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In the vast forest, the verdant trees covered the sky and the sun. The atmosphere was quiet, and occasionally the chirping of birds could be heard passing overhead.

Sivir turned into a huge gray wolf with a majestic aura, and the emerald green eyes of the beast were full of coldness.

He raised his head and looked around, looking at the unfamiliar environment.

In front of the Giant Wolf was a small, dainty and exquisite rabbit, after looking closely.

Mianmian Rabbit was bouncing up and down trying to jump onto the Giant Wolf, like a squishy, glutinous rice cake.

Not far ahead, Little Chris Wolf and Little Rafael Rabbit were crawling into the bushes with their buttocks pouted, chasing an insect vigorously regardless of the leaves covering their fur.

——This was a new type of black technology developed by the Central Star, which could trace back to the ancient times before the Interstellar Era.

The Duchess and the Duke followed the trend and came to the ancient times of the Beast Era.

After Sivir looked around, he lowered his head and saw the bouncing Mianmian Rabbit.

Mianmian Rabbit looked up at the Giant Wolf for a moment, stretched out its front paws and waved downward, signaling Sivir to lower his head.

That movement was so cute, like a lucky rabbit. (T/N: pretty sure they’re trying to compare him to a lucky cat statue)

Sivir licked the top of Mianmian Rabbit’s head. The gray wolf was so huge that it could lick all of Mianmian Rabbits’s body in one go.

Mianmian Rabbit was licked so that he fell backwards, but it was Sivir who stretched out his front paws to support him and helped him sit back up.

Sivir lowered his head and laid down in front of Mianmian Rabbit, obediently letting Mianmian Rabbit step on his nose and jump on top of his head.

The gray wolf’s fur was shiny and smooth, and Mianmian Rabbit was domineering above the Duke’s head. He sat down and slid down along the arc of his back.

“Hahahaha.” Mianmian Rabbit was very happy.

Come play on the slide!

Mianmian Rabbit lost his inertia halfway down the gray wolf slide and stopped halfway.

He fell directly on the gray wolf’s back, lying on the gray wolf’s soft and thick fur, and rubbed the wolf’s fur with his rabbit’s face, feeling extremely comfortable.

Sivir turned his head to the side, looking at the Mianmian Rabbit lying on his back, his eyes were gentle, pampering and indulgent.

“Dad! Father! I want to play too!”

Little Raphael’s voice came from afar, he got out of the bushes, and jumped towards Sivir and Mianmian Rabbit.

Little Chris Wolf followed Little Rafael Rabbit steadily, walking slowly on all fours.

Little Rafael Rabbit was a little smaller than Mianmian Rabbit, he was like a small glutinous rice cake.

But now this small glutinous rice cake was dirty, his snow-white fur was covered with black mud.

Little Raphael was about to change from a lop-eared rabbit to a mud rabbit.

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Seeing a mud ball jumping in front of him, Sivir stretched out his claws, and the little Raphael who came over excitedly rolled backwards twice.

Rolling to the feet of Little Chris Wolf.

Little Chris: “…”

Little Chris backed away two steps, afraid that Little Rafael Rabbit would dirty his fur.

“?” Little Raphael sat up from the ground with a blank rabbit face. I don’t understand why my father behaved like this.

“Where did Little Raphael go to play?” Mianmian Rabbit laid on the gray wolf’s back, hardly able to recognize the dirty little rabbit beneath.

“The mud pit.” Little Chris replied truthfully: “He was originally chasing insects, but after brother found a mud pit in the bushes, he went to roll in it.”

Sivir: “…”

Mianmian Rabbit: “…”

Little Raphael Rabbit shook his head.

He began to feel uncomfortable with the mud all over his body. He squatted on all fours, flicked his fur, and shook off all the mud on his body like a small whirlwind.

Most of it fell onto Little Chris next to him.

Little Chris: “…”


Little Raphael was ignorant. After shaking maomao, he looked up and suddenly found that his Dad and Father were very, very far away: “Dad? Father?” (T/N: maomao is referring to his fluff)

Sivir had carried Mianmian Rabbit on his back a few strides away, avoiding the mud bomb attack.

Now when he heard his youngest son’s cry, he closed his ears and pretended not to know anything.

Little Chris sighed quietly.

He looked down at the mud spots on his fur, then at his younger brother’s dirty and stray-bunny appearance, then raised his head and let out a childish “Owwow” wolf howl at his father.

After his father turned his head to look at him, little Chris said loudly, “I’ll take my brother to wash up.”

Father’s wolf head nodded up and down.

Little Chris lowered his head and bit his younger brother’s nape.

He wasn’t even half as high as his father’s legs, but it is more than enough for him to pick up his brother with his mouth because little Raphael rabbit was small enough to fit in a pocket.

