I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1013: 1013

Chapter 1013: Chapter 1012 officially entered

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“I will definitely do my duty and contribute my strength to Mr. Yu, General Abu, and the development of the land of Moniza. ”

Eddie was the first to express his stance. While the others were still in a daze, he shouted out these mushy slogans.

Since they had already surrendered, there was no need to put on airs.

Eddie was very clear about his situation. If he were to follow his new boss, he would definitely have a much better life than if he were to run away and become a pirate.

It was not only because he no longer had the strength to become a pirate, but it was also because the pirate industry had already lost its future.

Controlling a city and region and controlling a legitimate state power was a matter with a bright future.

If someone, for the sake of a moment of pleasure, abandoned his hard-earned official identity and went back to being a pirate, his future would basically be ruined.

This was the thought of some people who understood.

There were also some pirate leaders. Although they didn’t have such a long-term vision, they knew very well what they were capable of.

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They knew that their power was very weak. Even if they were independent, it would be difficult for them to have a chance to develop and grow.

When the hippo ruled the land of Maniza, they could no longer survive. Now that the future of the pirate industry was getting dimmer, it was even more impossible for them to go back to being pirates.

Therefore, the small pirate leaders in the South Camp immediately followed Eddie and shouted, “Firmly support the rule of general Abu. The land of

Maniza will definitely grow more prosperous in the hands of General Abu…

There were also some smart pirate leaders who also called Yu Tian’s name, indicating that they would definitely obey and support Yu Tian ‘s management.

Anyone with a bit of brains could see that general Abu’s current situation was only possible because of Yu Tian’s support. Yu Tian was the real boss behind the scenes.

After the young pirate leader of the South Camp shouted the slogan, mohammed of the North Camp also immediately expressed his stance, “I am a soldier now. A soldier’s duty is to obey orders. No matter who is our new leader, I will faithfully carry out the orders. ”

Next, it was Alabu’s turn. The south camp had already “Sworn” , leaving him as the leader of the North Camp.

Yu Tian’s words were very clear. He did not care about these small leaders at all, nor did he care about the hundreds of soldiers in Alabu’s hands.

Even if it was Romeo who ran away, Yu Tian did not pursue his interest.

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Allab’s mind was in a mess now. He had many other ideas, but now everyone in the meeting room had suddenly declared their allegiance to Yu Tian and allab, he had no room to think at all.

So he immediately stood at attention, he said loudly, “From now on, Boss Yu and General Ab are my bosses. I, allab, AM determined to follow the leadership of Boss Yu and General Ab. “If they want me to go east, I will definitely not go west. “If they want me to drive the dogs, I will definitely not drive the chickens. “If they want me to go south, I will definitely not go north. “If they want me to bare my teeth, I will definitely not grin…

As he said that, Abu opened his mouth proudly, revealing a mouth full of big white teeth.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was very harmonious. On the surface, everyone completely fell for general Abu. The Big Hippo’s face was full of regret and helplessness.

He was still sitting at the scene, but these people did not care about his face at all.

Yesterday, these people were all his loyal subordinates, but now they immediately became Abu’s loyal fans. This made him feel uncomfortable.

However, the world was a winner-take-all world. The Big Hippo did not have the right to be unwilling.

In this meeting, Yu Tiandao wanted to see the attitude of the troops under the Big Hippo.

He didn’t care whether these people wanted to surrender or resist. In any case, this kind of random troops didn’t have much value. Even if he randomly recruited a few pirates, they wouldn ‘t be any worse than them.

The most important thing was the traditional view of an easterner. He wouldn’t doubt the people he used, but he wouldn’t use the people he suspected.

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If he felt that these pirate leaders had problems, or even that there was a possibility of a backlash, Yu Tian would throw them far away and throw them into a remote corner, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Or, he might as well simply and resolutely destroy them.

If he felt that these pirate leaders were still useful, Yu Tian could rest assured and reorganize them into his own army, increasing their strength in case of a

need in the future.

On the first day of meeting, he couldn’t see anything too profound, but Yu Tian’s overall impression of these young pirate leaders was quite good.

These people did not have much of a sense of loyalty. In any case, if they had milk, they would be mothers. Whoever was stronger and gave more benefits, they would follow.

Even Eddie, who had lost more than a hundred soldiers at Yu Tian’s hands, did not seem to have any resentment.

This situation was the same as the Pirates of Faraday.

Perhaps it was because the bloody battles of the pirates were too common, and they generally did not have any animosity toward the enemies on the battlefield.

However, for the civilians in Maniza, this matter of changing rulers was a topic worth talking about.

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The first meeting ended smoothly, and Abu’s army began to officially move into the southern army camp in Maniza.

Maniza was many times more prosperous than Kanimar, and Abu’s soldiers and generals were happy to move their entire families to Maniza.

So, what Yu Tian needed to do now was to expand the military camp in Maniza and also do some real estate business in Maniza.

The military camp was easy to deal with. The two military camps that big hippopotamus had were enough. They could easily accommodate 50 to 60 thousand troops.

The slightly problematic thing was that Yu Tian planned to expand more armored troops in the future.

Both the north and south camps had garages. The North Camp’s garages were mainly used to store those cheap military vehicles, while the south camp’s garages were mainly used to store the tanks and armored vehicles in the hands of the Big Hippo.

The South Camp’s garages were not very big, but after moving out those worthless military vehicles, it was not a problem to store 200 to 300 tanks and armored vehicles.

The extra military vehicles could not all be piled up in the north camp, so they had to continue expanding on the base of the original camp.

The expansion of the south camp was more convenient than the north camp, because the south camp was surrounded by Gobi Wilderness. The further south they went, the more empty it became, and all of it was worthless land.

The north camp was different. The further north they went, the more beautiful the mountains and water were, and all of it was filled with oases and farmland.

Plants were a very precious resource in Damadi. Of course, Yu Tian would not flatten those oases and use them to build a military camp.

Hence, his main force in the future would be placed on the south camp. In addition, Manizadi was a port city. Yu Tian felt that he could consider organizing a naval force with a certain degree of deterrence here..

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