I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1009: 1009

Chapter 1009: Chapter 1008, control of the barracks

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The process of taking over the barracks was very calm.

Although the pirate officers under the Great Hippo had some thoughts, their soldiers did not cause any disturbance.

The soldiers did not seem to care about changing their boss. To them, it was the same as who they worked for. As long as they were paid, it was fine.

Moreover, the Great Hippo personally appeared in front of them and ordered the officers to hand over the defense. It also informed them of the new manager and the person who replaced their authority..

This was a very peaceful transfer of authority. The soldiers didn’t even have a trace of fear or worry in their hearts.

The hippo publicly introduced the new owner of Maniza General Abu.

He actually knew very well that the person behind Abu was Yu Tian. All of Abu’s powerful forces came from Yu Tian.

However, Yu Tian couldn’t stand in front of the stage. After all, to the people of Maniza, if you weren’t black enough, they wouldn’t agree to your rule.

The lower the rank of the commoners, the more serious they were about this matter.

On the contrary, the high-ranking officers were still very easy to accept the truth.

Everyone was a chess piece, a chess piece manipulated by foreigners.

It was already good enough to have a good appearance on the surface, but more people did not even have the chance to become agents.

The officers of the south camp welcomed Yu Tian and the others and immediately began to suck up to them enthusiastically.

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Without belittling the big hippo, they gave General Abu a good boot-licking.

By the way, they also gave Yu Tian a good boot-licking.

They said that the easterners were hardworking, brave, kind, and smart. It was only a matter of time before they ruled the world.

From now on, under the rule of the Easterners, we must support and cooperate with them, and serve them well.

And Ollie, I love the Easterners, and so on.

They fully demonstrated their skills and expertise in this area.

Actually, it didn’t matter if you listened to flattery, as long as you had some idea.

The reason why Yu Tian moved into the south camp, besides the south camp being on the way, was that the south camp was easier to control.

However, apart from a few military vehicles and old-fashioned howitzers, the south camp basically had no other equipment.

With such an army in their hands, they could only bully some small pirates and warlords.

After the welcome ceremony ended carelessly, Yu Tian and the others brought the officers of the South Battalion into the office building.

The soldiers returned to their respective battalions and waited to be reorganized.

Next was the North Battalion.

Yu Tian wanted to send people to the North Battalion and gather the officers of the North Battalion to the South Battalion for a meeting.

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He needed a more suitable candidate.

Beside the Big Hippo, there was another high-ranking officer who surrendered with him.

It was General Eddie, who went to Kannima first and prepared to execute the mission of beheading Abu.

General Eddie originally planned to escape on the battlefield, but he did not have the time to escape from the range of the camp and also surrendered with the ordinary soldiers.

He originally just wanted to blend in with the surrendered soldiers and wait to be released like a fart.

But he was still found by Yu Tian and brought to Maniza.

Now Yu Tian just happened to use him.

Yu Tian gave him the mission: Bring the officers of the North Camp to the south camp for a meeting.

Yu Tian didn’t have many troops. He didn’t want to split his troops to be stationed in the north and south camps.

Therefore, General Karo suggested that he use deterrence as the main method to occupy one barracks and intimidate the other barracks.

Then, he would gather the officers of the two barracks and hold them hostage. Then, he would mess up the organization, redistribute the posts, and reduce the influence of the previous officers in the army.

This operation was still very simple for the south barracks, because this place was originally a pile of loose sand.

If they formed a few different armies and arranged a few leaders, they would immediately form a few opposing groups, competing with each other and competing with each other in flattery skills.

The north camp was slightly more troublesome, because there were mainly a few smaller warlords with slightly larger forces controlling it.

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There were less than 3,000 soldiers left in the north camp, and the rest were brought to Kannima by the Big Hippo.

There were three factions in these 3,000 people, and the largest one was the old subordinates of the Great Hippo. There were more than 1,000 of them.

This strength was negligible, because their leader was a trusted aide of the Great Hippo. He would definitely obey the orders and accept Yu Tian’s control and reorganization.

The remaining two factions each had several hundred people. They were all

pirates who were previously active in the vicinity of the Maniza land.

Because the big hippo was too powerful, it made it difficult for them to make a living.

Then the Big Hippo gave them some benefits, so they obediently joined the army of the Big Hippo.

Now that the Big Hippo was about to surrender, they began to worry about all kinds of unknown changes.

For example, whether their future power would be affected, whether they would be plundered by their new master and become a single commander.

They only had two choices now. One was to run away with their subordinates.

Run far away, find a place where they could make a living, and become a small pirate warlord again.

The other was to obediently accept the reorganization of their new master. That way, they could maintain the status quo and continue to be a small leader.

They could also lose all their power and be thrown into a village in the Maniza lands, becoming a nobody.

Yu Tian did not know what they would choose, but it did not matter much.

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Yu Tian felt that he could give them a chance to make a decision. If they wanted to run, they should run. If they wanted to stay, they should obediently accept the reorganization.

He also deliberately delayed some time in the south camp so that they would have enough time to react.

Then, he sent Eddie out.

Although General Eddie was a capable general under big hippopotamus, he did not have many forces under him.

His direct subordinates had been brought to kannima, and only a dozen of them were left.

In the current situation, he was not strong enough to become a pirate, so it was even more impossible for him to stir up trouble.

Yu Tian was very relieved to let Eddie out, and he even brought his old subordinates with him.

If Eddie took the opportunity to run away, Yu Tian didn’t care. This kind of thing caused him almost no loss.

If Eddie could work well for Yu Tian, Yu Tian could train and use him in the future, making him a chess piece belonging to Yu Tian in the Abu Group.

The Abu group that Yu Tian needed was a group that had Abu as its banner on the surface, but was actually divided into several different factions.

They needed to understand that Yu Tian was the actual controller of their military group. He was the real financier and the big boss behind the scenes.

Only such an ABU group could be truly controlled by Yu Tian.

If in the future, Abu did not listen to him, Yu Tian could find someone to replace him in the group at any time.

Therefore, from now on, Yu Tian needed to train some of the senior generals of the Abu Group..

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