Ep108. Miss Me?

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The two attacks of Moonlight Shaman.


The city that was easily smashed to the point where the heroes’ efforts became a shameful thing..


Citizens were shocked by the overwhelming strength that they had never experienced in Korea before.


What’s even scarier is that no one knows when these attacks will end.


The association is running around and trying to attract other S-class heroes from abroad, but even that was not possible.


The anomalous magic of Moonlight Shaman and the rumor that her ability would weaken the heroes the moment they entered the storm made everyone scared.


Eventually, Korea was forced to sit helplessly and got crushed by the villain. Whether it’s the villain’s name or the reason why she’s doing this, they don’t know anything. Easily destroyed.


The politicians are now saying that Seoul should be abandoned and the capital should be relocated to Busan.


When everyone is suffering from anxiety, anxiety, frustration, helplessness, and despair.


The person who feels the most hopeless is.


The hero who has no other obligation to stop the villain.






Hero Association of Seoul.


In the office, where the atmosphere as a whole was bleak, the girl sat quietly.


[…Anonymous reports suggest that perhaps there will be a terrorist attack in the area sometime today. So just standby.]


A week after the last terrorist attack.


At that time, she was waiting in her seat after being tipped off that the third terrorist attack would take place.


Perhaps to prevent terrorism within today.




Yeah. Prevent it.




As she thought to that point, Shin Haru shed an empty laugh without realizing it.


Can she stop her? This time?




The fear of not being able to protect citizens from the terrorist.


Despair to watch the city helplessly ravaged by just one person.


It all came together, shadowing her face.


Is there really no hope?


Continuing to deal with the attack of Moonlight Shaman, she finally realized.


This is impossible for her to do by herself.


Unless someone helps, Seoul will continue to be destroyed.




Who? Who’s going to help her?


At that moment, her eyes turned unknowingly to a cafe that she once bookmarked.


She dispelled the delusion.


No, that cannot be true.


The only way is to deal with it yourself.


But can I?




If someone could help her.


She lost in thoughts while sitting there blankly.


Suddenly, sirens rang throughout the association, and a state of emergency began to be declared in an instant.


[Pink storm in eastern Seoul! This is the third terrorist attack of the Moonlight Shaman! Stardus, please get going!]


The urgent voice of the speaker


Hearing that, she rose quietly, opened the window, and flew herself outside.

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The dark night sky, and the deep pink storm rising from afar.


Flying through the sky in the cold night breeze.


Shin Haru’s expression darkened, she thought quietly.


Today, are there any differences?


She’ll still lose, that villain will run away, Seoul will be damaged, citizens are going to be hurt. Everything will be repeated, right?


After all, today is going to be just the same as before.


Are there any differences?




As ever, the stormy storm of moonlight.


However, today is different.


“Now. Are you all ready?”


Somewhere outside of Seoul.


Where the cold wind blew today, I shouted to those below me.


“Yes! It’s ready!”


“We’re ready to sail!


Our rabbit helmet kids saluted with a military manner and announced that we were ready to take off.


“All right, then everybody get on the ship! And Ha-yul, now. Let’s go.”




After nodding my head feeling satisfied, I soon turned my head and looked at Ha-yul.


Unlike usual, Ha-yul dressed in a white robe.


Wearing clothes that looked like they would be worn by a wizard or a priest who would appear in a fantasy game, she was pulling her clothes awkwardly.


“…But do I have to wear this?”


“Of course. This is your first debut, and a concept is a must.”




Holding her hand, who was still looking at her clothes with an awkward expression, I floated onto the airship.


My Ha-yul. She’s been with Seo-eun and Soobin since the beginning, but she’s never been revealed to the public.


Of course, Lee Ha-yul’s ability was healing, not combat, so it couldn’t be used for terrorism.


But this time, I finally have something for her to do, so she’s finally debuting. I will officially announce her as a member of Ego Stream.


…I think everyone except Seo-eun is registered as a member on the Ego Stream site, but probably it’s just me feeling so.


With that in mind, I soon confirmed that we were on the airship.


Ha-yul’s white robe is… Actually, I don’t want to reveal her ability in detail this time, so I dressed her as cool as possible. She must look mysterious, for some reason. That will make people think, ‘Oh, she must have some skills!’


Anyway, that’s not the point.


The point of this situation is we’re going to save Stardus.


So, the airship began to rise into the sky.


Far away, we began to fly to that small-looking place where the pink storm was heading.


The airship flew in an instant, floating in the sky in stealth mode.


“Mr. Egostic! We’re almost there!”


[Hmm. I can feel something unusual]


Where the airship arrived, Where the huge pink storm engulfed the city.


Reaching that point, I stared quietly at the scruffy scene.


One of the dozens of terrorist attacks caused by the Moonlight Shaman of Wolgwanggyo.


The attack eventually destroyed Seoul and turned the original into a perfect disaster just before falling into a ditch.


The main event that I determined to stop in this world.


And in this thing that has become a reality.


