I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1008: 1008

Chapter 1008: Chapter 1007, north and south camp

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The Great Hippo decided to surrender in the end, which was the wisest choice.

The next day, the army set off. Yu Tian and Abu had to go to Maniza personally to take over the whole city.

They brought almost all the army, leaving only a few new soldiers and a few veterans’carriages in Kanimar to watch over the prisoners for the time being.

The Great Hippo had announced their surrender in front of the prisoners of war, and promised that the prisoners of war would return to the Maniza land soon.

So Yu Tian didn’t have to worry too much about what kind of trouble the prisoners of war would cause.

In addition, the Pirates of Faraday had also received Yu Tian ‘s notice, asking them to temporarily come over and guard kanmud.

After general Abu’s army left Kanmud, the military strength of this place seemed a little empty.

In order to prevent other pirates or small warlords from coming over to cause trouble, Yu Tian could only let Faraday and the other pirates come over to make up the numbers and maintain order and security with more than a thousand new recruits.

When Faraday and the other pirates changed into military uniforms, it would make Kamnima seem like it still had an adequate army, and it would be stronger than the new recruits.

There were some benefits to having people do things.

Yu Tian prepared some second-hand military vehicles for Faraday and the other pirates, as well as a lot of weapons and ammunition, including cheap equipment like RPG.

These things were enough for Faraday and the other pirates to work for him for a period of time.

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In addition, Faraday and the others were happy to move to Kandama to live. This place was much more comfortable than the pirate village.

Other than some villagers who wanted to work as fishermen by the sea, most of them still wanted to make a living in kandama.

Even if they couldn’t get the tax, they could still sell some seafood.

Yu Tian also wanted to give Kanimar to Faraday, which meant that general Abu’s control over Kanimar was weakened, but Yu Tian’s influence here was stronger.

Of course, the main target now was Maniza.

Abu’s army was almost all out, in order to better control the city of Maniza.

The team didn ‘t move very fast, and they spent the night in the wilderness.

This was to avoid arriving at Maniza at night and causing some unnecessary chaos.

After a night, Yu Tian and the others arrived at Maniza at dawn.

There were two big cities in the north of Tamar, and one of them was maniza.

These two big cities had an advantage, which was that they were close to the sea and were both port cities.

Damadi was a very poor country, and it couldn’t even be self-sufficient in food. It needed to import from abroad.

Hence, if one occupied the port, they would control at least a portion of the imports, and only then would they have the chance to develop.

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Maniza was naturally many times bigger than Kannima, and it was also many times more prosperous.

The Hippo Army obviously couldn ‘t be stationed in maniza, so he also built two barracks outside the city.

These two barracks were one north and one south. The barracks in the south was close to the port, while the barracks in the north was northwest of Maniza.

Yu Tian’s army came from the south, so he directly led the army to the south barracks.

With the great hippo, the “Spy, “personally leading the way, the matter of taking over the barracks became very smooth.

The officers of the south barracks had long been notified, so they had long led the army to line up outside the barracks to welcome the arrival of Yu Tian and the others.

The south camp used to have close to 10,000 soldiers, but now there were only about 4,000 left. They stood in a few square formations and recuperated outside.

The elite troops of the South Camp had all been brought to Kanima by the Big Hippo, and now they had become Yu Tian ‘s captives.

The remaining were all miscellaneous troops made up of pirates and bandits from various small forces.

There were dozens of such small forces. They formed their own factions in the army and had their own alliances.

Apart from Big Hippo, none of them were willing to submit to anyone.

These small leaders all called themselves generals, just like General Eddie.

The generals all had hundreds of brothers under them, and they were all old brothers who used to rob houses and cargo ships together.

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The brothers only knew their boss and the Big Brother, the Big Hippo, but the others didn’t recognize it.

Of course, now that everyone knew that the big brother had changed, they had to start wondering if their boss was general Abu or some other manager.

The Army model of the Big Hippo was a bit like the ancient army, where a Lord had several generals under him.

Then, each general had his own main force, with his clansmen as his personal soldiers. They served as a strong offensive force. In addition, they recruited soldiers to make up the numbers.

It was the same in the west. They were all nobles under a king, and the Lords had several knights under them.

The knights were like farmers, and their influence was even greater than the village chief of the eastern country.

The Knights brought their own weapons and armors. When there was a war, they would bring their servants and followers to form small armies and join the king’s large group.

These were all armies that had matured in ancient times. However, in modern times, this model made many people feel a little uncomfortable.

Especially after losing their big brothers, the various small factions were basically in a state of division and could not organize their combat strength.

The remaining troops in the south camp were like this, and they posed no threat to Yu Tian at all.

It was relatively easy to control such a loose sand, because they knew what they were capable of and did not dare to do anything too excessive.

Although they were a little arrogant, as long as they were given a big stick and a sweet date, they would easily accept the management of their new master.

The Big Hippo suddenly announced that it had surrendered to general Abu, which really surprised them. Some people even wondered if there was something more to this matter.

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For example, the enemy beheaded and ambushed the Big Hippo, and then held it hostage.

Then, the enemy didn’t have any real strength. They just wanted to take over the Maniza regime by holding the Big Hippo hostage.

If that was the case, they still had a chance to turn the tables.

With a casual counterattack, they saved the Hippo and beat the enemy to a pulp.

Some people were fantasizing about a chance to turn the tide.

However, when they saw Yu Tian’s armored forces approaching menacingly, they were immediately frightened.

Yu Tian’s armored forces were much larger than the Hippo’s before, and they looked much more powerful on the surface.

Yu Tian and Abu began to lead the troops into the south camp.

Yu Tian left the armored forces and the convoy outside the camp, and General Caro stayed in the armored forces to keep watch to prevent accidents.

The rest of the new and old soldiers entered the south camp and took over the control of the South Camp, occupying the sentry posts, turrets, and other key positions and commanding heights.

Only when their own army took control of the overall situation did Yu Tian and the others slowly walk out of the group..

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