I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 998: 998

Chapter 998: Chapter 997, first strike first

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However, more armored vehicles were designed for combat, and they were designed for different conditions and different combat modes.

Each country had its own design scheme, and their specialties and directions were also different. They even involved some special combat methods, such as electromagnetic pulse sonic weapons.

In short, the means of war were unpredictable. There were many tricks to play a small strategy game on the computer, not to mention the real battlefield, where all kinds of strange weapons were hard to guard against.

However, the topic changed again. In this godforsaken place, there really weren’t that many complicated methods.

The Pirates ‘combat methods were usually more simple and crude.

They basically did not consider air defense, and they basically did not use radar, much less those strange methods.

They only needed machine guns and cannons.

For the Great Hippo, an armored vehicle that could be called an infantry vehicle had to have sufficient lethality.

Simply put, it had to be able to turn the other party into a sieve and explode into minced meat.

Therefore, the Great Hippo’s armored vehicles focused on developing firepower.

The few armored vehicles that opened up a path in the direction of the garage all had cannons on them, and they were all powerful large-caliber cannons.

The power of these cannons would not be a problem for the mainstream tanks of some modern countries, much less the old-fashioned tanks.

These armored vehicles belonged to the high-attack, low-defense type. They were usually used to cooperate in battle and provide firepower support.

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However, when placed in Happy Valley, the Big Hippo used them as its main force.

Their defense could withstand a single anti-tank weapon. The things in the hands of the infantrymen could hardly cause real damage to them.

Together with machine guns, they were basically invincible in Happy Valley.

Together with a cannon that could blow up mainstream tanks, there was basically no need to be afraid of anyone.

Under such circumstances, the difference between an armored vehicle and a tank was actually not that big.

The so-called caliber was the truth. It was not impossible for an armored vehicle to go head -to-head with a tank as long as the caliber of the cannon was sufficient.

When both sides met, it would be a cannon against a cannon, and the armor would be ignored.

The armor was indeed stronger than the tank, but the cannons were similar to each other, so everyone was on the same level.

This logic had to be explained by two people cutting each other with blades.

Everyone had watermelon knives in their hands. The brand might be different, and the length might be a little different, but with the blades, they could kill people.

Under these conditions, one person wore a vest, and the other person… wore three vests.

Once the fight started, it was hard to say who would die first.

Hence, when the large hippopotamus armored vehicle met Abu’s tank, it was in such a state.

In any case, everyone would die with one shot, so it was up to who would make

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the first move.

As soon as the three medium-sized tanks appeared, the large hippopotamus armored vehicle immediately began to turn its cannon, preparing to greet them.

The aim of the mechanical turret was more troublesome than that of the RPG, and it took more time.

Fortunately, the distance between the two sides was very close. They basically only needed to turn the muzzle of the turret to shoot horizontally.

However, the tank side was waiting for their work. Almost as soon as they appeared, they aimed at the armored vehicles, just like how the armored vehicles took the initiative to approach the muzzle of the turret.

The first few armored vehicles that were targeted suddenly panicked. The driver was quick-witted. He stepped on the accelerator and changed direction to rush to the side.

The turret’s turning speed was not fast. The long-distance target was slightly better. If the short-distance target moved quickly, it would be difficult for the muzzle to keep up.

Therefore, in an emergency situation, running away was a good way to avoid it.

However, the three medium-sized tanks were not in a hurry. They slowly turned the front of the vehicles and then opened fire.

Three flashes of fire passed, and the three armored vehicles were shot at the same time. No one fell.

Two armored vehicles were completely destroyed, and one of them lost half of its butt.

It was not strange to hit the target, but to hit the target so quickly was a test of skill.

The hippo holding the binoculars was stunned. Even Yu Tian, who was watching the video, could not help but praise, “Who are these three gunners?

They are not recruits, right?”

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General Caro smiled and said, “Of course not… Those are the three instructors, that is… Ivan, Ivan, and Ivan.”

“So it’s them…”

Yu Tian immediately thought of these three old Russians.

The three Ivan came with these tanks, and they were also the people who were most familiar with these tanks.

They came to this kind of battlefield, and it was equivalent to bullying these motherf * cker’s people.

They would definitely have no problem in a one-on-one fight, even if they were to gang up on those armored vehicles.

After destroying the target, the three tanks quickly retreated and disappeared into the corner of the wall again, not even stopping for a moment.

This made the armored vehicles that had not had time to aim and fire the cannons anxious. They immediately bypassed the burning wreckage in front of them and chased forward.

They knew that changing the shells would take time. Now that the distance between the two sides was not necessary, they had a chance to catch up and pick up the scraps.

The three tanks only reached the end of the row of dormitories. The armored vehicles could be seen after a turn.

This was a good opportunity to attack and also break through the enemy’s defense line.

The military vehicles immediately followed behind the armored vehicles and prepared to provide fire support.

They had machine guns and rpgs. Even if the armored vehicles failed, they still had a chance to finish them off.

The convoy was filled with killing intent.

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However, when they reached the intersection, they were immediately dumbfounded.

There weren ‘t only a few tanks behind the houses. What awaited them were the heavy tanks that were waiting for them, as well as the rpgs that were guarding the mercenary group.

As soon as they reached the intersection, they were hit hard.

The heavy tanks fired directly, killing the armored vehicles that had rushed to the intersection.

The rest of the military vehicles and armored vehicles were still rushing to the intersection. They thought that they still had a chance to counterattack.

However, as soon as they entered the intersection, they were immediately covered by the densely packed rpgs.

The military vehicles behind hurriedly braked. They were not fools, and could not possibly approach the dense mass of rpgs.

After a chaotic barrage of artillery and rpgs, the various intersections were once again paralyzed with debris.

The convoy’s charge came to a halt once again.

No one dared to approach the intersection in front of them. They were all frightened by this kind of violent firepower.

They had fought for so many years, and the number of rpgs they had eaten today was more than all the rpgs they had eaten before.

Moreover, the passageway in front of them was completely blocked. They had no chance to charge, so they could only let the cars at the back slowly move back to give everyone a space to move.

However, Yu Tian’s army did not give them a chance to breathe. The recruits carrying the rpgs took the opportunity to pop out and fire rockets into the convoy.

The immobile vehicles were packed into a tight huddle, making them perfect stationary targets.

The damage was terrible..

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