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Sivir turned around slowly.

The big bad wolf held a snow-white round rabbit with lop ears in its mouth, and the little rabbit was holding a big radish with both front paws and hind feet.

He had long hanging ears on the side of his head, his obsidian-like eyes were clear and bright, and his three-petal mouth was moving as he ate the radish in small bites.

He looked well-behaved and cute.

Scar Rabbit: “…”

Holding the radish, Mianmian Rabbit: “?”

The four eyes meet.

Mianmian Rabbit tilted his head: “…Aww?”

Scar Rabbit immediately frowned, “You are a rabbit, why do you still bark like a wolf?”

“Father? Are we here?” Little Chris Wolf, who was lying on his father’s back, stood up after hearing the voice. He shook his fur and looked down.

The Little Raphael Rabbit hanging on the giant wolf’s foreleg was dozing off in a daze. After being woken up by the scar rabbit’s movement, although he was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes, he still dragged his voice and coquettishly said, “Dad…”

“…!” Scar Rabbit was startled. Why is there a smaller bunny?

? ? ?

What the hell is this new type of combination?

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After finding out the truth about the family of four, Scar Rabbit remained silent for a long time.

Sivir wanted to take a look at the place where wolves had howled, and Scar Rabbit excitedly led the way.

According to him, there is a wolf tribe there.

The Little Raphael Rabbit was riding on Scar Rabbit’s neck. He looked at Scar Rabbit’s small and short ears, and then looked at himself with long, drooping ears.

“Dad.” Little Raphael turned his head and shouted at the soft rabbit held by the giant wolf, “His rabbit ears are so short.”

“Be polite.” Mianmian taught his little rabbit, “You should call him uncle.”

“Oh.” Little Raphael Rabbit nodded, and said obediently, “Dad, Uncle Scar’s ears are so short.”

As he spoke, he touched his ears.

The Scar Rabbit’s ears flicked, and the short ears escaped from Rafael’s fur claws.

His expression instantly became ferocious, and he looked even more ferocious because of the scar. “Young-ins are indeed the most annoying creature!”

Turning his gaze, he saw little Chris Wolf walking beside him.

The Scar Rabbit relaxed his expression, and said kindly, “You’re quite cute.”

Stays quiet, don’t have any worries.

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Little Chris flicked his wolf’s tail: ▼^▼


When approaching the wolf tribe, the Scar Rabbit suddenly stopped.

He moved his ears and listened intently for a while, then turned his head and climbed up a tall and sturdy tree.

“?” Little Raphael rabbit who was left behind was very confused. He looked up at the tall tree, but couldn’t see anything, so he leaned towards his father’s feet.

Under the tree, Sivir stopped moving forward.

There was a pack of wolves slowly approaching in front of them. It looked like a wolf tribe patrol team, all of them were young and strong giant wolves.

After seeing each other clearly, the two sides stopped a few meters away, and then the wolves separated in pairs and patrolled in different directions.

The remaining leading wolf did not move.

He had a long scar on his face, almost identical to the scar on Scar Rabbit’s face.

After the Scar Wolf looked at Sivir with Mianmian Rabbit in his mouth, he took another look at little Raphael Rabbit, then raised his nose and sniffed, and murmured, “Strange, I clearly smelled that rabbit…”

He sniffed the air for a long time, but couldn’t smell the reason.

The Scar Wolf looked at Sivir, then at little Chris Wolf next to Sivir’s leg, and asked suspiciously, “Are you here to find a wolf pack to join?”

Sivir glanced at him, but didn’t speak. Slightly raised his head and looked behind the scarred wolf.

Scar Wolf seemed to be familiar with the attitude, and he didn’t care if he didn’t get an answer.

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He asked then, “Is that rabbit your prey?”

He looked at little Raphael Rabbit standing next to his brother again: “This rabbit is so small, is it meant to be raised and then killed and eaten?”

Little Raphael Rabbit: “…”

Thank you, I feel threatened.

“Being lazy again?” An old voice suddenly came from behind Scar Wolf.

Scarred Wolf was startled, and immediately his fur tightened, “Patriarch! I’m not! I don’t!”

“I just saw a strange wolf and said a few words to him!” He explained as he quickly ran back towards the nearby woods.

Unexpectedly, the Scar Rabbit descended from the sky and landed directly on the Scar Wolf’s head, almost kicking his brains out.

Scar Wolf yelled “Aww” a few times. He fought with the Scar Rabbit in the grass and rolled away.

The old patriarch of the wolf clan stepped forward, and Sivir exchanged a glance with him, feeling the faint resonance of the blood.

Perhaps this is one of the ancestors of the Chris family.

The wolf patriarch stared at Sivir, his old and wise animal eyes were very calm: “…Are you an outcast of our clan?”

Sivir shook his head.

The wolf patriarch shifted his eyes slightly, looked at Mianmian Rabbit, who was holding a radish, then looked at little Chris and little Raphael next to him, and was startled: “Is this your partner and offspring?”

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Sivir turned his head with Mianmian Rabbit in his mouth and placed him on his back. Seeing this, little Chris Wolf and the little Rafael Rabbit also began to climb up their Father’s back.

Sivir nodded towards the wolf patriarch, “Yes.”

The patriarch of the wolf looked at the snow-white and cute Mianmian Rabbit and the two lively cubs, and his eyes showed kindness: “You are very happy.”

He kindly invited: “Do you want to come and have a look at the tribe?”

Little Chris Wolf and little Rafael Rabbit climbed onto their father, one on each side and sat next to their dad.

Sivir looked back at the three small plushes on his back, and rejected the invitation of the wolf patriarch: “No, thank you.”

The wolf patriarch nodded slightly, but did not force it.

The intersection of one era and another era can be separated at the touch of a finger.

Sivir turned around and left with Mianmian Rabbit and the cubs.

In the forest, they walked leisurely, and the sunlight coated them with a layer of dazzling gold, vaguely outlining their gentle outlines.

The sunlight seemed to be dazzling for a moment, and then when looking again, the giant wolf with his family had disappeared.

The patriarch of the wolf clan was startled, and then couldn’t help laughing.

He shook his head, got up and went back to the tribe.

In the forest, the sun was still bright and gentle.

TL: A wise leader the wolf patriarch is–rabbits and wolves can be together! There’s no judgement, just making sure they’re happy (´꒳`)

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