Chapter 31: The Burning Resort, Revised

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“Jesus Christ, shut up!”

The man couldn’t help but shout at Yibei, punching him in his lower abdomen, and the night was silent once again.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Devourer needed to perform the breeding ceremony of the Witch’s Egg, he would’ve killed Yibei just to silence him.

Although it was impossible for anyone to hear him, it was incredibly annoying and sharp to his ears. Coupled with his expressionless face, it was like a mascot screaming into the distance.

The man even thought about increasing his price. He planned to ask Mr Rabbit for two Primordial Spirits for all the trouble.

The man turned towards him; his figure was like a phantom in the night. He left Yibei alone in the space and returned to the forest by the port. In the distance, he could see the Flowers & Sunshine Resort.

Earlier today, the Night Division had cleaned the entire resort, and all of the urban legends within it were exterminated.

Almost all of the Night Division members had returned to their own posts somewhere else, leaving only a few people stationed here.

The most dangerous place was the safest place, so the breeding ceremony of the Witch’s Egg shall be held here, and a new witch will be born tonight.

At the port, the operation to hunt down Mr Rabbit had ended, and the operations team toiled away to clean up the mountains of rotting flesh within the forest.

On the same hillside, Jiangli held her chin as she stared at the calm river.

An Qing approached her from behind as she wiped her bloody needle and sighed, “All of these living corpses came from Mr Rabbit, so at least we were on the right track.”

“That damned rabbit is getting desperate…”

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As soon as she spoke about desperation, Jiangli immediately turned around and asked, “Lu Yibei. Where is he?”

“Oh dear me,” An Qing covered her mouth and giggled. “Since when did you start caring about him? I’m sure Bai Kai is annoying him right now.”

“I’m worried. If the rabbit escaped, it would most likely go north.”

“Isn’t that good? It’s weakened now, so it would likely fade into obscurity and disappear,” An Qing replied as she tapped her chin.

“No. We need to rush to the hospital,” she said as she fidgeted with a card in her pocket. “Maybe you’re right. I sealed the entire hospital with this card, so he should be safe.”

An Qing opened her mouth in surprise and licked her lips, “You used this Level-A psionic item on that kid? You must have taken a fancy to him. Speaking of which, I, too, fancy him. Had he died the other day, I would’ve snatched his body away for an immediate autopsy!”

Jiangli simply glared at her, and after a long silence, she whispered, “I owe him.”

She still felt a tinge of regret for abandoning Yibei to hunt the Level S urban legend down.

Just as An Qing was about to comfort her, the owl badge on her chest hooted. She removed the badge to read the information presented, and fear was painted on her expression.

“There’s something new.”

“What is it?”

An Qing hesitated for a moment before saying, “Right. My informant sent news that the person who has been Mr Rabbit’s benefactor is…”

“A member of the Eclipse Society. Big deal,” Jiangli shrugged. “The old man from back then told me everyone was dead, so I don’t think we need to worry about it.”

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“That isn’t it; it’s that.” An Qing spoke before a member of the operations team rushed over with a leaflet.

“Operators, take a look at this. I found it on one of the monsters.”

It was a leaflet that was exactly like Mr Rabbit’s leaflets. However, the usual Hebrew words weren’t imprinted on that leaflet. There was only one line of text written in blood: [Flowers & Sunshine Resort, Eclipse Society].

After reading the leaflet, the two women looked at each other and nodded, quickly leaving the port.

Although they didn’t know why Mr Rabbit left such a message, they guessed it was because the Eclipse Society had betrayed him. Something was strange in that message—why provide them with information? They decided to rush over and take a look.

In half an hour…

A silver-white figure galloped on the road around the mountains, not far from Flowers & Sunshine Resort. Blue flames shot out from the gaps in the armour wrapped around her joints, leaving a trail of spiritual ash down the road.

An Qing rode on Jiangli’s back and clung to her. Under her glistening, cold armour, she could feel that Jiangli’s heartbeat had far exceeded her normal level.

“Are you sure you’re not tired?”

“I can handle it,” Jiangli replied coldly.

“It’s fine if you can’t. If your psychic power goes out of control and you become an urban legend, I won’t go easy on you.”

“No need,” Jiangli scoffed. “If that ever happens to me, I’ll kill myself.”

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Taking suicide so lightly, An Qing thought silently. ‘As expected of her.’

Galloping all the way, they passed through the road around the mountain. Soon, the resort appeared on the horizon.

And it was burning.


A violent explosion disturbed the serene silence of the night, and the top floor exploded into flames. The entire scene looked like a volcano was forming outside the hotel.

The entire forest was red too. It was mid-autumn, and red was ever-present in their vision.

Jiangli stopped in her tracks suddenly, flinging An Qing off her back. An Qing spun in the air before landing firmly on the ground on both her high heels.

The next moment, as if the gates of hell were open, something crawled out of that explosion. The horrifyingly hot temperature washed over them like a shower of molten lava, and the surrounding psychic energy seemed to be ignited.

Being in a psychic-energy-heavy environment, their hearts pounded against their chests.

“No… It can’t be. This isn’t a Level A threat…”

‘Did that damned rabbit make it before us?’

‘Did it lure us here so we could witness its new birth?’

Jiangli shielded her face from the wave of immense heat washing over her, ‘With this power, maybe it needs fresh blood to sustain itself.’

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Doubt, anxiety, and fear washed over the two women’s hearts.

On the top of a mountain a few kilometres away from Jiangli and An Qing…

A bunny girl grabbed her locks of hair anxiously as she stared at the hotel being engulfed in flames and shouted at the top of her lungs,

“Damn it! Damn it! Why? Why? My work… I toiled so hard for over a year… Just what did you do?” she screamed.

Mr Rabbit, no, Miss Rabbit, kneeled on the floor, unable to accept that her efforts were reduced to ash.

Everything was going according to plan for her—escaping from the Night Division, working together with the Eclipse Society, luring members of the Night Division to the resort as live sacrifices…

What went wrong?

She could no longer feel the Witch’s Egg’s connection to her.

Someone must have devoured the Witch’s Egg!

“Damn it! God damn it! I was so close!”

Although her plan was clumsy and hastily put together, she was so close.

The frightening psychic energy waves emanating from the flames made her afraid to get any closer.

“It’s over…” Miss Rabbit murmured as she kneeled on the floor.

When her master awakens from her deep slumber, she will never again have the possibility of being free.

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