246 The Sacred Soul Island

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There was a slightly muffled sound, and the heavenly King’s body, which was dodging, suddenly stopped.

A dark red color immediately seeped out from the corner of his mouth. “B*tch, you dare to kill me!” The heavenly King slowly turned his head and looked in disbelief at the pair of eyes filled with killing intent.

“Bast*rd, you can go to hell!” Lia’s voice rang out, causing the heavenly King’s frozen body to tremble slightly. This was a sign of extreme anger. Originally, he had dreamed of using the power of the bronze fragment to kill He Chuan by surprise, then turning around to kill Lia and become the true King of the grassland.

He no longer needed to be a puppet.

This move was originally meant for Meng Ao, but he didn’t expect it to be useless. However, it was precisely this overconfidence that had caused him harm.

“Get lost!” the heavenly King let out an angry roar, turned around, and struck out with his palm. Lia’s eyes flickered slightly, but she did not seem to have the intention to dodge at all. Facing the heavenly King’s palm strike, she also raised her palm to meet it. Bang! With a muffled sound, Lia didn’t move at all, but the heavenly King was sent flying several meters back, landing heavily on the ground.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” the heavenly King was lying on the ground, raising his head with difficulty to look at Lia’s cold expression, blood flowing out of his mouth. “Afraid, of course, I’m afraid! But because I’m afraid of death, I messed up your true essence when I attacked just now. You won’t be able to use your vital essence for a day, and I will be able to avenge my Father!” Lia walked towards the heavenly King and raised the sword in her hand.

“How will you kill me if you can’t use your vital essence?” Lia’s tone was very slow and unhurried, but it still made the other party feel that it was ear-piercing.

“They won’t let you go. They are more powerful than you can imagine,” the heavenly King seemed to have adapted to the poison in his body and said with a dark expression.

“Oh, really? I’m afraid you don’t know that my Master is already in the mortal realm. The White Tiger Grand Sage Meng Ao did not even last one move against my Master!” Lia slowly walked to the heavenly King’s side and knelt down.

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“What did you just say? Can’t win against one move? Mortal realm?” the heavenly King said in disbelief. He thought He Chuan and Meng Ao were both at the pinnacle of the legendary ninth-rank saint cultivator.

However, he did not expect the two of them were in a realm beyond his imagination!

“So, go to hell!” Lia’s Water Autumn Sword had pierced through the heart of the heavenly King.

A mysterious island.

“From today onwards, the Seven Devil Hall will no longer exist on the Sacred Soul Island! Because Meng Ao is dead, everything will belong to this One!” The black hair behind Xu Fengyu’s back fluttered in the wind. He was wearing a red robe to exude a fierce aura. His smile was full of fear, and his life was like a blade of grass that could be destroyed with a flick of a finger.

In the void, Xu Fengyu looked at the Seven Devil Halls’s Hall Master, who had exploded in an instant, and the corners of his mouth curled up again, revealing a demonic smile.

It was as if killing the other party with a snap of his fingers was no different from crushing an ant to him.

However, the forest was already in a sorry state because of the Seven Hall Master’s sudden explosion, and blood mist lingered in the air, condensed, and did not dissipate. It gradually drifted away with the wind.

The wind and clouds receded in the sky, and the Thunder disappeared.

Even the pitch-black spatial rift as thick as an arm slowly closed up and disappeared. The sky once again returned to its cloudless state.

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When the blood mist entered his body, Xu Fengyu burped as if he had just had a full the explosion of the light beam, the Seven Devil Halls’s Deputy Hall Master, who had their clothes torn by the flowing essence power, awkwardly raised their head and looked up at Xu Fengyu, who was standing high up in the air, with a shocked expression.

“It’s him?”

The Seven Devil Halls’s Deputy Hall Master says in surprise.

It was the first time the Deputy Hall Master of the Seven Devil Halls had seen Xu Fengyu, who was floating in the sky. However, he was very familiar with the pressure that Xu Fengyu was exuding.

“So it’s actually him!”

The Deputy Hall Master of the seven demons Hall lay on the ground in a daze. His long, narrow eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at Xu Fengyu, feeling lost.

The pressure he exudes was exactly the same as that of the mysterious man who tries to kill the Seven Devil Halls’s Deputy Hall Master but was stopped by Meng Ao, who eventually takes the Seven Devil Hall’s four symbols blood cauldron.

They were all from the same race, but there was no lack of infighting between them!

In other words, the mysterious person who injured the Seven Devil Hall’s Deputy Hall Master, caused the death of his parents, and ordered his subordinates to take the four symbols blood cauldrons away was this Realm Lord who killed the Seven Devil Hall’s Hall Master with a flick of his finger.

This result made the Deputy Hall Master of the Seven Devil Hall feel helpless.

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After all, the Seven Devil Hall’s Deputy Hall Master still had the thought of killing that Realm Lord to avenge his parents.

Now, it seemed that the difference between the two was not small.

“Argh! The feeling of being free again was great! It’s a pity that Meng Ao is already dead!” Xu Fengyu didn’t seem to notice the gaze of the Seven Devil Hall’s Deputy Hall Master. Instead, he stretched out his arms and said with an evil smile and a lazy expression on his face.

“Greetings to the Realm Lord!”

Zuo Qiuyi, who was hovering in the air not far away from Xu Fengyu, was so excited that he was on the verge of tears. He quickly knelt in the air and kowtowed.

“Disciple Zuo Qiuyi, congratulate the Realm Lord for escaping.”

“Eh? You’re Zuo Qiuyi?” Xu Fengyu glanced at Zuo Qiuyi and asked softly.

He seemed to have recalled something.

“Realm Lord, it’s this disciple.” Zuo Qiuyi kowtowed again and answered respectfully.

“Hmm… very well, Zuo Qiuyi, you’ve assisted me in descending to this world. I’ll definitely reward you well!” Xu Fengyu only glanced at Zuo Qiuyi and then looked away into the distance, laughing.

“Thank you, Realm Lord! It’s this disciple’s honor to be able to serve the Realm Lord, I don’t dare to have the slightest hope!” Zuo Qiuyi said respectfully while still kneeling in the void.

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Before Zuo Qiuyi could finish his sentence, the Seven Devil Hall’s great elder, who was flying over at high speed, stopped his attack in mid-air and landed behind Zuo Qiuyi with a turn of his body.

“Zuo Qiuyi, as the current Hall Master of the Nine Souls Hall and the Divine Yinyang Ghost General, how can you kneel so casually? Hurry up and get up!”

The Seven Devil Hall’s great elder frowned and a trace of disgust appeared on his face. He scolded Zuo Qiuyi and looked at Xu Fengyu at the same time.

“Don’t be rude! When you see the Realm Lord return, you should come over and greet him!” Instead, Zuo Qiuyi berated the Seven Devil Hall’s great elder.

“Hmph, do you think I’m as spineless as you?” the Seven Devil Hall’s great elder waves his long sleeve and says disdainfully.

“Oh? As soon as I came out, I met the people from the Seven Devil Hall, and now another tough guy had come. It’s been many years since someone dared to talk to me in this tone. Well, I’ve been suppressed for so many years, so I want to move my muscles and bones!”

After saying that, Xu Fengyu’s evil smile reappeared on his face. He didn’t seem to have made any movements, but his eyes were slightly focused.

A bloody hole appeared on the left side of the Seven Devil Hall’s great elder’s chest.

Fresh blood spurted out and instantly dyed the clothes in front of his chest red.

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