I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 997: 997

Chapter 997: Chapter 996, fighting tanks

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A small mercenary group was usually similar to a small assault team. Most of them were light infantrymen, and their fiercest firepower was usually machine guns and some explosive means.

When it came to medium-sized mercenary groups, they had to pay attention to the coordination of their troops. Otherwise, just the increase in numbers would not increase their combat strength by much.

They would start to consider some heavy weapons, various artillery attacks, and the like. If they had money, they could even get some tanks and helicopters.

When it came to large mercenary groups, it was almost the same as an army.

The quality of a soldier might not be as high as a small mercenary group, but with the overall coordination, it was not something a small military force could handle.

Large mercenary groups generally accepted official employment and fought for certain countries.

This kind of power was a little terrifying. Basically, it was invincible.

Eddie didn’t think that Abu would be able to get a large mercenary group. Even if he had that much money, he still needed to consider the international influence.

If a large external force was involved in the war, the military powers that were eyeing the war would definitely get involved.

Therefore, Eddie felt that the enemy should be a medium-sized mercenary group. The mortar was one of their specialties.

Of course, these mortars could also be a newly established force under Abu, but the possibility was not high.

This was because the Pirates of Damadi generally did not have the interest to study those complicated weapons, nor did they have the patience to study those complicated tactics, nor did they have the interest to study the cooperation of multiple forces.

They liked tanks and armored vehicles charging forward, then machine guns shooting wildly, and rpgs shooting randomly. It was much more refreshing.

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As for mortars, they still needed to calculate the firing data. The Pirates of Damadi didn’t like them at all.

If they handed the mortars to them, they might hit the shells above their heads and fall off. They might even accidentally blow up the shells.

According to the habits of Damadi, Eddie felt that there was a ninety percent chance that these mortars were operated by mercenaries. The opposite side was a professional medium-sized mercenary group.

Such mercenary groups were generally well-equipped. It was impossible for them to only have snipers and mortars.

They definitely had more complicated and insidious tactics.

Eddie’s team would not be able to get a good result if they went up.

He thought about it for a long time and felt that he should retreat.

Being a soldier was just a means of livelihood for him, just like being a pirate.

Who else could lose their life just to go to work?

Eddie did not hesitate to lead the team back.

His old pirates immediately followed. “Boss, where are we going? Are we retreating? Aren ‘t we going to catch Abu?”

“Catch Abu? With what? Haven’t those snipers made you suffer enough?”

Eddie glared at his subordinate angrily. “If you want to go back and die, I

Won ‘t Stop You.”

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His subordinate immediately shut up and obediently followed behind him, walking with his head lowered.

These soldiers were actually quite confident before. They even thought that as long as they worked hard, they would have a chance to charge into that office building.

But now, they had already realized their situation. The enemy’s strength was much stronger than they had imagined.

They had already fallen into a desperate situation and had no chance to escape from the barracks.

It was just that the enemy had not seriously launched an attack on them.

Later, when their own army’s convoy charged into the barracks, they took the opportunity to escape from the encirclement of the enemy.

But the convoy was unlucky and took countless shells in their place.

Thinking back, Eddie and his team suddenly realized that they were just bait.

If it wasn’t to let the hippo lower its guard, the enemy would have blown them into pieces with a huge number of shells.

Thinking of this, everyone was dejected.

A soldier reminded Eddie, “Boss, shouldn’t we report to General Ahmed? We should give up on attacking this camp and stop thinking about catching that Fat Pig Abu…”

“Uh, yes, we should report to the general. I want to persuade him…”

Eddie was a little absent-minded. He touched his phone in his pocket and took out his walkie-talkie. He was thinking of how to report to the Big Hippo..

The Big Hippo’s voice suddenly sounded on the walkie-talkie again. “Attack, Attack! All of you, charge forward! We have to open up the Middle

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The Great Hippo couldn’t care less about the situation at the office building. His main target was the garage in the center of the military camp.

He had to break through the military camp and leave a way out for himself.

So he had to take down the garage and take down the tanks hidden in the garage.

According to the information he had previously obtained, the Great Hippo knew that Abu had a total of six tanks.

Three T series heavy 10 tanks and three medium 55 tanks.

Of course, this matter was uncertain now.

Just now, just as he was about to launch an attack, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles suddenly attacked him.

The enemy’s tanks were definitely much more than his.

No matter whose army this was, the hippo knew that they were here to help Abu.

Therefore, big hippopotamus was not sure how many tanks Abu had.

But the results were soon revealed.

When the attacking fleet approached the garage, Yu Tian’s tanks finally showed up.

The three 55 medium-sized tanks showed up. They emerged from the corner of the road ahead and appeared at the intersection leading to the garage.

The Big Hippo led the way with a few armored vehicles. They were armored vehicles that were still intact after the baptism of the RPG welcome ceremony.

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Their armor was not weak and could withstand the attacks of old-fashioned anti – tank weapons.

However, when they saw a few tanks suddenly appear from the corner in front, they immediately became nervous.

Tanks versus armored vehicles. This was a bullying thing to begin with.

Although the tank itself was also considered a type of armored vehicle, it was just that its skin was thicker, its body was sturdier, and its weight was heavier..

But this was bullying. Most people felt this way.

Could an armored vehicle defeat a tank?

Of course it could. To use a slogan, anything was possible.

The anti-tank weapons of the infantrymen could kill a tank, so the armored vehicle naturally would not be weaker than the infantrymen.

War was not a game of poker. Victory and defeat could not be decided just by the size of the cards.

The tanks might not necessarily be able to eat the armored vehicles, and the pawns crossing the river might also be able to eat the grand marshal.

There were many types of armored vehicles in the hands of the Big Hippo.

For example, the armored personnel carriers. The main function of these armored vehicles was to transport soldiers. Basically, they only carried machine guns.

Their combat strength was mediocre. They could bully the little infantrymen born from stepmothers, but they could not do anything about the tanks..


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