1297 The Gloomy Clouds Over the Chu Clan

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The director immediately rejected Shi Yu’s suggestion. The empire had always had five experts on the surface, and any one of these five experts was an expert among experts—a well-known Core.

Ordinary people only knew that Great Wei had five Cores. However, those in their positions naturally knew that Great Wei did not only have these few experts. For example, Elder Ku, who was employed by the imperial family, was not among the five experts.


It was just that other experts, for one reason or another, did not appear in front of the world.
However, there was no doubt that these five people were the best among the small group of experts.

Among the five great experts, Mi Siyuan was the youngest and had the least qualifications. However, his strength was not bad. The ordinary imperial family servants were not his match.

Otherwise, Great Wei would not have tacitly agreed that he was practically dominating the South.

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“According to the information sent back by one of our secret agents, I’m afraid his cultivation is about to enter the Late Void Core Stage.”

The director was extremely depressed. Speaking of which, Mi Siyuan and he could be considered to be people from the same era.

He had yet to take that step, and Mi Siyuan was about to step into the Late Void Core Stage. With this strength, he could roam freely in the south of Great Wei, and it was difficult for him to meet his match.

Although his time had been dragged down by heavy work, Mi Siyuan was indeed an extremely outstanding figure. In his hands, the Great Formless Sect was the true overlord of the South.

Now, even a disciple of Mi Siyuan wanted to challenge him. This was simply intolerable!

Shi Yu, who was standing at the side, could not help but be alert. He also knew what kind of concept the Late Void Core Stage was. In the entire Great Wei, it was a powerful existence.

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid that Chu Yunfan is no match for Mi Siyuan,” Shi Yu hurriedly said.

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“It’s hard to say. Don’t underestimate Chu Yunfan. After all, even Ancestor Wusheng died in his hands. You’ve seen the previous information. Even Ancestor Wusheng was said to have surpassed the fledgling Void Core Stage and is an existence in the intermediate Void Core Stage.” The director sneered. “No one is optimistic about Chu Yunfan, but I beg to differ. Chu Yunfan can cultivate to such a level at such a young age. How can he be ordinary?

“Even if he can’t defeat Mi Siyuan, I’m afraid it will be very difficult for Mi Siyuan to defeat him. The agency shouldn’t interfere in this matter. Based on Chu Yunfan’s usual performance, Mi Siyuan has already rushed up to him and spat in his face. Chu Yunfan won’t just sit by and do nothing,” the director added.

“I understand. Then let’s just wait and see?” Shi Yu glanced at the director.

“That’s right, but you can get someone to add fuel to the fire. Between the two of them, no matter who wins or loses, it’s not a bad thing for us,” the director said indifferently, “All right, you can leave now. If there’s any news, inform me immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

After Shi Yu acknowledged his orders, he left.

At the same time, in the Chu clan, there were many people who had gathered in the residence, hoping that Chu Yaowei would help them.

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And now, in this vicious wave of revenge from the Great Formless Sect, almost all of them had been wiped out. Only a small portion of them had escaped because they were not in the stronghold.

However, it made every family in the Chu clan mourn.

At this moment, in a large hall in the residence, Chu Yaowei was looking at the reports from all over the place. His expression was extremely ugly. His subordinates were all the higher-ups and managers of the Chu clan, and everyone’s expression was extremely solemn.

“Right now, all of our cities in the south have been attacked by the Great Formless Sect. These attacks were prepared and premeditated. They took advantage of the chaos to sneak into our strongholds overnight and killed everyone in the strongholds. Hundreds of our clansmen have already been lost!” a Chu clan elder said through gritted teeth.

“Not only our clansmen but also the people in charge of commerce and intelligence in various places have all been killed. Not a single one escaped. It’s only been three days, and they’re all dead now. If they didn’t hide it and came for us, I’m afraid we wouldn’t even know who did it!” another elder wailed.

“This time, we’ve suffered a heavy loss. Even if we can survive this, it will take fifty years for us to rebuild in the cities in the south of Great Wei!” said another.

“Let’s report this to the authorities. If this continues, it’ll be too tragic. Now, there are still clansmen coming from all over the world to complain outside the door. I don’t even know how to comfort them.”

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“What authority? Aren’t we the authority? Can the Imperial Court control someone like Mi Siyuan?”

Many people thought of Chu Yunfan, and their hearts were filled with mixed feelings. One had to know that they had received great benefits because of Chu Yunfan’s existence. No matter where the Chu clan went, they would be looked up to.

However, they now understood that opportunities and risks coexisted. In such a short period, everything had been reversed. All the benefits they had gained because of Chu Yunfan had been spat out, and the losses were incalculable.

The shops in various places were burned down, and that was not the worst of it. The key was that the clansmen in various places were slaughtered and lost.

However, they didn’t dare to mention anything about revenge. Facing such a colossus, they didn’t even have the thought of revenge. They didn’t even dare to have such thoughts. If they dared to have such thoughts, the Great Formless Sect might uproot the Chu clan tomorrow.

Chu Yaowei was gloomy. He didn’t expect the clan, which was still thriving a few days ago, to suffer such a huge change overnight.

Everyone looked at each other. They all understood what each other meant. Only Chu Yunfan could solve this problem.

To put it bluntly, this matter was also caused by Chu Yunfan. They were not stupid and could see Mi Siyuan’s intention. Killing these ordinary clan members was just to anger Chu Yunfan and force him out.

This was not brilliant in itself, and even Mi Siyuan did not want to hide it. He just wanted Chu Yunfan to become the target of everyone’s criticism.

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