I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1012: 1012

Chapter 1012: Chapter 1,011, throwing money at you

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Yu Tian never expected these people to have any discipline. In their eyes, a meeting was just like a banquet.

The only difference was that there was wine at the banquet and no wine in the meeting room. One could brag freely at the banquet, but one could not speak casually in the meeting room.

After all, a meeting was more serious.

Muhammad and Abu did not dare to neglect this occasion. They obediently ran to the back to find a seat.

Eddie walked to Abu’s side in a serious manner. He gave a standing salute and then began to report on his work.

This was a very smart move. It fully expressed the attitude that he should have as a subordinate.

In fact, Eddie’s status had always been higher than Abu’s, because Eddie had the backing of the Big Hippo, and he was highly valued by the big hippo.

Eddie first became a pirate under the Big Hippo, and still used the pirate way to make money for the Big Hippo.

Later on, the pirate industry became more and more depressed, and Eddie began to go ashore to help the Big Hippo take care of other things.

After not being a pirate, big hippopotamus handed over the assignments to Eddie because Eddie was very familiar with the surrounding pirates.

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Therefore, when Eddie ran to the territory of the small warlords, everyone would give him some extra face.

Eddie and Abu were relatively familiar with each other. Abu had always been very polite to Eddie.

This was because Abu hoped to influence big hippopotamus’strategic plan by befriending the generals under big hippopotamus, so that big hippopotamus would not have any ideas about kandama.

This feeling was similar to how Wu Sangui gave Lord Wei a heavy gift and made him speak a few good words in front of the little emperor.

However, now that the feng Shui had suddenly changed, the Pingxi King had suddenly overthrown the Qing dynasty, and the Emperor had announced his surrender. Lord Wei’s balls started to hurt.

Lord Wei had his own personal feelings of love, hate, and hatred, but Eddie did not have so many personal preferences.

Eddie was relieved of the psychological burden and easily integrated into his new role. He was now Abu’s subordinate.

His positioning was very skillful. It seemed like he was reporting to Abu, but he was standing behind Abu’s side.

He was facing Yu Tian ‘s position.

Obviously, he knew that Yu Tian was the mastermind behind this powerful force and was the real mastermind behind everything.

As for the Big Hippo, he only needed to maintain a polite attitude. Things like reporting work had nothing to do with the Big Hippo.

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Yu Tian was very satisfied with his attitude. He liked people who were more clear-headed.

Eddie clearly knew who his boss was. On the surface, he was standing behind Abu, but in fact, he was reporting work to Yu Tian.

As for the content of the report, Yu Tian did not care.

A pirate leader ran away from the north camp, and he even took away hundreds of small pirates. was this a very serious matter?

After listening to Eddie’s simple report, Yu Tian laughed happily. “Alright

Eddie, find a seat and sit down. We are ready for the meeting.

Eddie appeared to blame himself. Although he was not responsible for what happened in the North Camp, as an outstanding subordinate, he naturally had to bravely shoulder the responsibility.

“I’m sorry, Boss. I didn’t expect Romeo to run away… if I had known earlier, I would have informed General Mohammed and asked him to stop Romeo at all costs.

“No, no, no. This has nothing to do with you. ”

Yu Tian said cheerfully, “I don’t care about these troops, whether it’s your north camp or the south camp… if any of you don ‘t want to work anymore, just run away.”. Or just tell me frankly, and I can let you take your brothers and leave freely.”

These words immediately attracted the attention of the others in the meeting room. In just a split second, the pirate leaders in the meeting room quieted down.

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Yu Tian turned to the others in the meeting room and said, “These words are still valid now. If any of you feel that surrendering to Abu is an intolerable thing, I can still give you a chance now. Take your own soldiers, your weapons, equipment, and property and leave the Maniza Land Now.

The pirates were instantly stunned. They did not understand the meaning of Yu Tian’s words, nor did they know how sincere Yu Tian’s words were.

At this time, of course, no one would just leave with a flick of their sleeves.

Although Yu Tian sounded nice on the surface, who knew if he would be dragged out by the guards and shot to death the moment he stepped out of the meeting room’s door.

Outside the conference room were general Abu’s guards and soldiers, while inside the conference room were the Big Guy and Cass’s mouse squad.

These people had brought their weapons, but the guards were all clearly Akka, while the mouse squad had concealed their pistols.

Whoever dared to cause trouble here would definitely not have a good ending.

Yu Tian saw that everyone remained silent, he continued to laugh, “Don’t worry, Pm telling the truth. If any of you don’t want to work under General Abu, you can leave now. Take your soldiers and equipment, a few hundred people, or a few thousand people…”

“I don’t care about the army you have, whether it’s a few hundred people or a few thousand people, no matter what kind of weapons and equipment you have.

“You don’t have anything to rely on. The army and power that you have are nothing in my eyes.

“In a place like this, as long as I have money, will I still lack soldiers? Will I still lack weapons? I can take out a large number of weapons and equipment at any time. I can arm a few armored forces and turn the armored forces that you used to be proud of into scrap metal.”

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“You know what? I can crush you with money. ”

“So, I sincerely hope that you can get lost quickly. If you don’t intend to stay and serve me well, it’s better for you to get lost as soon as possible. ”

“If you want to stay and make a living in maniza, then you have to obediently follow my orders and help me build Maniza into a more stable and prosperous city.

Yu Tian’s words came to an end temporarily, and the pirate leaders present felt a little uncomfortable.

It was true that there was nothing to be proud of and rely on in such a poor place.

Don’t think that just because the beautiful country had a failed military operation in maniza, it meant that the combat strength of Maniza was strong.

After all, it was just a small team, just a case of the failure of the special forces.

This did not mean that the military strength of the People’s Republic of China was strong, nor did it mean that the world powers could not do anything to the People’s Republic of China.

As long as he was willing to spend money and used the right method, Yu Tian was completely capable of sweeping through the People’s Republic of China.

These warlords and pirates were nothing but a joke in front of Yu Tian..

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