“No, no, it’s all my fault. I was so overjoyed that Kage gave me the right to mobilize the Anbu that I went overboard. I deserve to die.” Nagasawa said regretfully.

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With such a convincing act, the Squad Leader felt that Morishita might commit suicide in front of him if he didn’t say anything. So he consoled him, “Morishita, you don’t have to blame yourself. Your plan saves us from disaster after all. I assume that those Shinobis were Root Shinobis that we rejected a few days ago. The fake information you deliberately leaked to Konoha must’ve reached their ears. As a result, those idiots thought our fake information room was the real one and destroyed it. Root’s Shinobis are really stupid.

Hearing the Squad Leader’s words, Nagasawa also agreed from the bottom of his heart: “Root Shinobi is indeed stupid.”

‘Especially Danzo.’ Nagasawa added in his heart.

Stabbing him in the back, Nagasawa promised that this would be the decision that Danzo regretted the most.

“But now that the information room has been destroyed, what should we do with Konoha’s spies?” The Squad Leader said, realizing they got a new problem.

“Although the perpetrators were Root Shinobis, Root is also from Konoha, you know.” Nagasawa shook his head and said.

He then added, “the reason why Root Shinobis went to the information room must be because they were after the intel we prepared.”

“Why did they do this? Didn’t they want to help us stop Konoha’s spies from stealing the information?” The Squad Leader frowned.

“That was before we drive them out. They must’ve held a grudge and tried to corner us. If they stole the intel, Konoha would at least demand some compensation from us.” Nagasawa explained.

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“Doesn’t that just happen to be our plan?” The Squad Leader suddenly realized that although the process was roundabout, their plan miraculously worked.

Nagasawa nodded and said with a smile, “Root Shinobi definitely did not expect that we plan to pay compensation in the first place. Their actions just helped us complete the plan, and considering how they obtained the intel, Konoha definitely would not doubt its authenticity.

The Squad Leader looked at the ruins around him and sighed. “Too bad our base is in tatters. We spent a lot of money to build this.”

At this time, Nagasawa also said with a troubled face, “Yes, it’s a pity. Damn Konoha Shinobis! Now that it has come to this, I’ll donate all the money I have to rebuild our base.”

The Squad Leader looked at Nagasawa in surprise and was silent for a moment.

He had to admit that Morishita loved Kusagakure more than anyone else, as he wouldn’t even think about it.

Not long after, Kusagakure’s Kage arrived at Anbu Base with the Commander and Vice-Commander. Looking at the mess in front of him, the Kage tried his best to contain his anger and asked, “What happened?”

The captain explained, “We were under attack, but fortunately, the losses were insignificant. Only the newly built fake information room was destroyed.”

Nagasawa took the initiative to stand up and say, “Kage, it was all my fault. I mobilized too many Anbu to capture the spy that attacked the Aonuma-kun. As a result, the defense here grows weaker, which led to this kind of situation.”

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The Kage looked at the Squad Leader as if prompting him to tell the specific situation.

The Squad Leader thought for a moment and said, “Although Squad Leader Morishita made a big mistake in this operation, he had good intentions. Moreover, he was the first to come to help. The fake information he gave Konoha also played a big role in keeping Anbu’s real confidential documents safe.

Nagasawa was confused. Was this Squad Leader a spy sent by Konoha? Why did he always help him?

He didn’t mind if the Kage punished him a little harder, and then he’d have a reason to commit suicide and then leave calmly.

Of course, the one who would commit suicide would be Morishita, not him.

“No, no, I deserve to die. I have made such a fatal mistake I no longer deserve to be a Squad Leader. Please punish me, remove me from Anbu if you see fit.

The Kage thought for a moment.

This mistake was indeed very serious. Had it not been for luck, Anbu might have been hit hard. It would be good to dismiss Morishita for a while so that he could recollect his thought.

“Kage-sama, you can’t do that. Morishita has been working hard for Anbu. You can’t just remove him from Anbu.” An Anbu pleaded for Nagasawa.

Suddenly, another Anbu spoke, “I used to wonder why Morishita-sama became a Squad Leader at such a young age. But I found out the reason when we were doing a mission recently.”

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“When most of us slack off during our duty, Morishita-sama often took the initiative to patrol around the base.”

Nagasawa: …

He was memorizing the layout of Anbu Base so that it was easy to invade.

“That’s right, that’s right. Every time I enter his office, he is always looking at the documents.”

He was looking for intel about Anbu and some confidential documents.

“Just now, Morishita-sama said that he would donate all the money to fix the base. People who love the village as much as he should not be punished so severely.”

It was not Nagasawa’s money, so he donated it.

The group of Kusagakure Anbu pleaded for Nagasawa, and Nagasawa was stunned.

Had it not for the fact that he knew all of them were actually Kusagakure Shinobis using Color of Observation Haki, Nagasawa would have thought that all of them were Konoha spies.

Seeing so many Anbu Shinobis pleading for Morishita, the Kage frowned.

He didn’t say what he was going to do with Morishita. Morishita himself was the one who said that he deserved to be kicked out of Anbu, but why did it look like he was going to punish Morishita?

The Kage was somewhat displeased, considering that Morishita had such a high reputation among Anbu to the point that his reputation as Kage was superseded

He began to reflect on whether he had been too reliant on Morishita recently, causing him to give off some wrong signal.

The Kage then said, “Since you don’t want to remain in Anbu anymore, you should take a good rest. You are too busy lately, so take some time off.”

Nagasawa nodded and said, “Yes, but you have to be careful not to let Root find an opportunity to take advantage of you, Kage-sama.”

The Kage nodded with a cold face. Everything pointed to Root. Even his two Squad Leaders had the same idea.

‘If it were Konoha, it would be fine, but a mere organization in Konoha actually dared to do this?’ The Kage sneered in his heart.

The Kusagakure Anbu also had a list of Root Shinobis.

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