245 The Secret of the Heavenly King

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Xiongnu Tribe.

The heaven King knew that after Meng Ao died, he would quickly regain his power and was ready to make his final struggle.

Furthermore, He Chuan and Lia had given the heavenly King a chance.

“You bastard who killed your own father, I will avenge all the dead people of the Xiongnu Tribe!” Lia said from the moral high ground.

“Haha, you make it sound so grand. This King is right here. If you have the ability, come and take it!” The heavenly King laughed out loud.

It was all for that position. He was just a little more ruthless.

“Go to hell!”

Lia attacked instantly. The Water Autumn Sword had a huge power that shook the entire Xiongnu Tribe. It actually created a two-meter-wide, one-thousand-meter-wide, pitch-black ditch.

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Just the terrifying Gorge that spread for a thousand meters was enough to make one’s hair stand on end. Whoosh! The endless lake water gushed into the ditch, instantly forming a whirlpool, causing the water within a hundred miles to surge violently!

“Hmph! You escaped quite quickly! However, you still have to die!” the heavenly King emerged from the vortex and pounced toward Lia. He had also reached the saint cultivator realm, the same realm as Lia.

Lia dodged quickly, shifting her position at the critical moment and avoiding the attack.

Otherwise, death was certain. However, even if he managed to escape the first time, it would be difficult to escape the second time. The same technique might not be able to achieve the same effect if it was used repeatedly! This caused Lia to frown as she dodged quickly. Just now, the heavenly King had almost injured her, causing her speed to slow down even more, and she was temporarily unable to escape the pursuit of the heavenly Khan. Buzzzzzz!

The heaven King was as fast as lightning, its body twisting in the air as it closed in on Lia.

A terrifying true energy burst out, giving Lia strong pressure in the lake. Lia’s eyes turned cold as she changed direction and dodged to the side, trying to escape the pursuit of the heavenly King. However, she had underestimated Meng Ao’s speed. Just as He Chuan changed direction, the heavenly King’s body also changed direction and attacked He Chuan again. The longsword in his hand swung and instantly struck Lia’s body. Bang!

There was a muffled sound accompanied by the sound of bones breaking. He Chuan’s body once again shot backward like a meteor. “Pfft!” Bright red blood splattered in an arc in the lake as Lia smashed into the water.

The heavenly King narrowed his eyes and stared at Lia. Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was to tear Lia and He Chuan into pieces.

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These two had not only destroyed the Xiongnu Cavalry, but they had also deprived him of the chance to continue being the King. Seeing that the heavenly King was still about to attack Lia, he Chuan sent out a palm strike.

The heavenly King fell to the ground like a kite with a broken string.

“If you tell me anything about your cooperation with the gods, I can give you a quick death. Otherwise, I have hundreds of ways to torture you until you tell me everything!” He Chuan stood in front of the heavenly King, raised his right foot, and lightly stepped on his chest as he coldly spoke.

“Hahaha! You’re hilarious. Do you think this King will be afraid?” The heavenly King’s originally emotionless face suddenly revealed a smile at this moment, and it turned into a hearty laugh.

He Chuan suddenly furrowed his brows, and the coldness on his face became even more intense. His vital essence spread out, and his right foot, which was stepping on the chest of the seven demons Hall’s vice Hall Master, slightly exerted force. The smile on the heavenly King’s face froze, and he felt a sweetness in his throat as he spat out blood. He Chuan’s heavy kick made the seven demons Hall’s vice Hall Master feel like a mountain was pressing down on his chest, causing his chest to cave in. The already heavily injured body of the heavenly King’s became even more serious.

“Is it funny? I’m telling you, my patience is limited! I want to give you a dignified death. I’ll make you beg for death if you’re not willing.” He Chuan said coldly as he withdrew the demonic elemental energy on his right foot after seeing the heavenly King vomit blood. He didn’t have a hobby of torturing people.

If they were willing to cooperate, it would be a happy situation.

Although He Chuan really wants to execute the heavenly King on the spot, he’s even more interested in knowing how many secrets he knows about the gods. “The more detailed, the better!”

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“Do you want to know who sent me? You’ll know when you see this.” the heavenly King wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at He Chuan with a smile. His right hand touched his waist, and a purple waist token the size of a palm shot out.

He Chuan frowned and took the waist token. He carefully looked at the words on it! “The Sacred Soul Island?” He squinted his eyes and furrowed his brows as he asked in confusion.

“I became the King of the plains not only because of Meng Ao, but also because of their Palace Master. The power of the gods is beyond your imagination. If they were united, the entire world would be theirs.” The heavenly Khan reached his right hand into his waist again and took out a bronze fragment. “Where did this thing come from?” He Chuan looked at the words on it. The words “Jingzhou” were written on it. It should be from Jingzhou.

He was very curious as to how the heavenly King had found it.

“But it’s a pity it’ll soon turn into a fine powder!” The heaven Khan’s expression turned cold as he forcefully gathered his elemental energy and channeled it into his right hand, crushing down on the bronze fragment. Not many people knew about the secret of the bronze fragment, but He Chuan was sure that the heavenly King knew a lot.

After all, Meng Ao had personally searched for the bronze fragment. Through the soul-collecting technique, he knew that it was the map provided by the heavenly King. And what the heavenly King needed now was for He Chuan to temporarily let his guard down and focus all his attention on him.

“Small tricks!” He Chuan said in disdain.

And in He Chuan’s opinion, although the heavenly King was the murderer of Tongdun Chanyu, he was definitely not the mastermind of the whole incident.

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Therefore, he wanted to find the mastermind and exterminate him! Behind Meng Ao were the others.

After all, Meng Ao had personally gone to search for the bronze fragment. Through the soul collecting technique, he knew that it was the map provided by the heaven Khan. And what the heavenly Khan needed now was for he Chuan to temporarily let his guard down and focus all his attention on him. “Small tricks!” He Chuan said in disdain.

The moment the heavenly King clenched his fist, He Chuan immediately exerted force with his right foot on the chest of the seven demons Hall’s Deputy Hall Master, causing the heavenly King’s chest, which had just recovered, to cave in again.

Blood spurted out from the heavenly King’s mouth once again. His chest felt as heavy as a mountain, causing the vital essence that the Deputy Hall Master had just mustered to disappear completely. The hand that was holding the bronze fragment also fell down powerlessly.

After stopping the heavenly King’s attempt to destroy the bronze fragment, He Chuan did not hesitate. He reached out his right hand and snatched the bronze fragment. With the bronze fragment taken away, a smile suddenly appeared on the pale face of the heavenly King. A bright smile, a bright smile that showed that his evil plan had succeeded. He Chuan’s expression was still calm. He immediately controlled the heavenly King and called Lia over. Even if the heavenly King had a great scheme, it would be useless now.

Lia instantly pounced on the heavenly King’s back, the blade of her sword flashing with a cold light as she stabbed into heaven King’s back. She had to avenge her Father!

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