken through the limit of his endurance value. The system has rewarded him with 200 skill points.”

“Ding! Soldier Jiang Jun has broken through the limit of his endurance value. The system has rewarded him with 200 skill points.”

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“Ding! Soldier Liu Xiaoshan has broken through the limit of his endurance value. The system has rewarded 200 skill points.”

“Ding! Breakthrough …”


As Geng Hu passed out, the system’s notifications gradually rang in Qin Yuan’s mind.


The next morning.

The soldiers of the logistics company were standing in rows on the training ground.

No one dared to speak for a long time as they looked at Qin Yuan standing on the flag platform.


“What right do you guys have to be soldiers?”

“One person is able to knock two-thirds of you to the ground. Don’t you think it’s embarrassing?”

“If Geng Hu is an enemy, then two-thirds of your comrades here today will die.”

“How dare you say that you will use your bodies to protect your country and your family!”

The soldiers of the logistics company standing on the training ground were speechless.

The experience last night was also something that they had not expected.

Who knew that Geng Hu would be so fierce? he had beaten over 20 out of the 40-odd people down.

Everyone’s faces darkened when they heard Qin Yuan’s words.


“If they were enemies, then some of them were already dead last night!”

“One person could take down two-thirds of you. How can we talk about protecting the country like this?”

The entire logistics company’s soldiers had gloomy expressions. This was simply a disgrace to them.

At this moment!

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Geng Hu, who was in the team, couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard Qin Yuan’s words.

Qin Yuan immediately looked at Geng Hu.

“You think you’re very powerful?”

Qin Yuan squinted his eyes and looked at Geng Hu.

“No, Sir!”

“If it wasn’t for the group fight, I definitely wouldn’t have been beaten down!”

Geng Hu said, unconvinced.

“Good! It seems that you think that you’re very powerful now.”

“Then I’ll give you a chance to fight me one-on-one.”

Qin Yuan walked down from the flag platform and slowly walked towards Geng Hu.

“Geng Hu, step forward!”

“I’ll give you a chance. Use your full strength to defeat me!”

“If you defeat me, you won’t need to participate in the special training in the logistics company in the future. You can live your life however you want.”

“But if you lose, you have to put away your pride and obey my orders.”

“Commander! You said it yourself.” Geng Hu was delighted.

“There’s no such thing as a joke in the Army!”

After that, the two of them stood apart.

At this moment! Standing behind Qin Yuan, Zhou Qing and the other young man couldn’t help but worry.

The two of them had witnessed Geng Hu’s strength last night.

The two of them didn’t have the strength to say that they wouldn’t be at a disadvantage when facing Geng Hu. They might not even be able to beat this kid.

“Old Zhou, isn’t the company commander being too rash?”

“It’s fine if the company commander wins, but if he loses, he’ll lose all his face!”

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“It’s quite rash. Geng Hu is quite powerful, but I don’t know if the company commander can defeat him.”

If Qin Yuan lost, it would be difficult for him to work in the company.

Soldiers would only respect the strong. This phenomenon was the same no matter which unit.

The atmosphere on the training ground gradually became tense.

“Can the company commander win?”

“I don’t know! Geng Hu is a ruthless man!”

“Last night, it felt like I was hit by a car. My ribs still hurt.”

“Yup! It was the same when I hit him, it was like punching a steel plate.”

“We’ll see, our company commander is also a freak. This is a rare confrontation between experts for our logistics company.”

The soldiers on the field looked at the two people on the field and discussed.

Geng Hu and Qin Yuan had already stood aside.

“Come on! Do it! You won’t have the chance later!”

“Hmph! Who doesn’t know how to brag!”

With that said, Geng Hu clenched his right fist and punched Qin Yuan with all his strength when he wasn’t paying attention.

Facing Qin Yuan, Geng Hu also didn’t dare to act recklessly, as years of experience drove him to be cautious.

He believed in his own judgment. He had to rely on a strong explosive force to quickly defeat Qin Yuan.

His endurance was lacking and he couldn’t afford to waste it with Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan looked at Geng Hu’s fist which was quickly striking over.

He didn’t panic at all, and he quickly turned to the left.

His left fist quickly hit Geng Hu’s incoming elbow.

Suddenly, Geng Hu felt a numbing sensation in his arm as a wave of pain came from his right hand.

“He’s so fast. He dodged my attack so quickly.”

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Geng Hu was shocked.

“I feel like I can’t exert any strength in my entire arm.”

Geng Hu couldn’t help but rub his right forearm and sigh.

“What’s wrong? You’re still so proud of your little strength?”

Qin Yuan’s lips curled into a mocking smile.

“Hmph! Again.”

Geng Hu gathered his strength again and clenched his right fist, attacking Qin Yuan’s face again.

The air instantly exploded with a trace of force.

One could only imagine how terrifying the power of Geng Hu’s punch was.

However, Qin Yuan’s right foot was gathering strength, and the soil under his feet sank in.

With a 180-degree sweep, dust, and dirt flew up in the air.

Qin Yuan and the other man were also instantly buried by the dust.

Everyone could only hear a slight sonic boom in the air.


A loud noise came from the dust.

“What’s going on?”


After the dust settled, they saw Qin Yuan standing there, straight and upright.

Not far away, Geng Hu was lying on the ground like a dead pig.

There was a size 42 military boot print on Geng Hu’s face.

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