I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1005: 1005

Chapter 1005: Chapter 1004, what the hell

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Not only were there dozens of akas surrounding the hippo, there were also more than a dozen military vehicles, as well as the on-board machine guns on the military vehicles.

In addition, the military vehicles also carried a lot of rpgs. These things were originally intended to be used against the armored vehicles of the hippo, but now they were no longer useful.

Of course, it wasn’t that they couldn’t be used.

If big hippopotamus and the others still wanted to run for their lives, Yu Tian might order the soldiers not to shoot and directly use rpgs to send big hippopotamus to his death.

Anyway, Yu Tian ‘s family had an endless supply of rpgs now.

Yu Tian bypassed the soldiers beside him and slowly walked to the front of big hippopotamus.

“Surrender, big hippopotamus. You should know your identity. “You ‘re no longer a small pirate, so don’t play those silly tricks. “Putting up a desperate struggle isn’t something you should do…”

Yu Tian said seriously, “We’re all decent people, so you should surrender. “You can’t run away now anyway, so there’s no need for me to beat you up again.

You suffered for nothing, and your face is so ugly…”

The so-called one-on-one fight was a joke to Yu Tian.

Although the Big Hippo was not as fat and fat as Abu, he was not young anymore. It was impossible for him to have the skills and fighting strength of a young man.

It was just like how athletes could only retire when they reached their age. It was difficult for them to compete with young people in the ring.

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If the Big Hippo wanted to have a one-on-one fight with someone, even if the opponent was not Yu Tian, he would basically be beaten up.

Although surrendering was not a very honorable thing, in the history of Western Wars, surrendering was still relatively common.

In the absence of hope for victory and the certainty of defeat, most Westerners felt that surrendering was a very rational act, a matter of course, and a matter of pride.

Because some countries, like the feudal states in ancient times, had complicated relationships with each other. They felt that war was all about benefits. If they lost, they could just give up their benefits. There was no need for them to fight to the death.

Yu Tian felt that the big hippo and Abu should be in the same situation. If they lost, they should just admit defeat and hand over their belongings.

He felt that if the big hippo was sensible, there was no need to take his life.

Just like the warlords of the Dongfang kingdom back then, if they lost, they would go to the fields, hand over their army rations, and return home to farm.

They could even lose their territory and army in a game of Mahjong. They would be free and easy to leave, and no one would kill the other party. However, the great hippopotamus did not think so. He felt that as long as he surrendered, he would be dead for sure.

He suddenly roared, “What the hell am I going to surrender!”

Then, he jumped up and pounced on Yu Tian.

The two bodyguards beside him also moved at the same time, one on the left and one on the right, pouncing on Yu Tian.

Yu Tian was very close to them. Big Hippopotamus and his two bodyguards had a chance to hold Yu Tian hostage.

Although big hippopotamus was a little old, he had survived through a hail of bullets. Moreover, his condition was much better than Abu ‘s. This sudden burst of surprise attack was still very fierce.

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The two bodyguards moved even faster. They caught Yu Tian’s arms before big hippopotamus could.

Their thoughts were similar to big hippopotamus. At this distance, they felt that they had a chance to subdue Yu Tian.

Moreover, because everyone was too close, Yu Tian’s subordinates did not dare to shoot. They could only fight with each other.

How the boss negotiated the terms was up to the boss. What they had to do was to capture Yu Tian and then talk about it.

Unfortunately, they soon realized that something was wrong. They actually missed.

They did not know how Yu Tian operated, but he actually retreated two to three meters in an instant and returned to his own team.

Big Hippopotamus and the two bodyguards were instantly dumbfounded.

Yu Tian sighed, “It seems that you won’t shed tears until you see the coffin. Do you really want me to personally beat you up?”

The big hippopotamus ‘mouth trembled twice. He realized that Yu Tian seemed to be much more powerful than he had imagined.

Just this one move had already demonstrated Yu Tian’s superb personal martial strength.

Moreover, the soldiers behind Yu Tian were all laughing and watching the show. They did not have any excited reaction because they suddenly attacked

Yu Tian.

This meant that the soldiers were very clear about Yu Tian’s combat strength. They were not worried that the big hippo could do anything to Yu Tian.

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This was extremely awkward. The Big Hippo and the others were pointed at by dozens of akas.

Fortunately, they only wanted to capture Yu Tian alive and did not plan to use guns.

As long as they did not take out their guns, the soldiers surrounding them would not shoot at them with Akas.

From the looks of it, their lives were not in danger for the time being.

The great hippopotamus suddenly felt that Yu Tian did not have the intention to execute him. Otherwise, he could have just shot them to death and dragged their bodies back to Kanima.

Hence, the great hippopotamus’will began to waver. He began to consider whether he should surrender. After all, there was no chance to escape now.

Just as he was about to open his mouth and say something that was just before he surrendered, Yu Tian suddenly said, “There’s nothing I can do. It seems that you are also someone who wants to be a hero. I can only beat you all down myself.

Just as he finished speaking, Yu Tian’s figure suddenly crashed towards the great hippopotamus and the others.


The great hippopotamus was anxious. He was about to surrender, but Yu Tian actually made a move.

He wanted Yu Tian to stop, but before he could say anything, he was kicked in the stomach by Yu Tian. His entire body flew up, and he choked back the words that he had not said.

The two bodyguards were having an even harder time. They did not have the physique of genetic warriors, so they could not withstand Yu Tian’s strength at all.

A storm-like fist smashed over. The two bodyguards could not withstand it for long, and they were quickly knocked unconscious by Yu Tian.

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The so-called all -rounder warriors were not very good in all aspects.

Their ability to fight and kill in a single round was even inferior to the professional killers of the mouse squad.

When the two bodyguards were knocked unconscious by Yu Tian, the mouse squad members next to them walked up with smiles on their faces and tied them up. Then, they got the soldiers to carry them back to the military vehicle and hang them at the rear.

At this time, the Big Hippo was depressed.

His two bodyguards were knocked unconscious, but he, who was the worst at fighting, was still persisting on the battlefield. There was no sign of him fainting at all.

This was obviously unreasonable.

It was impossible for him to be better at fighting than these two bodyguards and still be able to take a beating.

Thus, the big hippo instantly understood that Yu Tian did it on purpose. Yu Tian just wanted to beat him up!

The Big Hippo suddenly felt both sad and angry. He wanted to shout, “Stop fighting, I surrender.

But he felt embarrassed.

So, he could only faint now..

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