I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1003: 1003

Chapter 1003: Chapter 1002, drones

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The Great Hippo had left behind more than 20 tanks to cover the rear and was outnumbered.

In this kind of large-scale battle between tanks in the wilderness, there was not much to pay attention to. Other than the formation, there was no strategy. The two sides were basically in a head-on battle. It would depend on which side had the fiercer artillery fire.

Although the tank soldiers under the Great Hippo were experienced, they faced the enemy in a hurry. Although they had infantry to help defend, they did not have the time to build a defensive position.

Hence, it was impossible for them to win. Many of the soldiers had the intention to run for their lives.

Although Yu Tian’s armored troops were inexperienced, their formation was reasonable. The heavy tanks were in the lead, and the cannons were at the back. With more people and cannons, they easily defeated the enemy, only losing a dozen or so tanks.

The troops of big hippopotamus did not hold out for long before surrendering. This was expected by both sides.

However, Yu Tian’s side did not gain much. After the battle ended, none of the 24 tanks were intact.

In a place like this, there was no hope of a factory being able to repair the tanks. Moreover, these old-fashioned tanks were not even as good as scrap iron when they were transported to other countries. These remains were of no value to Yu Tian.

The slightly valuable things were the soldiers who surrendered to the Hippo Army.

As their transport vehicles were left at the rear of the group, they were used as live targets by Abu’s Veterans ‘fleet. As a result, the great hippo left behind thousands of soldiers who had lost their mobility.

After being bombarded by Yu Tian’s armored forces, there were still over 2,000 soldiers who surrendered. Including the soldiers who surrendered in the barracks, there were almost 3,000 people.

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These people were all ready-made veterans and ready-made coolies,

yu Tian had his own plans for how to deal with these surrendered soldiers, but he had to capture the Big Hippo first.

He called the Big Guy, brought Cass and the mouse squad, and drove a few broken military vehicles in the direction of the Big Hippo’s escape.

In fact, General Caro was also very interested in this kind of cat-and-mouse game, but he still had to stay behind to take charge of the overall situation and clean up the battlefield.

This kind of situation was very helpless. He was the only person with military management experience by Yu Tian’s side, so this kind of thing could only be left to him to do.

General Abu had some people under him, but they would at most lead a few hundred pirate soldiers to charge into battle. They were not good at managing the affairs of the army.

At the moment, if Abu ‘s army expanded, there would not be enough high-level officers.

There were many officers in the tiger team who had received military school education and had some ability, but now, they did not seem to be suitable to take over Abu ‘s army.

General Caro commanded the troops on the two battlefields to clean up the mess while he began to think about the future management of the army.

Let’s talk about the Big Hippo.

The Big Hippo had already circled around the planting area. Because the planting area was not suitable for vehicles, he continued to circle around and approach the mountains.

He had already made plans to abandon the armored vehicle and started to pack up the supplies that he had to carry with him in the carriage.

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He had to bring a satellite phone, basic self-defense weapons and pistols, as well as food and water..

His armored vehicle had prepared a lot of dry food and water, because he had a very scary memory of hunger.

The great hippopotamus used to be a poor man. He grew up hungry when others were scared.

Even when he grew up and became a glorious pirate, he still couldn’t get rid of the hunger.

Because all the money he earned had to be taken home to support his parents and younger siblings.

The great hippopotamus was a very responsible person for his family and took care of his family members.

Therefore, although the big hippo became a pirate and could occasionally make a little money, he still had to starve every two or three days.

Until later, his pirate gang had a conflict with other pirate gangs, and the other party killed their way into the village and killed all his family members..

The Big Hippo finally didn ‘t have to support his family, and he began to live a happy life where he ate his fill and his whole family wasn’t hungry.

And because their pirate leader was killed, the big hippopotamus became the boss again. He finally lived a life where he could eat his fill.

But later on, the big hippopotamus had a strange problem. Perhaps because he was too hungry in the first half of his life, the big hippopotamus was mentally scarred from hunger.

He was always worried that he would be hungry, so he prepared food in his house, office, car… everywhere.

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There was fresh food, and all kinds of dry food.

There were bread and biscuits, all kinds of cooked food, candy, and his favorite, stewed eggs from the Orient.

The Big Hippo thought that eating eggs would make him strong, and the delicious stewed eggs would make him eat more eggs.

In short, the Big Hippo’s backpack was already full of food and water, the amount was definitely worthy of his nickname.

He tidied up his things, then pulled down the observation mirror on the roof of the car and began to observe his surroundings.

The situation seemed to be pretty good. There were no other vehicles around. The hippo was a little surprised. Could it have lost the enemy just like that?

“Hippo, what are you looking at?”

Yu Tian’s voice suddenly sounded on his walkie-talkie again.

The big hippopotamus was immediately shocked. “I’m not looking at anything… Where are you? How do you know what I’m Looking At?”

“I’m above your head, so your observation mirror definitely can’t see me. However, I can see you. Even if you run into the mountains, you won’t be able to escape my sight…

Yu Tian laughed complacently. He felt that this cat-and-mouse game was particularly interesting.

Right now, more than a dozen of their cars were chasing after the Big Hippo, but the Big Hippo did not know anything.

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He thought that he had escaped the encirclement and was gloating, but he did not expect the ups and downs of life to come so quickly.

The Big Hippo’s bodyguard quickly reminded him, “General, the enemy may have a drone.”

“A drone…”

The Big Hippo’s mouth was a little bitter.

He knew that this kind of technological product was too expensive in the past, but he felt that it would not be of much use, and the cost-effectiveness ratio was too low, so he had never bought this thing.

He did not expect that he would finally be ambushed by this thing today.

Big Hippopotamus suddenly understood many things, including why his army was ambushed, and why they failed to attack the enemy’s military camp.

Now it seemed that his chance of escape was close to zero.

But he was not reconciled.

He gripped his walkie-talkie and shouted, “So what if you can see me! You Can’t Catch Me! You Can ‘t Stop Me! Pm going into the mountains, what can you do to me!

The northern part of Tamar was mountainous, with the Gobi Wilderness or desert dunes along the coast.

Therefore, there are two routes and means of transportation from Kanimar to manizar, in addition to taking a boat and flying.

He can take a bus to Kanimar, or he can walk back to Manizar..


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