I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1007: 1007

Chapter 1007: Chapter 1,006, the defeated Abu

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There were indeed many soldiers left in the land of Maniza, but their combat strength was not much stronger than those pirates who were carrying Aya.

Yu Tian continued to attack the great hippopotamus. “Even if I put you back in the land of Maniza, you can’t do anything. Next, we will have an army pressing down on us. The land of Maniza will soon fall into our hands…”

The big hippo said stubbornly, “1 still have tens of thousands of troops. The people of the land of Maniza Support Me…

Yu Tian was amused. “The people of the land of Maniza will support you? There are hundreds of thousands of people there. Do you think that it’s just a small village? You have been plundering that place for so many years. I’m afraid that there are still many people who want to overthrow you, right?” The Big Hippo was instantly speechless.

In order to maintain a strong army, it naturally had to plunder a large amount of money.

He was not like Abu, who was a small force. He did not dare to exploit the local residents too much. He even had to build a good relationship with the local merchants so that he could trade and replenish various supplies.

He had always spared no effort in plundering money, whether it was for the pirates who did not have any capital or the merchants who did business.

That was why the Great Hippo had so many armored troops.

On the other hand, Abu had only one tank and three armored vehicles. He was so poor that he did not even have enough money for fuel. He was usually reluctant to drive them out for training.

Now that Yu Tian said that he was going to take over Maniza, perhaps the locals would even applaud and welcome him.

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Yu Tian continued, “The remaining troops of yours can not resist us. Resisting will only cause more of them to die, but it still won’t change the result Maniza will eventually be ours.

The great hippopotamus muttered, “Then you guys go and take down the land of Maniza… even if I’m not there, you guys won’t be able to get it easily.

The army and generals left behind by the great hippopotamus in the land of Maniza were originally small pirates and warlords. Without the presence of the great hippopotamus, they wouldn’t easily surrender.

If they put up a stubborn resistance in the land of Maniza and fought a few street battles, they would still be able to create a lot of trouble for Yu Tian.

Yu Tian sighed, “So I need your cooperation to make Maniza surrender obediently. I don’t think there’s a need for so many people to die, what do you think?

The big hippo sneered, “Then what’s in it for me? Pll hand over Maniza to you and let you hang me?”

“Why Should I Hang You?” “Then how do you want to kill me?”

“Why should I kill you?”

“If you don’t kill me, will you let me go?”

“Of course.

“Aren’t you worried that after I regain my freedom, Pll cause trouble for You?” “What kind of trouble can you cause?”

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“HMPH…”the hippo said proudly, “I can threaten your rule over the land of Maniza, and I can collude with my old subordinates to create chaos for you in the land of Maniza…”

Yu Tian shook his head. “You overestimate yourself… do you think that after you surrender, your subordinates will still serve you wholeheartedly? “Even if they know how to cause trouble, they won’t cause trouble tor you… It’s much better for them to run away and become a little pirate than to follow you and become a stray dog.”

The Hippo was stunned. He felt that what Yu Tian said made sense.

He might still have a little bit of authority now, and he could make the Maniza land surrender without any resistance.

But after the Maniza land was completely taken over by Abu, he was nothing.

He didn’t have his own trusted troops in his hands, and he also lost control of the Maniza land. How could his subordinate forces be willing to obey his orders.

Even those capital merchants would not invest in a person like him who had nothing. It was better to invest in any small force than to spend money on him.

Thinking of this, the Big Hippo was a little depressed. “Even so, there’s no benefit for me to help you take down the Maniza Land.

“Isn’t it a benefit to be able to save your life? At least we don’t have to kill you.”

“Even if you don’t kill me, there’s no point. In this F * cking place… there are many people who want to kill me.

“I can let you leave this F * cking place and go to a small country that you think is suitable. Take the remaining money in your account.

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“Won’t You Rob Me of all my assets? Will you let me leave this F * cking place with my own assets?”

“How much money do you have in your hands?”

“I still have a few million international dollars.

“Hehehe…”Yu Tian laughed. “I was the one who gave that armored unit to Abu Last Night. How much do you think they are worth?”

“They should be… in the hundreds of millions.

The new type of tanks usually cost a few million each. The old type of tanks were not worth much. In those Russian countries, they would even be sold as scrap metal by low-level officers.

However, if they were resold by arms dealers, they would at least be worth a few hundred thousand.

Along with the replenishment of ammunition and fuel, it was not a small amount of money to gather an army that could start a war.

The Big Hippo Sighed.

Since Yu Tian was so rich, he could easily invest in an armored army of General Abu, so why would he care about the millions of change in his hands.

Yu Tian stood up and walked to the side of the Big Hippo, he patted his shoulder. “Think about it carefully. Tomorrow, our army will set off for Maniza. That will be your last chance to surrender… Once you have thought it through, send the guards to find me.”

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After saying this, Yu Tian left the living room.

With such good conditions, he felt that the big hippo would definitely choose to surrender rationally.

However, it was not a big deal for them to put up a stubborn resistance. They would just delay for a little while and cause some losses.

After Yu Tian left the living room, Abu was still happily eating his breakfast.

Seeing that the hippo’s expression was somewhat conflicted, he very considerately asked, “Big River… Oh, General Ahmed, would you like to have breakfast?”

“Breakfast… is there wine?”

“Of course, there’s still a lot of wine left from yesterday’s banquet. Oh, there’s also a lot of food… Guards! Prepare a banquet for me!

General Abu was in a very happy mood.

The battle had already ended when he woke up. His army had already won, and they were about to obtain the maniza land. This made him want to have another banquet to celebrate.

Although he did not contribute to the war this time, he still needed to custrwuce me Denencs co YU -nan aner 0Dtammg cne lanu 01 mamza. m we future, he could only become Yu Tian’s vassal, and his reliance on Yu Tian would become greater and greater.

However, it did not matter. He was still a general, and the benefits that he should enjoy would not be lacking for him.

Compared to surviving carefully in the cracks, general Abu would rather be a big warlord under the control of an international power.

Who is not a pawn?

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