Chapter 5: It Should Be Considered My Contribution Value

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If you break today’s promise, I’ll kill you.

Jiang Ran didn’t doubt the truth of Si Xu's words. She nodded stiffly. She was wrong. This villain boss was really terrifying...

Satisfied with the girl's reaction, Si Xu sized her up, put on his coat again and turned around. “Dinner is ready. Let's go downstairs.”

Jiang Ran didn’t move.

It wasn’t because she wasn’t hungry. However, if she went downstairs now, she would encounter Luo Rui and Xie Chengzhi... That would be really awkward. Moreover, Luo Rui's little sidekick would definitely make things difficult for her.


She would rather be hungry than be at someone’s mercy.


“Huh? What's the matter?” Si Xu tilted his head to look at Jiang Ran questionably when he saw that she didn’t move.


“I...” Jiang Ran hesitated. “I won't be going downstairs.”


Looking at the girl's obviously malnourished face, Si Xu raised his eyebrows. “Why?”

“I don't want to...” Not wanting to lie, Jiang Ran said truthfully, “I don't want to cause you trouble — as I said just now, I’m on bad terms with Luo Rui, my former captain, and teammates — we had a quarrel just now and I even slapped Luo Rui. If we go downstairs now...”

“No.” Interrupting the girl's explanation, the man grabbed her slender wrist and walked out.


“Huh?” No? What did he mean? Jiang Ran followed passively for two steps, trying to free her hand, “Si Xu, I really...” I don't want to go downstairs!


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“I said, no.” The man repeated with a slightly cold tone.


Jiang Ran was taken aback and reflexively shut up.

“You aren’t causing me trouble.” Sensing her sudden trembling, Si Xu explained patiently, “In this world, no one can force me to do things that I don't want to do. Thus, there’s no such thing like causing me trouble.”


In other words, if he had found her troublesome, he wouldn't have taken her downstairs at all.


The young man's slender and strong fingers were tightly wrapped around Jiang Ran’s wrist. As she couldn't break free, she could only follow him downstairs.

“Besides, no matter what the situation is, you have to eat.” Si Xu continued to speak, “Going against food is a very stupid thing to do.”


Jiang Ran, “... Yeah.” Boss, you’re right, I had been shallow.


The young girl complied obediently and followed him with wilted spirits like a frostbitten eggplant, looking downcast.


For some reason, Si Xu suddenly felt his mood improved.

With an assertive attitude, Si Xu led the girl to the living room. Some girls who were chattering and laughing revealed strange expressions on their faces when they saw Jiang Ran.


Well, there were no girls in Gu Yunqing's superhuman team, so these girls were from another team.


Being instinctively aware of the environment, Si Xu simply glanced at the girls. Just with that glance, he had a general idea of the girls’ superhuman abilities and levels. He led Jiang Ran around them.

“Wait, Jiang Ranran.” Zhou Jian was surprised to see Jiang Ran here. She raised her hand to stop Jiang Ran. “I have something to ask you.”

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The girl put her hand between Jiang Ran and Si Xu, forcing Jiang Ran to stop in her tracks.


Si Xu turned around and frowned slightly, but he did not let go of the girl's wrist.

Jiang Ran had wanted to hear what Zhou Jian had to say, but the grip on her wrist suddenly tightened. Jiang Ran staggered uncontrollably for two steps and was pulled into the arms of the young man.


“What do you want to say?” With one hand on Jiang Ran's shoulder, Si Xu asked on Jiang Ran’s behalf. “Go on and speak.”


Zhou Jian, “...” Zhou Jian was a little dazed as she stared blankly at the young man's chiseled face.

What's happening here? When did Jiang Ranran become so familiar with this Professor Si?


Facing Si Xu's light-brown eyes that showed no trace of emotion, Zhou Jian moved her mouth, but she couldn't make a sound.


“If you have nothing to say, we'll go in first.” After Si Xu finished speaking, he dragged Jiang Ran away.


Jiang Ran didn’t get to say a word throughout the whole process, “...”


After taking a few steps, she whispered, “Si Xu, thank you.”

