Chapter 30: Dead of Night

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Under the moonless night, the port was silent.


In the distance, Jiangli gazed in the direction of a dimly lit warehouse, quietly listening to the data reports of the operations team around her.


“Degree of Erosion is at 3.7, abnormally high…”


“Level D psychic energy fluctuations, but they peak at Level B…”


“Number of entities at an estimated 127…”


“Disaster response at 0.03%, normal…”


‘Hiding yourself in a herd of Level D urban legends, are you trying to run away?’ Jiangli narrowed her eyes as she thought.


She pinched the bridge of her nose. Over a hundred entities mean that over a hundred souls have been captured by that damned rabbit—a hundred souls that are unable to rest in peace.


“Notify everyone,” she announced. “Do not let any of them get away. We are to investigate all body theft cases when we get back.”


“Understood,” the team responded as they turned around and disappeared into the night.




“Hoot! Hoot!” a barn owl hooted. The barn owl’s role was to convey information to the operations team, notifying them of nearby energy fluctuations.


The soft sounds of a gun’s safety being pulled resonated one after another within the forest, and all of the members of the operation team were on guard.


Although it is difficult for weapons to cause damage to high-levelled threats, low-levelled threats that are tangible are still vulnerable to bullets.


As for higher-levelled threats, there was a saying in the Night Division: only urban legends are able to take out urban legends.

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Fog crept through the bay of Huacheng.


The heavy, rusty iron door of the warehouse was pushed open, and stale dust poured out of the dark space behind the door like a wave.


Like a flood, countless entities in black tuxedos and a rabbit head stormed out from behind the door. Their bodies crashed into one another like lifeless dolls as they scattered all over the ground.


Crack! Crack!


Their stiff limbs twisted, and they struggled to get up from their positions on the ground. It was as if they were trying to pass as humans, but they didn’t know what it was like to be humans.


They suddenly stood still, like men in the army being given an order, before running towards the surrounding forests.




Under the obscuring fog, the sound of continuous gunshots rang through the air. The gunfire disappeared in the dense fog, and limbs covered in putrid blood splattered through the air.


For just a moment, the area within the forests of the port was like a hunting ground.


Jiangli stood on the hillside, silent. An Qing was standing on a nearby hillside, observing another area across the river.


Jiangli felt energy rush into her, and her spiritual sense was fully channelled. In her pale blue eyes, she could see every living, breathing creature within one kilometre; the psychic energy fluctuations emanating from those living corpses were bright and dark, and they sparkled like stars in the night.


A strong wave of spiritual energy shone the brightest among the sparkles as if a new star were rising.

The next moment, Jiangli and An Qing moved together. They left silver and scarlet streaks across the sky, like two sharp swords that cut through the dense fog and silent night.


At the corner of the bay, a rabbit-headed monster, who was running wildly, froze. He let out a weird chuckle before surging in energy, and its body seemed to shake violently.


The sound of fabric ripping could be heard, and its body and bloody tumours started to tear through its cloak. A twisted, deformed rabbit-headed monster stared directly into the crowd of the operations team.

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Bang! Bang! Bang!


Continuous gunshots fired through the air, concentrating on the twisted beast before them. Its flesh was torn apart by the gunfire, and black smoke emanated from its wounds.


However, the bullets didn’t seem to impede its progress; it approached the team as if it wasn’t even hurt and roared maniacally.


Raising its thick, deformed arm, it ripped several trees out of their roots and swung them forward in a single, swift moment.


At this moment, it was blinded by a flash of silver and scarlet.


A silver light tore through its side, and the rapid sound of horse hooves galloped through the gravel.


Jiangli’s form gradually phased back into reality, and putrid blood dripped from her runic blade.

Her blade was dripping with Hydra Poison, enough to make it legendary. Mythical creatures feel pain more than death itself.


The rabbit squirmed a few times on the spot before it roared, and its right arm and half of its chest exploded in a gory mass of dark blood.