I didn’t come forward the first two times, I just decided to leave it to Stardus.


Thanks to me, all the devastating events that should have happened in the original comic were handled, and even Stardus grew much stronger.

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Because the villains that appear at this point, have all been defeated by just one punch from Stardus.


So, as the main character of this comic is Stardus, who grows as much as she goes through hardships,


Instead of me standing in the middle and stopping the attack that would have happened dozens of times,


Only twice. Only twice, Stardus were left alone.


….Honestly, although I was determined, it didn’t feel comfortable seeing Shin Haru rolling around by herself. I saw her lose her mind in real time.


However, I held back my tears once as I thought it was a necessary process.


So far.


And now the third attack.


It’s finally time to step up.


As soon as that third terrorist attack happened, I pulled the airship and headed to the scene of the issue. Let’s hurry up and kidnap the Moonlight Shaman then run away.


With that in mind, what I saw when I arrived there, where the pink storm was raging in real time.


The image of Shin Haru bouncing out of the storm.




She bounced off and hit the ground a few times.


She was on one knee, stumbling to her feet.


And that tired look on her face.


Even now, I’ve been wiping away tears while watching Shin Haru rolling around through the screen.


But seeing her suffering with my own eyes like this,


More than I thought.


It was too,


Too painful for my heart.




“Ha-yul, wait here.”


And I.


Unknowingly, I felt my body bounce off the spot.


She looks too small for that big storm.


With an exhausted look, with a lost expression on her face,  she looked half-dead, blankly staring at the storm.


Quietly, I flew right behind her without her knowing.


For a moment, with my painful heart.


Without realizing it, quietly.


I put my hand on her head and patted it.


“…Thank you for your hard work.”






It’s already been hours since this happened.


She swallowed a groan, dealing alone with dozens of magic circles in the pink storm and strong winds.


Still, the enemy is too strong for her to deal with alone.


She’s already realized from the previous two attacks, but as expected.


She could never win, by herself.




“Haa… Haa…”


But she has to do something.


Get inside somehow, though she’s struggling to break through this storm.


Already she thought in her heart.


Ah. As expected.


She can’t do this.

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Today as well,


And, the next time.




From the magic circles that sprang up on her side, the purple rays poured out.


She managed to turn her arm to block it, but couldn’t stop the sphere exploding from the side.


She bounced off then flew in the sky.




As expected, it’s not working.


No matter how hard she thinks about it, it seems like she cannot win.


This time, too.


Next time.




She was attacked and eventually bounced out of the storm.


She finally stopped after hitting the ground a few times.


With one knee bent to the ground


She looked at the storm with tired eyes, still raging.


She can’t win.


She feels like she’s going to die.


“….Haa, haa.”


For ordinary people, a hero appears and saves when a crisis occurs.


Then the heroes.


In the moment of heroes’ crisis, is there anyone who can save them?


She’s thought about it before.


There’s no one.




Like that. With deep despair.


She stared blankly at the storm.


After all, there is no one to help.


It’s just, it’s going to continue destroying the city.


Like this, slowly, everything will be over.


Eventually, the sign of resignation flashed across her eyes.


Seems like this is the end.


Now, nothing unusual can happen.


She thought so, staring blankly at the storm.


But then.


Suddenly, she could feel something warm on her head.


“…Thank you for your hard work.”




With those unfastened eyes, still not knowing what the situation is. What she saw when she looked up blankly was




“Yeah, it’s me.”


With a mask covering half of his face


With a warm touch, showing signs of concern that cannot be hidden toward her.


….It was him.




“…You. Why… are you here?”

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As much as she’s exhausted.


Shin Haru talked to me as if she was squeezing out her voice that couldn’t even come out properly.


Toward her,


I said in a quiet voice, swallowing something blessed inside.


“…My hero turned out like this. As an old enemy villain, of course I should come.”




“You still have the energy to laugh? Huh…”


Towards her who was still smiling quietly with a tired look.


Like that, I, still swallowing something that bursted from the inside.


I smiled a little at her, and told her quietly.


“So far, really. Your battles were good.”


“You did your best. More than anyone else.”




“I’ll take care of the rest.”


“…For my arch energy, shouldn’t I do this?”


After saying that, I raised the corners of my mouth that didn’t go up forcefully and smiled.


I let go of the hand that was stroking her, and got up before she could speak up.


I jumped right into the storm.






It’s time to finish this damn thing.




She thought everything was over.




She surrendered. She was giving up.




She unwittingly put her hand on her head and touched it over.


Where his hands were just a while ago, the warmth still seemed to be there..


In the end.


The moment when it seems like it would be all over.


When there was no dream, no hope.


The one who steps up for me.




She looked at him quietly, running towards the storm.


His cape flapping with the wind




That’s what it was.


…After all, it was him.


She was sitting like that.


On the spot, she quietly watched his back.


Until he disappeared into the storm




She’s been watching continuously.


Her heart.




Was unknowingly beating a little.

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