I Become a Mafia in the Academy

I Become a Mafia in the Academy is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, School Life genres. lnreader.org releases the latest English translated chapters of I Become a Mafia in the Academy and can be read for free.



I spent my life playing a game.
I hit the wall, stuck in second place for the rest of my life.

[Can you live as yourself, using your own nickname?] DarkLord of Underworld: Even if a man can’t eat, he can survive!


Out of the blue, I received a message and was possessed by the game.
As the worthless son of an Underworld Boss!

“Yes, bloodline is also a power, as long as you can use it. My ability is ‘Famiglia’.”

The game addict never disappears. Overwhelming violence, endless wealth, connections in the other world. I, I’ll use anything to stay alive!