I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 999: 999

Chapter 999: Chapter 998: run for your lives

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The hippo was still roaring. He ordered the soldiers to continue attacking. They could not stop there.

The soldiers could only jump off the military vehicles and spread out with the rpgs.

After jumping off the military vehicles, the rpgs were much less of a threat to them.

The range of control of the scattered soldiers was larger, and the targets were small. The recruits carrying the rpgs did not dare to show themselves.

The surroundings were in all directions. The infantrymen climbed onto the roofs, poked out of the corners of the walls, and began to shoot at the enemies on the surrounding roofs with Akka and rpgs.

Their actual effect was not worse than that of the war chariots, but their advancing speed was slightly faster.

Following that was a street battle. Both sides were desperately spraying ammunition, trying to suppress the other side.

A few of the surrounding dormitory buildings were quickly blown down. The soldiers ran into the ruins to continue fighting.

At this time, the war chariots could only be used as pure firepower support. At the same time, they had to act as fixed targets to provoke the enemy’s concentrated fire.

The more thoroughly the surrounding dormitories were destroyed, the more military chariots were exposed to the muzzle of the guns. The advantage of the assault chariots was completely lost in the military camp.

As the vehicles suffered a lot of damage, the light in the military camp gradually dimmed.

In order to avoid being beaten, many military vehicles also took the initiative to turn off their headlights, trying to hide in the chaotic battlefield.

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The surprise attack turned into a night attack, and it was a street battle, which made it more difficult for the hippo to advance.

In the chaotic battlefield, the Hippo Army was no match for the mercenaries.

They did not carry much ammunition, unlike the mercenaries hiding in the military camp, who could resupply at any time from the rear.

Their military strength was not much more than the mercenaries. After the convoy suffered a series of sneak attacks, there were only about 100 to 200 soldiers left.

The mercenaries were supported by General Abu ‘s new recruits. From time to time, they fired a few free rpgs, which made the army of the Hippo even more miserable.

Ivan had already retreated from the battlefield with the tanks, leaving the mercenaries and the enemy to shoot at each other in the pitch-black battlefield.

The armored vehicles blocking the road were destroyed one after another. Less than ten armored vehicles had safely retreated to the rear.

The Great Hippo suddenly realized that not only was it unable to penetrate the barracks, it was even forced to retreat. It was about to be surrounded.

“General, the enemy’s strength is too strong. We should retreat immediately.

At this time, Eddie finally retreated to the outside of the barracks and saw the Great Hippo.

The Big Hippo had completely lost its temper. It looked at Eddie silently and said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to capture Abu Alive? Why did you come back?”

Eddie said helplessly, “Even the convoy couldn’t break through. I couldn’t do anything to Abu’s defense line.

“Didn ‘t you say that there were no ambushes in the barracks? Where did these enemies come from?”

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“These are all infantrymen, they have always lived in the barracks… “Eddie smiled bitterly, “I just didn’t expect them to prepare so many weapons and ammunition. If only we had artillery, or before we attack, we could use tanks to bombard the barracks for ten minutes…

“No more tanks. ” “No More?”

“The tanks are at the rear.

Eddie was confused. He had no idea how terrifying the hippo had encountered.

He looked at the rear of the team. There were many military vehicles in the distance. They seemed to be enemies.

There were many infantrymen lying on the rocks and hard ground nearby, shooting at the rear. They seemed to be in a stalemate with the enemy. Eddie asked in puzzlement, “Where are the enemies at the rear?”

The big hippopotamus sighed. “I don ‘t know either… Let’s not talk about this. We have to think of a way to break out of the encirclement. Can we still go around the barracks?”

Eddie pondered for a moment. “Yes, from the direction of the office building, we can go around the outside of the barracks. We can walk straight to Khanima City.”

The big hippopotamus sighed, then picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “Everyone, pay attention. Stop the attack… Defend on the spot.”

“Defend? “Eddie didn’t quite understand.

Big Hippopotamus said with a bitter face, “If we don’t let them defend, how can we run away with them? They don ‘t even have cars… we have to leave some people behind to attract the enemy’s firepower. ”

Eddie was instantly speechless. There were only a dozen armored vehicles and military vehicles outside the military camp, and they couldn’t carry a few people at all.

He glanced at the elite veterans under his command. These people basically couldn’t get into the vehicles. They had been abandoned.

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They either ran back with the vehicles, or broke up here and ran for their lives.

This was simply too ridiculous.

The Big Hippo couldn’t care less about Eddy’s thoughts. He boarded his armored vehicle and finally greeted Eddy. “Do you want to get in My Car?”

Eddie shook his head blankly. “I’ll find another military vehicle…

“Alright, you follow the team yourself. ”

Big Hippopotamus nodded and then closed the door.

The military officer next to him immediately shouted. The few remaining vehicles and armored vehicles hurriedly started up. The surrounding guards and soldiers hurriedly squeezed into the vehicles.

The Great Escape began, and everyone became chaotic.

With Eddie’s qualifications and status, it was no problem for him to squeeze into a military vehicle, but he suddenly did not want to run.

The main reason was not that he was reluctant to abandon his old subordinates, but that he felt that the chance of escaping was not great.

The enemy had already laid so many traps, could it be that they still did not have any means to prevent them from escaping?

Rather than breaking through the encirclement with the large army, it was better to bring the remaining twenty or so old subordinates around him and sneak into the mountains.

Behind the military camp was the planting area and the mountains. The vegetation there was lush, and it was easy to hide light infantrymen like them.

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Of course, it would take some time to run there. The nearest bush was about a kilometer away from them.

After that, they would have to pass through the sorghum fields before they had a chance to enter the mountain forest.

However, it was night now, and most of the areas were dark. Eddie felt that his team only had about 20 people, so they could basically remain silent and have a

chance to pass through the gaps in the encirclement.

At least, it was much safer than the way the Big Hippo drove its armored vehicles to escape.

The Big Hippo’s fleet had already left quickly, and they didn’t even turn on their headlights.

Eddie’s subordinates were a little flustered. They hurriedly surrounded Eddie.

“Boss, what are we going to do? is big hippopotamus running for his life?”

“Don’t Panic… ”

Eddie consoled his subordinates. Just as he was about to tell them his new escape plan, the walkie-talkie on his waist suddenly spoke.

“Hey! Big Hippopotamus, are you running for your life? F * Ck you… This is too disloyal! ”

Eddie was slightly stunned. He felt that this voice was a little familiar.

That’s right, he suddenly remembered that this was the voice of that eastern merchant Yu Tian..

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