I Have 108 Older Sisters

Chapter 1000: 1000

Chapter 1000: Chapter 999, the general disappeared

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Eddie quickly remembered that it was the voice of the eastern businessman, Yu


At noon, he had a glass of wine with Yu Tian. He had a deep impression of Yu Tian’s voice the accent of a foreigner and a local was very different.

Yu Tian’s voice appeared on the battlefield, which meant that Yu Tian was also involved in the battle.

This was not very surprising. Eddie knew that Abu had always been poor. Now that he had the help of mercenaries and had so many weapons and ammunition, he naturally could not do without the financial support from the outside world.

Yu Tian being able to meet with Abu meant that Abu valued yu tian very much. Yu Tian was the financial backer behind Abu, so it was only natural.

Eddie suddenly had a bad feeling. Even this eastern businessman had taken the initiative to appear. Didn’t this mean that they were already certain of victory?

The Big Hippo probably couldn’t escape?

The Big Hippo’s voice soon sounded through the walkie-talkie, “Who are you? Don’t talk nonsense. When am I going to run? I want to fight you! If you have the guts, come out and fight me one-on-one!

“Are you sure you want to fight me one-on-one?”

Yu Tian was amused. The people around him were also amused. was the big hippo going to light a lamp in the toilet?

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“Alright, I’ll give you this chance. I’ll fight you one-on-one… After I capture you.”

Yu Tian was indeed confident of victory now because General Caro had just asked him, “We’ve already won. How are you going to deal with the Big Hippo?”

From the moment that big hippo ordered his subordinates to stop attacking and defend, General Caro knew that he was going to run away.

All of Big Hippo’s actions were under Yu Tian and the others’ eyes. Now, not only were there a few drones in the sky watching him, even his command and communication were under Yu Tian and the others ‘control.

If this situation was called an electronic information war, it could probably be called the easiest electronic information war in the world.

These things did not require him to take the initiative to investigate. The enemy’s command and information were completely public.

It was already impossible for the Big Hippo to escape now. General Caro would not give him this chance.

Not to mention the mercenary groups waiting to ambush and intercept him on the way, there were also so many military vehicles watching him from behind.

As long as they did not care about the price, those military vehicles would be able to catch up to him in minutes and beat the remaining guards around him to pieces.

However, Yu Tian was not concerned about how to catch the Hippo. Instead, he was concerned about how to end the battle in the barracks as soon as possible.

Although the enemy had suffered heavy losses, there were still many soldiers and vehicles left. When they gave up on attacking forcefully and started to hide and defend, they would have to pay a considerable price to completely wipe them out.

To Yu Tian, this price was a matter of money.

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Whether it was the loss of weapons or the compensation of casualties, these were all problems that money could solve.

However, Yu Tian did not want to waste this money. He hoped that the enemy would voluntarily surrender.

Do not be ungrateful.

This did not seem to be a difficult matter. After all, the great hippopotamus had already decided to abandon his men and flee for their lives.

As long as he announced this matter to his men, their morale would naturally drop. They would either flee or surrender.

Thus, Yu Tian began to openly tease the big hippopotamus on the communicator. The big hippopotamus was indeed anxious and quickly denied that he was fleeing for his life.

However, on the battlefield, it was difficult to hide these abnormal situations. There were drones following the big hippopotamus from the beginning to the end. He did not know that his every move was under the eyes of the enemy.

He had just left with the convoy beside him when the convoy under Abu that was surrounding the city immediately moved towards the barracks. The bright headlights were extremely eye-catching.

The soldiers of the hippo that were still in the barracks immediately felt that something was wrong, especially the soldiers near the barracks wall. They realized that they were completely surrounded.

“Damn it, what’s going on behind us? Who’s pointing their headlights at us!

“Oh, damn it, that’s the enemy’s convoy! “We’re surrounded, the rear roads are all blocked! ” “The general is gone, General Ahmed’s car is gone!”

“He F * cking ran away!”

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“Bastard, he ran away without us! ”

“He sold our escape route to the enemy, we can’t run anymore!

The barracks immediately became chaotic.

Apart from being used to communicate and command, the walkie-talkie could also be used to spread the chaos.

Not only were the soldiers under the great hippo exchanging information, but the recruits under Abu also started to cause trouble in the enemy’s communication channel.

All kinds of curses and curses were heard on the walkie-talkie, cursing all the ancestors of the great hippo for eighteen generations.

Don’t think that curses were exclusive to the Easterners. Culture was something that spread and influenced each other.

In the past, the F * Ck squid could be accepted by the people of the world. In these years, everyone had also accepted the culture of the Easterners ‘curses.

All kinds of greetings to each other’s relatives made Yu Tiandu feel very warm.

At first, the big hippo was still cursing and retorting angrily on the walkie-talkie, arguing with those bored recruits.

But soon, there was no movement from him, and his voice was no longer transmitted from the walkie-talkie.

He found that these people were obviously enemies who were here to cause trouble. If he wasted his time arguing with these people, he would become a big fool.

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He was busy running for his life right now, so he had no time to argue.

The battle in the barracks gradually calmed down. The Army of the Great Hippo had completely given up on attacking. There was an internal argument, and some people had already begun to shout that they wanted to surrender.

General Caro also gave the order to stop the attacks and sneak attacks and wait for the dust to settle.

The victory and defeat had already been decided, and the Great Hippo’s mind was no longer on the battlefield. He was now fully focused on observing the situation of the escape route ahead.

The noise made by the vehicles was not very loud, but after the battle in the barracks had subsided, the noise became very ear-piercing.

The Big Hippo knew that the enemy would soon discover his whereabouts. This was unavoidable.

But it did not matter. As long as he ran fast enough, he had a complete chance to break out of this encirclement.

The performance of his vehicle was excellent. Although it did not have much attack power, its speed and defense were excellent. It was very suitable for escaping.

Even if the other vehicles in the convoy were all killed by the enemy, he was confident that he could survive.

He picked up the walkie-talkie, switched to the convoy channel, and ordered the armored vehicle that was leading the way, “The one in front, speed up…”


Before the Big Hippo finished speaking, there was suddenly a burst of fire in front of him.

This change gave the big hippo a fright. Then, he came back to his senses and immediately asked through the walkie-talkie, “What’s going on? What’s going on in front!

“It’s a landmine! There’s a landmine up ahead!”

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