I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1011: 1011

Chapter 1011: Chapter 1,010, the meeting

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Muhammad did not think that Abu had defeated the big hippo with his own strength. He felt that there must be more to this surrender.

Eddie sighed and patted Muhammad on the shoulder. “Come with me to the south camp. You will understand when we get there.”

Abu widened his eyes and asked, “What are we going to the South Camp For?”

Eddie said, “The new boss is waiting for you at the South Camp. We all have to go to the south camp for a meeting.

Alabu said unhappily, “Why don’t you come to our North Camp for a meeting? Is it because our office building is too dilapidated?”

Eddie shrugged. “How would I know? Anyway, there has to be a place for a meeting. It’s either the south camp or the north camp. “Maybe the new boss feels that the South Camp is closer. After all, we came from the south. The moment we arrived at the South Camp…”

“I think general Abu should come to our north camp for a meeting, because I definitely have more good wine here than in the south camp, “said allab Eddie shrugged. “The new boss is not interested in good wine. ”

“Impossible, I know Abu is a big drunkard…

Allab was very unconvinced.

Muhammad frowned. “The new boss you’re talking about… isn ‘t it Abu?”

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Eddie was silent for a while, then said, “It’s Abu, but… There’s another boss behind General Abu.

“Oh, who is this boss?”

“An oriental businessman… maybe a very rich businessman. ”

Eddie sighed. He couldn’t figure out Yu Tian’s background.

Muhammad tidied up his military uniform. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

(‘There’s no rush. All the mid-level officers under you have to go together. This is a meeting of all the officers.

(‘Then bring them along.

Without any hesitation, Muhammad beckoned to his officers and then went on his own off-road.

Allab was stunned for a while and mumbled, “What meeting of mid-level officers? I don’t have any mid-level officers under me… You Two, come with me to make up the numbers.”

Eddie frowned but didn’t say anything.

Allab naturally had a few capable assistants under him. They could be considered mid-level leaders among the pirates, and they were also the tentacles that allab controlled the hundreds of pirates.

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A general’s control of the army was like extending two arms, and then there were palms on the arms and fingers on the palms. Through this layer of control, one could grasp the bottom level more accurately.

In order to restrict the rights of his subordinates, he even had to play such cross-level control tricks.

Yu Tian had these middle-level officers participate in the meeting. Of course, he wanted to bypass the leader, Abu, and directly contact his middle-level officers. Then, he would find a force that was easy to control and sincerely rely on among these middle-level officers.

If the pirate leaders under Abu were obedient to Yu Tian, then even if Abu had any other intentions, it would be difficult for him to stir up a storm.

Abu seemed to be crude and brainless, but he still had his own little thoughts.

He casually brought two small leaders to a meeting, but he left his middle-level cadres in the military camp and let them continue to control the army.

Eddie couldn’t help but shake his head secretly. What was the use of such little thoughts.

There were only a few hundred people under Abu. Could it be that they could rebel?

Maybe Yu Tian didn’t care about him at all. He was the only one who treated himself like a piece of meat.

Eddie didn’t say much. After everyone got into their own cars, he started to bring these people to the south camp.

Soon, everyone arrived at the South Camp.

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The convoy drove into the military camp and stopped near the office building.

Muhammad finally saw the armored forces parked outside the south camp. Those tanks and armored vehicles of the same model shocked him.

Because of the previous battle, Yu Tian’s armored troops also suffered some losses. However, they had an absolute advantage in the battlefield, so the losses were not too much. There were still nearly a hundred tanks and armored vehicles.

The armored troops before the great hippo were not only less than half of Yu Tian’s, but their vehicle models were also mixed.

Because his tanks were not purchased at the same time, every time he had some money, he would go to those arms dealers to find a few cheap ones. Just like that, he pieced them together and slowly expanded the armored troops to a certain scale.

The tank models that he purchased were different from each batch. The entire armored troops were like the Allied forces of all countries, with equipment from all countries.

Moreover, the ones he bought were all cheap goods, mostly second-hand or even third-hand. There were also things that were discarded by some small countries, which were also used by those arms dealers.

His armored force was naturally incomparable to Yu Tian’s.

Yu Tian’s armored force was all directly pulled from the Russian ‘s arsenal by the Donglong Company. There were only a few types of models in total, and all types of configurations were reasonable and complete. At a glance, it was obvious that they were much more formal than the large hippopotamus.

Moreover, the tanks in Yu Tian’s hands were basically very new, unlike the second-hand discarded goods in the hands of the Big Hippo. They looked even more ferocious.

After getting off the car, everyone gathered together.

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Muhammad could not help but sigh. “Did Abu… Meet the god of wealth?”

ABU’s expression was also complicated, but he soon beamed and said, “Is the new boss so rich? Then are we going to live a good life in the future?”

“That will depend on your performance. ”

Eddie gave Alabu a meaningful look and said, “Let’s go into the meeting room. The boss has been waiting for us for a long time. ”

The meeting room was already filled with people. The leaders of the dozens of small forces in the South Camp had already taken their seats in the meeting room, waiting for Eddie and the group of people from the north camp to enter.

Originally, this kind of meeting should have been a rostrum in the front, with hundreds of chairs placed below, arranged in the style of a large meeting hall.

However, the meeting room in the south camp was not big, and there was a large long table in the middle that took up a lot of space. Therefore, everyone could only sit around the two sides of the long table, and then squeeze into the walls on both sides.

This way, only a few people could squeeze into the table, and more people could only sit at the back, or even lean against the wall.

Fortunately, the pirates on this side did not care much about the etiquette of the seating arrangement. Other than the boss and the important people sitting at the front of the main seat, there was no difference between the priority and the inferiority of the others.

The boss was, of course, Abu, sitting at the main seat.

On his left and right were Yu Tian and the Big Hippo, and the seats further down were very casual.

Those pirate leaders who were eager to curry favor took the seats around them and sat around them and behind them.

Although everyone was trying their best to keep quiet and the speaker was trying his best to keep his voice down, the meeting room was still filled with buzzing noise, just like the elementary school classroom in the eastern country..

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