I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1006: 1006

Chapter 1006: Chapter 1005, the guest, the great hippopotamus

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The great hippopotamus suddenly fainted. Yu Tian’s fist had not even hit him yet.

He was like a patient suffering from a sudden emergency. Without hesitation, he fell to the ground.

Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I believe it. I really fainted.

Yu Tian looked at the great hippopotamus falling down and suddenly felt somewhat inexplicable.

Could it be that this kid died suddenly?

But he could also sense the rapid breathing of the big hippo. It was an unavoidable physiological characteristic after intense exercise.

Yu Tian could not help but touch his chin. He thought to himself, this kid… is he playing dead?

Well, you could have sat in the military vehicle and followed us back to


Now it seemed that you could only be tied up and hung on the buttocks of the vehicle.

“Cass, tie him up and hang him on the buttocks of the vehicle.

Yu Tian called out loudly.

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“How Pitiful. After all, he is a general. He should have been brought back in the vehicle. Unfortunately, he fainted on his own and could only hang himself on the buttocks of the vehicle…

The great hippopotamus almost vomited blood when he heard these words.

If he had known earlier, he would have shouted for surrender. He would not have been transported back like goods.

Unfortunately… The Great Hippo could only continue to hold on.

The scene was quickly cleaned up, and Yu Tian and the others finally started to return home.

After returning to Kenema City, Yu Tian and the others directly returned to General Abu’s villa to rest.

The Great Hippo and his bodyguards were also sent into the guest room. They were disarmed and locked up.

General Caro was still commanding the army to clean up the battlefield. Even at night, these matters had to be dealt with overnight.

Half of the barracks had been destroyed, but because of the need to expand the army, there were still plenty of dormitories in the barracks. There was no need to arrange for one person and one bunk to lock up the surrendered soldiers. They could just rush into the dormitories and crouch down.

What was left were some supplies.

Yu Tian did not care much about the captured guns and ammunition. Military vehicles and armored vehicles were more popular with general Abu.

However, there weren ‘t many armored vehicles left. There were less than ten of them, and they were all slightly damaged.

In fact, the military vehicles were also severely damaged. However, many military vehicles could still be used after some repairs.

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Although there weren’t any military factories or armored vehicles, it wasn’t difficult to repair the military vehicles that were modified from civilian vehicles.

Hence, Generals Abu and Hippo liked to use military vehicles.

The cleaning of the battlefield continued until dawn the next day. The materials on the battlefield were mostly cleaned up.

All that was left was to collect some small items and to clean up and bury the bodies.

These tasks could be handed over to the prisoners of war.

Before this, it was not safe to release the prisoners to work because there was no daylight.

After dawn, there were no more such concerns. Close to 3,000 prisoners were a group of very strong labor force. The work of burying the bodies was easily done by them.

The last thing was to clean up the war garbage, the wreckage of the destroyed tanks and armored vehicles.

The most troublesome thing about these things was that they did not have much recycling value. They could only be treated as scrap metal.

Even a piece of toilet paper could have its own use. Naturally, scrap metal was also needed by some people.

These things were handed over to some businessmen in the city. Yu Tian did not plan to ask them for money to sell scrap metal. As long as they cleaned up the battlefield outside the city, it would be fine.

After all, it was the main transportation route to the north of the city. There was too much garbage left on the road, and it was easy to cut the wheels of the car.

These clean-up tasks were not the main point. The main task in the morning was to deal with the prisoner of war, the Big Hippo.

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When Yu Tian got up, he found that General Abu was still sleeping. The battle that night did not affect his quality sleep at all.

He could only get someone to wake up Abu and bring him to the living room downstairs of the villa. Then, he ordered the soldiers to bring the big hippo over.

General Abu was still a little drunk. The first thing he did after entering the living room was to ask the soldiers to bring breakfast over.

When he saw the dejected big hippo enter the living room, General Abu was still a little confused. “This person… This seems to be the Big Hippo, right?”

“That’s right, general, this is the hippo Ahmed…”

The soldier who escorted the hippo immediately replied.

General Abu scratched his head and said hesitantly, (‘The hippo… is also here as a guest?”

However, when he thought about it, Abu felt that something was not quite right.

Although his mind was still not clear, he knew that this kind of thing was impossible.

These warlords rarely went to the territory of other warlords, and it was even more impossible for them to appear in other people’s homes alone.

Even if they wanted to die, this was not the way to send them off.

Yu Tian could not help but Pat the back of General Abu’s head. “Wake up, the Big Hippo is your prisoner now.

Abu said in a daze, “The Big Hippo is my prisoner? Why? Big Hippo, why did you surrender to me? Could it be that you have a terminal illness and are prepared to let me inherit your legacy? But, don’t you have several sons…

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“Enough, don’t humiliate me anymore!

The Big Hippo was a little angry. He angrily sat down on the sofa at the side and said, “Speak, what do you want me to do?”

General Abu’s current confused state naturally did not know what to say. Moreover, his future development strategy was decided by Yu Tian. What kind of “Diplomatic”strategy and attitude should he adopt, it was also Yu Tian who decided for him.

Yu Tian left Abu aside and directly said to big hippopotamus, “Well, it seems that you understand your current situation. The next thing is very simple. We need the entire Maniza land to surrender to us.

The big hippo sneered, “That’s impossible. Even if you capture me, Maniza land still has tens of thousands of troops. They won’t surrender so easily. “Change your conditions. I can redeem myself with money. As long as you put me back in Maniza land, I can…”

“Maniza land still has tens of thousands of troops? Do you think you can become a soldier just by taking a handful of Akas?”

Yu Tian laughed, “Do you still have tanks and armored vehicles in your remaining army? Pm afraid they don ‘t even have many ordinary vehicles, right? What use can such an army be? Can it help you defend Maniza?”

The Big Hippo was speechless. For those small pirate warlords, an army of more than 10,000 might be quite a deterrent.

But the current general Abu was clearly no longer a small warlord. The armored force last night was not something that could be defeated just by having a large number of soldiers.

Perhaps they only needed one charge to scare away the remaining troops of the great hippopotamus.

The elite troops of the great hippopotamus had already been wiped out last night. His momentum was gone..

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