I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1002: 1002

Chapter 1002: Chapter 1,001, surrender

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“You bastard… ”

The Big Hippo was a little desperate. He roared at the communicator, “I want to fight you, I want to fight you one-on-one…

Yu Tian laughed, “Just you wait, I’ll come to you right away.”

The big hippo said aggressively, “I’ll beat you into a banana pancake… if you don’t come, you’ll be a puppy!

Everyone was speechless. Such a big warlord leader was actually reduced to a situation where he had to fight one-on-one.

The Big Hippo’s subordinates couldn’t stand it anymore. Someone couldn’t help but persuade him, “General, we’ve already lost. It’s better to surrender.”

“No! I, Ahmed, absolutely can not surrender… I haven’t eaten supper tonight. There won’t be supper after I surrender…

The Big Hippo was full of nonsense, but he had no intention of surrendering.

He could not surrender. Just as Zhou Yu had said to Sun Quan in the romance of the three kingdoms, “Others can surrender, but you can not surrender.

If others surrendered, it would only be a change of boss. If the Big Hippo surrendered, it would only be a dead end.

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If he was still a small pirate leader, perhaps Abu might still accept his surrender and give him a way out, just like recruiting a band of bandits.

However, he was now a powerful warlord. After tasting the taste of life and death, he could not stop.

Surrendering would not erase his ambition. He was not willing to become

Abu’s subordinate, and Abu would not be at ease to treat him as a subordinate.

Even if he was willing to go back to his hometown and become a farmer, it was unlikely. Abu would not be at ease with him. He would always be on guard against his comeback.

Therefore, the Big Hippo felt that his surrender meant death.

He had to run for his life. Even if there was a minefield ahead, he had to take a gamble.

If he was killed by the explosion, then it was fate that he should die here.

If he was not killed by the explosion, he still had a chance to go home, regroup, and continue fighting with Abu.

He talked nonsense with his subordinates on the walkie- talkie to confuse the enemy. He urged his driver to start moving forward into the wilderness.

There were only two personal guards in his armored car, who were his trusted bodyguards.

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Besides being loyal to him, these two guards were also very capable.

They could be the drivers of various tanks and armored vehicles, gunners and shooters, and they could protect him like super bodyguards. They could even take him to hide in the mountains, using those survival skills in the wild, they brought him back to Maniza.

The Big Hippo decided to change its direction slightly and charge toward the mountains.

He definitely couldn’t go in the direction of Kanimar City. The enemy had already surrounded the camp, so there must be more enemies in the direction of Kanimar.

Even if he broke through a line of defense, he might have to face more lines of defense, and he wouldn’t be able to escape from the enemy’s pursuit.

Therefore, only the mountain was his path of survival.

The armored vehicle broke away from the convoy and brushed past his subordinates.

The subordinates of the great hippopotamus were silent. They only intended to surrender now. They would not immediately betray the great hippopotamus to Abu.

Seeing the armored vehicle of the great hippopotamus leaving the convoy, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The thought of surrendering became more certain.

Big Hippopotamus thought that the remaining vehicles would attract the attention of the enemy. If he suddenly changed directions and left, the enemy might not be able to detect him immediately.

However, the drone quickly followed him because his armored vehicles were too eye-catching.

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Yu Tian’s attention was actually still not on big hippopotamus, because he felt that it was about time to accept the enemy’s surrender.

The enemy in the barracks had completely stopped their attacks, and General Caro had also ordered the mercenary group and the new recruits to stop their attacks.

The troops in Kenema City had already gathered. The new recruits held torches and appeared in groups on the streets. They quickly organized their troops and started to run toward the barracks.

They were prepared to enter the barracks and accept the enemy’s surrender. Then, they would take care of the prisoners, clean the battlefield, and organize the supplies… After that, they would send the injured back to the hospital in Kenema.

Of course, these menial tasks would be left to the new recruits. After all, they had received discipline training. Even if they could not fight well, they would still have no problem taking care of the captives who did not have the heart to resist.

In addition, the veteran carriages had already gathered outside the barracks. Apart from a small portion that continued to follow the Big Hippo, the rest were prepared to participate in controlling the captives in the barracks in case of riots and accidents.

Under the orders of General Caro, Abu’s soldiers began to shout at the enemy.

The content of the shout was nothing more than to ask the enemy to surrender, then put down their weapons, put their hands on their heads, stand in formation, maintain order… and so on.

This was a very interesting matter, and almost all the recruits present enthusiastically participated in it.

Some of them used loudspeakers, some used walkie-talkies, and some directly shouted at the top of their lungs..

The military camp began to ring with the sound of people trying to persuade them to surrender. It seemed that there were people trying to persuade them to surrender in every corner, and Abu’s army was in every direction.

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This made the army of the great hippo feel even more worried. They secretly felt lucky that they had chosen the wise choice of surrendering. They also felt lucky that they did not die in the battle just now, and there was still a chance for them to surrender.

As the veterans ‘fleet gradually surrounded the camp and pointed their headlights at the camp, the field of vision on the battlefield began to brighten up.

The camp also began to light up the dim lights that had not been destroyed by the battle.

The recruits in the city of Kenema ran to the camp at a speed of 100 meters. They excitedly waved the Aya in their hands, ready to show off their power to the dejected captives.

Although they did not have much shooting experience with Aya, they were still very experienced in kicking people’s butts.

The barracks quickly became lively. The thousands of new recruits in Abu’s hands began to take control of the situation, and the Army of the Great Hippo began to surrender in batches.

At the same time, on the field battlefield 10 kilometers away, the battle had long ended. Yu Tian’s newly established armored unit was cleaning up the battlefield.

Although the recruits were still unfamiliar with the control of tanks, under the command of the instructors of the tiger squad, they were able to take down the pitiful 20 or so tanks of the great hippo with their numbers.

In fact, the difference in armored strength between the two sides was not very big.

In terms of numbers, Yu Tian’s armored vehicles and tanks only numbered more than 100. The Great Hippo also had 60 to 70, which was less than twice the combat strength.

In terms of firepower, the situation was similar. The Hippo’s tanks and large-caliber cannon armored vehicles had a total of around 30. Yu Tian’s armored forces only had around 70 to 80 cannons.

However, the Hippo was ambushed. The army was thrown into chaos. In the end, the hippo left the tanks and ran away..

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