Unbeknownst to the rabbit, the veins on its left arm started to intertwine like a net before collapsing, and its left arm fell off its limbs cleanly.


Jiangli and An Qing huffed as they noticed the aura of the rabbit rapidly weakening. Its huge body fell forward, and the telltale sign of a ritual symbol appeared on its back.


“Damn it,” the two blurted out at the same time.

In an unnamed club in Huacheng, the smell of perfume and smoke intertwined with one another.


Most only knew that The Underground Club was the only nightclub in Huacheng that stayed open until the wee hours of the morning, but they didn’t know that the nightclub itself was illegal.


Because it was illegal, it would naturally engage in questionable services and transactions.

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On the stage in the centre of the dance floor, a group of scantily clad bunny girls danced seductively to the music, swaying their curvy bodies to the beat of the music. Their long, slender legs were wrapped in black stockings, and they posed provocatively with the help of the steel poles on stage.


The next moment, a bunny girl with a strange tattoo on her back fell from her pole, and blood gushed out from her mouth. Blood started to pool around her.


The patrons who were watching her simply dispersed indifferently. Soon, several men came backstage and pulled her away from the stage.


The patrons were indifferent since occurrences like these were normal. Illegal activities included trading psionic items, so it wasn’t surprising that work-related injuries would happen.


A few minutes later, in a deep and dark alley behind the club…


Mice shuttled through the piles of garbage as they sniffed an unconscious girl in a bunny suit before scurrying away.


Suddenly, a scarlet light glowed on her tattoo. Once the light subsided, the tattoo disappeared as if it had melted into her body, and she woke up the next moment.


“Hah-! Hah!” She fell forward as she panted violently. She coughed up two lumps of rabbit fur, and her eyes were like glass beads, showing a dull scarlet colour.


“Damn it, I didn’t expect consuming that Level C Urban Legend would bring me here,” she sneered as she sat up from the garbage pile. She took out an old-fashioned flip phone from between her breasts and rummaged through the contacts.


“It’s me. I’m out of trouble.”


“Well, I’ll see you later at the agreed place.”


Once the conversation ended, she exerted all her strength and crushed the phone into pieces.

Lu Yibei found himself in a dreamscape once again; he was riding a beautiful white horse that donned silver armour, and it galloped under the pristine, moonlit night.


His fingers ran through its gorgeous mane and caressed its delicate and smooth skin, and the horse purred in response.


Lu Yibei shut his eyes and enjoyed the moment with his horse. The horse’s body was strangely firm, and its coat of fur seemed strangely thin.

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His immersion in the dream was broken, and he opened his eyes, only to find himself back in reality and caressing a man’s shirtless chest.


His gaze met the man’s gaze, and the pregnant silence between them was deafening.


From the corner of his eyes, he could see the city buildings in the distance, and he was taken aback, ‘Wait a minute, shouldn’t I be in the hospital resting? Where am I?’


“F*ck! Who are you?” he yelled.


“You don’t need to know who I am,” the man chuckled, and his guttural voice was like the chirping of cicadas.


“Y-you’re the bad guy, aren’t you?” Yibei asked under the offended gaze of the man. “You speak like one, so you have to be one. Let me guess, your next sentence is, ‘Yeah, I’m the bad guy, so what?’”




“Sh*t, now you’ll say, ‘I’ll crush your tiny neck, and nobody will come to save you,’ Right? You aren’t going to kill me, are you?”

“Hehe! Not now, but soon.”


“Oh, in that case…”


The man frowned, unsure of Yibei’s intentions. He put himself on guard in case Yibei wanted to attack him.


Yibei smirked at the man before facing the city behind him.


“Help me! I got kidnapped! Jiangli! An Qing! Ah, Hua! Anyone! A beautiful girl like me is about to be robbed of her innocence! Help me!”


‘Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’ the man couldn’t help but think. He let Yibei scream into the distance, though, since he had already enclosed this space with psychic energy.


“Come on! Anyone out there?”

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