I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1001: 1001

Chapter 1001: Chapter 1,000. The car broke down

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There were mines outside the military camp, and Yu Tian only remembered about it all of a sudden.

The Big Hippopotamus was a little flustered. As he observed the situation outside through the observation mirror, he continued to ask, “How is the lead car? Can it still move? Those at the back, quickly go around and don’t Stop!

“The lead car is fine… it seems to be an infantry mine!”

The soldiers at the front quickly reported to the hippopotamus.

An infantry mine obviously couldn’t do anything to an armored vehicle. After all, it was a lethal weapon that targeted people, so its power wasn’t too great.

Moreover, the current infantry mine mainly considered to injure the enemy. Because normally, a wounded person needed to waste two soldiers to carry him, so it was more likely to reduce the enemy’s overall combat power to injure the enemy, it was much more insidious than killing the enemy.

In this way, the power of the infantry mines was designed to be even lower, and it completely lost its effect on the armored vehicles.

However, this matter brought a lot of trouble to the Big Hippo.

Since there were infantry mines ahead, there might be anti- tank mines.

According to the current military habits, infantry mines were usually mixed with anti-tank mines.

Although the armored vehicle leading the way was fine now, the driver suddenly lost the courage to charge.

The anti-tank mines now were generally energy-gathering anti-tank mines. They could directly blast through the armor at the bottom of the tank and kill the people inside.

The armored vehicle would definitely not be able to withstand this kind of thing. Once they touched it, they would definitely die.

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Just then, Yu Tian’s voice sounded again on their walkie-talkies.

“Congratulations on stepping on the mines… Oh, welcome to the minefield.

Please try your best to run out of the minefield. I’ll wait for you outside the Minefield! ”

This sentence made the people in the convoy panic.

In fact, Yu Tian was just trying to scare them. The Big Hippo had hit the jackpot by touching this mine.

These mines were a few small toys laid by the hyena mercenary group. Originally, they were used to prevent the infantry from sneaking around and attacking them from behind. Therefore, they casually laid a few as a warning and a threat.

There were only a few mines along the way, and most of them were close to the barracks. Who knew that one of them would be stepped on by the Hippo Caravan.

This was a pleasant surprise, and it actually scared the Hippo Caravan.

The hippo was anxious. “Quickly take a detour, take a detour… take a Detour!

There might be minefields around the barracks, but the hippo didn’t believe that there would be minefields in the wilderness far away from the barracks.

No matter how much money Abu had, it was impossible for him to lay mines in the unimportant wilderness.

But when he turned his observation mirror towards the wilderness, he was shocked again.

There were already many headlights on the side of the convoy, and the enemy convoy was actually moving in the direction of Kannima.

Although these enemies did not attack the hippo directly, they were driving side by side with the hippo from a distance, and he did not lose them.

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The enemy seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse?

The Big Hippo was a little impatient. He originally thought that his actions would not be discovered so quickly. At the very least, he could run further away from the battlefield.

As long as he ran a certain distance, it would not be so easy for the enemy to catch up to him.

Moreover, the further he ran, the harder it would be for the enemy to discover him. Perhaps he might even have a chance to slip away quietly.

However, the explosion of the mine had completely exposed his location. The surrounding enemies had already gathered like flies. His escape route would be even more difficult.

“No, we can’t take a detour. There’s not enough time… Let’s rush over!”

The Big Hippo made a decisive decision. “Armored vehicles lead the way.

Everyone form a column and charge together! ”

After the order was given, the rest of the vehicles fell silent.

No one was a fool. No one was willing to lead the way for big hippopotamus.

This was no longer a matter of obeying orders. It was suicide.

The armies of few countries would carry out those suicide orders, especially those Western countries that liked to talk about human rights.

If an officer ordered a soldier to die, the soldiers would definitely kill him first.

If the regular army was already like this, then there was no need to mention the great hippopotamus ‘pirates who had changed jobs.

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The armored vehicle in front simply stopped its engine.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you organizing your formation and charging forward!”

The great hippopotamus realized that something was wrong.

But the walkie-talkie was still silent.

The great hippopotamus continued to curse, “You bastards, Pve Raised You for so many years in vain, and you dare to disobey orders!

The walkie-talkie remained silent for a while, and finally, someone spoke.

“General… My Car has stalled… it can’t start… It must have been damaged by the landmine just now…”

“Nonsense, how could an armored car be damaged by an infantry mine!

“Perhaps the violent vibration caused by the explosion caused a screw to fall down… anyway, we can’t start the engine now…

“Nonsense, you ‘re quibbling!

“I’m not quibbling. Anyway, the car can’t start now. I don ‘t know what the reason is…

“Bullsh * T!”

“General, why don ‘t you come over and take a look at our car? It really can’t start. ”

No matter how much nonsense the hippo said, the armored car that was leading the way insisted that the car couldn’t start.

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The people in the vehicle did not disobey orders. They just used the malfunction as an excuse and refused to move.

Big Hippopotamus could not do anything to them now. It was impossible for him to get out of the vehicle and run to the armored vehicle in front to check.

Even if Yu Tian was willing to give him the time to check, he would not be able to get any results.

If the soldiers in the vehicle deliberately did not want the armored vehicle to start, then they would have plenty of ways to clap for the vehicle. Even if a professional mechanic came to check, he would not be able to find any problems in a short period of time.

Hippo was so angry that it was trembling. “Who’s the second vehicle? Open the way immediately…

“General, our vehicle can’t start either.

The second vehicle was a military vehicle. Not to mention carrying anti-tank mines, even stepping on an infantry mine would be enough to make one suffer.

Although it would not kill people, it was very likely that the vehicle would be blown over.

If they were unlucky and happened to be blown into the fuel tank, the entire vehicle might be wiped out just like that.

Therefore, the soldiers on the second military vehicle also started to act shamelessly. They simply followed the example of the armored vehicle in front and did not say anything. They just said that the vehicle could not start.

Don’t ask me why. I just don’t know.

The Big Hippopotamus was furious. “You Idiots, did an infantry mine scare you? The enemy is lying. There are no mines in front!

Yu Tian interrupted with a laugh, “Hippopotamus, it doesn’t matter if there are mines ahead. The important thing is that their cars can ‘t start, Hahaha…

Actually, it didn’t matter if the cars couldn’t start. The most important thing was that if the people couldn’t start, that would be a big problem..

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