I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1004: 1004

Chapter 1004: Chapter 1,003. He ran quite fast

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Although the plains were bumpy and bumpy, he could still drive. It would take him at most a day to travel from Kanimar to Maniza.

However, he could only walk in the mountains. There were many places that he could not pass through, so he had to go around in a big circle.

It was hard to say how long it would take to walk from the mountains to Maniza. A person like Bei ye would probably need to walk for ten days to half a month, not to mention ordinary people.

If the hippo really ran into the mountains, Yu Tian would really give him a chance to escape. He wouldn ‘t even bother to chase after him.

As long as the hippo could endure the hardships of crossing the mountains and trekking a long way back to maniza, this could be considered his ability. It was his turn to escape this calamity.

However, Yu Tian would still intercept it at the foot of the mountains.

Whether or not it could smoothly enter the mountain area depended on the Hippo’s own luck and luck.

There were many roads leading to the foot of the mountain, but not many were suitable for armored vehicles.

In addition, after approaching the foot of the mountain, the armored vehicles

had some difficulty in moving, and the hippo could only get Ott and walk.

There were several carriages of veterans who chased after the hippo with Yu Tian, and they were all very familiar with the surrounding terrain.

Based on the direction the hippo was heading, they quickly figured out the route that the hippo was going to take and easily made a detour to the foot of the mountain.

Yu Tian and the others were guarding the path that the hippo had to take to enter the mountain.

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As he used his tablet to observe the hippo ‘s movements, Yu Tian took out his communicator and began to chat with the hippo.

The content of the chat was not important. The main thing was to distract the Hippo’s attention and create some pressure for him.

The hippo that was in a panic was the one that was most likely to fall into the trap.

“Hippo, didn’t you say that you wanted to fight me one-on-one? Why did you run so fast?”

“Am I running very fast? Aren’t you running too slowly?”

“Why are you running towards the mountains? Are you trying to get rid of me? Let me tell you, you can’t escape. I’m always watching you!

“Why do you care where I run to? So what if you’re watching me? If you have the guts, catch up and talk to me again.

“Then don’t run towards the mountains if you have the guts. How are we going to fight one-on-one if we run into the mountains?”

“I do want to fight you one-on-one, but I plan to fight you one-on-one in the mountains. If you have the guts, Chase me to the mountains. I’ll wait for you in the mountains!

Although the Big Hippo was running for its life, it did not show any weakness in its words.

Yu Tian’s words gave him an illusion. He thought that Yu Tian was still chasing after him, so he felt that his chances of escaping were even greater.

He was very confident in his two bodyguards. IfYu Tian dared to chase into the mountains, he believed that his two bodyguards would definitely be able to kill Yu Tian in the mountains.

Once they entered the mountains, it was impossible to carry heavy weapons and equipment, and they would not be able to display their advantage in numbers.

Under such circumstances, the two almost all-rounded bodyguards by the side of the Big Hippo could even match the fighting strength of a special forces unit.

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Therefore, the most important thing for him now was to quickly enter the mountains.

The Big Hippo had been nervously lying on the observation mirror the entire way, carefully looking for a suitable escape route.

There was always a way out. He soon found a relatively flat road ahead.

This road seemed to have undergone simple man-made repairs and turned directly to the foot of the mountain on the right.

The hippo immediately ordered his bodyguard, “Turn on the headlights of the car. There’s a fork in the road ahead… Let’s go from here!”

With a little light, the hippo could clearly see the road in the distance. This road was indeed the direction that led to the foot of the mountain.

He immediately decided on a route. He could not drag it any longer, so he entered the mountain from here.

The driver’s view was not very good, especially at night.

So when the driver chose a route, he had to ask the co-pilot to help him observe the terrain in the distance.

Now that the Big Hippo had the observation mirror, the decision of the route was also in the hands of the Big Hippo.

The driver followed the instructions of the big hippopotamus and turned into the fork road next to it.

Not long after the fork road went in, there were more fork roads on the road.

However, those roads were small roads and were not suitable for armored vehicles to pass through.

The main road was still the direction to the foot of the mountain.

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The big hippopotamus continued to go in the direction of the mountain for a while before finally reaching the end.

The armored vehicle could no longer move forward, so the Hippo decided to abandon the vehicle.

In front of it was a dense planting area, and at the end of the planting area was the foot of the mountain. The Hippo felt that it was not far from the road of survival.

There were more sorghum and corn growing here in kannima, and the crops on the land were also very dense.

This kind of place was not suitable for transportation, but it was very suitable for Tibetans.

If someone hid among the crops and stayed still, it would be difficult for outsiders to notice, especially in the dark of the early morning.

The Big Hippo used a flashlight to shine a circle in the sorghum fields. The dense sorghum made him feel a little guilty. There seemed to be something hidden in the shadows and darkness.

However, it was impossible to turn back now. He could only run quickly toward the foot of the mountain.

There were paths between each sorghum field. The Big Hippo and the other two held torches and ran quickly along the paths.

Although the dense crops were suitable for Tibetans, they were not suitable for hiding their tracks.

If they ran in the sorghum field, the trampled and squeezed sorghum would easily expose their tracks.

Whether it was day or night, these movements could not be hidden from the drones above their heads.

The Big Hippo knew that it could not escape the tracking of the drones, but it did not matter. He was not far from the foot of the mountain now.

As long as he passed through these messy planting areas, no one would be able to catch up with him.

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The key was who ran faster. It did not matter whether he was hiding or not.

The Big Hippo and his two bodyguards ran all the way. Suddenly, there was nothing in front of them. All the sorghum fields were left behind by them. They finally ran out of the planting area.

But then, they were all stunned.

There seemed to be people and cars in front of them.

Before the big hippopotamus could make a wild guess, a blinding light suddenly lit up in front of them.

It was indeed a car.

Yu Tian had been waiting for the big hippopotamus here for a long time.

“Not bad, big hippopotamus… you guys run quite fast… ”

Yu Tian and his subordinates laughed.

Big Hippopotamus ‘face immediately turned pale. “You… why are you here…

you even drove here?”

Yu Tian shrugged. “We just took a shortcut… is that weird? This is kannima, it seems reasonable that we can take a shortcut, right?”

The soldiers beside Yu Tian burst into laughter again. Then, these people slowly surrounded him with weapons in their hands.

Dozens of akas pointed at big hippopotamus and his two bodyguards, so that they did not dare to make the slightest move.

Big Hippopotamus was a little desperate. How could he escape in such a situation?

Although the two bodyguards were powerful, they were not gods. Wi many akas pointing at them, it was impossible for them to have a chl counterattack..

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