If her guess was right, Zhou Jian must have wanted to confront her for Luo Rui’s sake. If it were the Jiang Ranran from before, she might have swallowed her anger and let it go when Zhou Jian bothered her. But if it were Jiang Ran, she would probably end up in another quarrel.


The smile at the corner of Si Xu's lips became more obvious and he snorted softly, “I don't like rude people.” That girl suddenly rushed forward to stand between the two of them. He was in a good mood today, so he didn't hold it against her.


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Oh, that was why he looked happy every time she thanked him.


Well, Jiang Ran suddenly felt that this villain boss was a little adorable. What was going on?


Watching the two of them walk into the dining hall, Zhou Jian murmured, “Why is Jiang Ranran with Professor Si...”

Zhou Jian didn’t know much about this Professor Si. She only heard from Gu Yunqing that he seemed to be a superhuman with space-type abilities but without any combat power. She presumed that he came with the team as a logistics staff. But even if he wasn’t a powerful person, an ordinary person like Jiang Ranran was still unworthy of him... The point was, she had locked the back door. How did Jiang Ranran get in?


Zhou Jian decided to go to the back door to see if someone opened the back door and let Jiang Ranran in.


After waiting in the dining room for a while, Luo Rui and Gu Yunqing came in together. Jiang Ran didn’t know what Gu Yunqing said to Luo Rui, but when Luo Rui looked at her again, she had a strange expression in her eyes.


“Ranran, I didn't expect you and Professor Si to have such an affinity...” The girl sat down opposite her and smiled slightly. “Since it’s your preference, I have no objection to your choice.”


“Huh?” Not understanding what Luo Rui was saying suddenly, Jiang Ran looked at Gu Yunqing questionably, and then at Luo Rui.


“Guys.” Xie Chengzhi was leading people to check the situation around the small mansion and Luo Rui spoke as the deputy captain, “Come here. I have something to announce.”


There weren’t many people in their team and they quickly gathered after hearing Luo Rui's words.

“Captain Gu came to talk to me just now and I found out that Professor Si likes our Ranran very much.” Luo Rui adopted a parental attitude and smiled gently. “Since Professor Si likes Ranran, Ranran will follow Professor Si from now on.” 


In just two sentences, Jiang Ran was sold to Si Xu as though she was a commodity to be traded.

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“Ranran, you’ll be protected when you’re with Captain Gu and the others in the future.” Luo Rui sighed, “I had been worried at first because our team had too few superhumans, and they were not capable enough to protect your safety — if something like what happened today happens again, you’ll be sad and I’ll feel terrible as well... Don’t you agree?”


Luo Rui was threatening her –– if she refused, what awaited her would be the outcome she suffered today.


Jiang Ran squinted at Luo Rui.


Indeed, in the current world, ordinary people without awakened abilities or a strong background were like commodities to the superhumans and they could be traded freely. Any objection would only lead to more cruel treatment.


It was obvious from Luo Rui's words that Jiang Ran was used to exchange for benefits with Gu Yunqing, but people in the team didn't think there was any problem with that.

Luo Rui thought that she could finally be free from Jiang Ran's entanglement and compared with Xie Chengzhi, who was obviously talented, a mere superhuman with space-type abilities like Si Xu was of no use.


Having finally been able to trample the girl under her feet, Luo Rui was in a good mood and her tone became softer. “Ranran, although you won’t belong to our team in the future, we’re still going to Xiling Base with Captain Gu. If there’s any problem during the journey, you can come back and approach me...”


“No need.” Luo Rui had thought that the girl would be peeved and object to it — certainly, if she appeared to be unwilling and angered Gu Yunqing because of that, Luo Rui wouldn't help her out — but surprisingly, Jiang Ran merely responded calmly, “I know what you mean.”


“Luo Rui, didn't you just sell me in exchange for considerable benefits for yourself? It’s a fact that you sold me. Don't make it sound as if you’re reluctant ––

it sounds disgusting when you say it and it sounds even more disgusting when I hear it.”


Luo Rui, “...”


“Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing.” After leaving Luo Rui at a loss for words, Jiang Ran said slowly, “Since benefits have been exchanged for the team after selling me, shouldn't that be considered my contribution value?”

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