I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1010: 1010

Chapter 1010: Chapter 1009 surrendered

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Eddie was a good candidate to train, if he could serve Yu Tian wholeheartedly.

He didn’t have much influence, but he had some fame and prestige in the Hippo Army. Such a general was the easiest to control and use.

Yu Tian planned to let him take over a part of the North Camp Army in the future.

Although Eddie was not good at commanding the army, he was at most a low-level officer. He only had the ability to command a small team on the spot.

However, it did not matter in a place like Damadi. Everyone’s standards were about the same. Even a pirate leader could be used.

Before Yu Tian sent Eddie out, he gave him some hints that the high-level officers of the north camp would be replaced. Then, he would place some middle-level officers under Abu and accept Eddie’s command.

The prerequisite was that Eddie would do his best to work for Yu Tian.

When Eddie left the office building, more than a dozen of his old subordinates were already waiting for him outside.

Those old subordinates did not become the prisoners of war that were being controlled in the barracks. Naturally, they were a little proud.

Someone said to Eddie, “Boss, it seems that our treatment of surrendering is not bad. ”

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Another person said, “Of course, we are an elite unit. Of course, general Abu also wants to subdue us… of course, he mainly wants our boss to help him.”

“Yes, yes. If it wasn’t for our boss’s face, we wouldn’t have such special treatment. We would have long gone to work with those random soldiers.”

Listening to the discussions of the soldiers under him, Eddie began to think about his future plans.

This choice wasn’t too difficult.

Working for the Great Hippo was also a meal. Working for Yu Tian was also a meal.

No matter who it was, as long as they occupied Maniza and controlled this port, they would be able to give everyone a bite to eat.

For the people of the Dama region, changing a boss wasn’t a difficult thing to accept. They didn’t know what loyalty was.

With the support of foreign forces, Abu could only develop the city of Maniza better and let everyone eat more.

Moreover, the owner of this place was Abu, so he naturally had a lot of power in his hands.

Eddie and Abu were old acquaintances. If he worked under Abu, it would be easier for him to enter the core circle of the higher-ups than others.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Eddie felt that working for Abu was much better than working for the Great Hippo.

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Driving a few military vehicles, Eddie quickly brought his trusted aides to the north camp.

The North Camp Army had already received the notice from the Great Hippo. They had already organized the army and were waiting in line outside the camp.

Eddie glanced at the line at the camp from afar and immediately noticed some problems.

There should have been about 3,000 people in the north camp, but now it looked like there were only about 2,000 of them, and they were roughly lined up in two square formations.

It was obvious that someone in the North Camp had already run away with the army.

The hearts of the people were unpredictable. Eddie, the single commander, felt that it didn ‘t matter who surrendered, but the other people who had some power in their hands might not think so.

When the Big Hippo was still around, it could still give them the rights they deserved. Now that the boss was general Abu, they naturally had their own doubts. Under their worries, it was a normal choice to run away with their people.

In fact, the two pirate leaders had been a little restless when they were under the Big Hippo. They always felt that they were more carefree when they were pirates, and they had lived a more prosperous life.

Now that they had become a local army, they basically had no extra income apart from a little salary. This caused their lives to become much simpler. They even had to be stingy when holding a banquet.

It wasn’t strange for one of them to run away. At least… looking at the remaining troops, there was still one person left.

Eddie was slightly relieved. Being able to leave one person behind, he wouldn’t be too embarrassed.

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If the two pirate leaders ran away and only the Big Hippo’s direct force was left, he would be even more embarrassed.

After parking the car at the entrance of the military camp, Eddie didn’t have any intention of entering the military camp. He directly greeted the two generals at the entrance of the military camp.

One of the two generals was called Mohammed. He was a direct subordinate of the Big Hippo.

Mohammed did not have much talent. He was still okay as a small pirate leader, but commanding an army of over a thousand people in battle was a little difficult.

This kind of situation was very common in their army. Everyone’s level was about the same. In battle, they basically shouted, “Brothers, Attack! ” !

Then, how they fought would depend on the soldiers under them.

However, Muhammad and the Big Hippo were from the same pirate gang, so their status and prestige were slightly higher. That was why they were thrown to the north camp by the Big Hippo.

When the Big Hippo decided to surrender, Muhammad would only quietly accept it. He would not have any messy thoughts, and Eddie did not have to pay too much attention to his attitude.

The other general was called allab, one of the two pirate leaders of the North Camp.

Allab was a very vulgar guy. Like most pirates, he had never been to school and couldn’t read at all.

He had a carefree personality and often had an IQ that wasn’t online, like Li Kui, who was a boorish man.

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Eddie had thought that the pirates who ran away should be allab’s group.

Allab had always been dissatisfied with his treatment. He often complained about this and that. He always said that his current life was not as comfortable as when he was a pirate, and the alcohol he drank was a level lower than when he was a pirate.

He was probably the easiest person to break up the group when the Hippo announced its surrender.

“So… Romeo ran away with his soldiers?”

Romeo was another pirate’s nickname. Although Eddie had already guessed it, he still needed to confirm it with them.

Muhammad smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, he left early in the morning with his people. I wanted to stop him, but I was worried that it would lead to a firefight, so I let him go. ”

Eddie looked at Alabu again. “Why didn’t you leave?”

Alabu stared at him and said, “Why should I leave? Didn’t General Ahmed ask us to surrender?”

Eddie laughed. “Yes, we all surrendered.

Abu laughed out loud. “It’s good that we all surrendered… if everyone surrendered, then we would still be on the same side in the future. Romeo isn’t willing to surrender, so he will definitely be our enemy in the future. Then we can kill him… ”

Eddie also laughed out loud. “General Abu is still as smart as ever.”

Muhammad interrupted, “Is our boss going to be General Allab? How…. how did he get General Allab to surrender?”

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