Not far behind the bushes, there was a thin stream.

The amount of water flow was enough for their tall father to drink, and it was also enough for the little brothers to take a bath.

The stream was slow flowing, clean and clear.

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Little Chris lowered his head, first dipped his younger brother’s buttocks and hind legs, and swung him from side to side, washing away a piece of mud in an instant, and the water slowly carried away the mud and sand.

Gudong. (T/N: sound effect of water splashing)

Little Chris let go, and his younger brother fell into the stream.

Little Raphael reacted quickly, and immediately dog paddled (crossed out) rabbit paddled and floated up.

Little Chris followed into the water and stood in the stream.

He asked his younger brother to lean on his leg while washing off the hair on his body.

Since Little Chris was covered with mud thrown over by Little Raphael, the culprit, Little Raphael, was also responsible for helping to scrub the mud off Little Chris’s back.

The bath worker Raphael Rabbit started work on this ordinary day.

His first guest was his dear brother Chris Jr.

Little Raphael raised his rabbit paws to wash little Chris’s wolf fur with difficulty. While washing, he stopped suddenly.

The little Raphael Rabbit moved his long ears, turned his head to look at the other side of the stream, and tilted his head.

“Brother.” Little Raphael ended his short career as a scrubber. He paddled out of the water and ran to the opposite side of the creek. “I think there seems to be something over there!”

“What?” Little Chris turned his head to look at his fur, and found that it was okay so he didn’t force his brother any more after washing it.

He bent his limbs and submerged his whole body in the stream. After letting the flowing stream wash away the wolf’s fur for a while, he stood up and shook off the water on his body, and followed him ashore.

The little Raphael Rabbit ran forward.

He was wet all over, dripping water on the ground while running, little Chris followed the direction of the water stains, and saw his brother in a bush.

“Wow~” There was a nest of eggs in the grass, and the little Raphael Rabbit stood beside the egg nest and let out an exclamation.

He turned around to greet little Chris and said, “Brother! Look! What big eggs!”

Chris nodded, walked around the egg nest, observing carefully.

Little Raphael stood next to the eggs and compared them. The size of this nest of eggs was half the size of himself.

“Brother.” Little Raphael Rabbit was a curious baby: “What kind of egg is this?”

“Ostrich eggs.” Little Chris said.

You see, this is what happens when you don’t study hard. His brother doesn’t even recognize such things.

“Ostrich? Egg?” Little Raphael Rabbit tilted his head and thought for a while, shook the water on his body, and said, “Daddy seems to like this.”

“?” A big question mark appeared above Little Chris’s head.

Little Raphael was already standing beside the egg nest, and began to pick out the best-looking egg with a serious face, “I heard Daddy chatting with Father before.”

“Daddy said he wanted to buy pigeons~!” Little Raphael said while choosing, “Father just said, buy it!”

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“There is also StarNet, Daddy’s fans and sisters, they say that pigeon eggs are nothing, and it is better to buy ostrich eggs.” Little Raphael learned vividly: “Daddy said that he also wanted to buy ostrich~bird eggs! Father also said, purchase!”

“Look, we don’t need to buy it now! There are ready-made ones!” Little Rafael Rabbit stretched out his furry claws and touched the shell of an egg.


Little Chris was skeptical.


But the younger brother said that Dad likes it, and now there are so many ostrich eggs to pick, so little Chris nodded, believing his brother’s evil: “Then let’s choose the biggest and best-looking one for Dad.”

“I’ve chosen it!” Little Raphael was lying on an egg, and the rabbit’s claws stroked the eggshell back and forth, very satisfied with it.

He even tried his teeth, and the hard ostrich eggshell almost knocked off the rabbit’s teeth of the little Raphael rabbit.

“Then I want this one.” Little Chris had no objection.

The egg was just on the edge of the grass nest, and the brothers poked it out without much effort.

The ostrich egg rolled on the ground. One of the brothers used his rabbit’s claws and the other used his wolf’s claws to push the egg forward.

Awesome! Dad will love them even more after seeing the big ostrich egg gift!


While the brothers were tossing around the ostrich eggs, Sivir and Mianmian were pulling radishes in a field.

There were large pieces of emerald green radish leaves growing in the field.

Mianmian Rabbit bounced around in the radish field, sniffing here and there, and finally chose the most fragrant one.

He hugged the radish leaves with his front paws, and kicked the ground with his back paws, pulling out as hard as he could.

Paji (T/N: just sound effect of breaking leaves)

The radish leaves broke off, and the Mianmian Rabbit fell to the ground.

Mianmian Rabbit stood up and shook his fur, wanting to continue to compete with radish. The giant wolf who was waiting by the side gently pushed him away with his fleshy pads.

The giant wolf’s sharp claws popped out from the pads, scratched the ground, and the soil was instantly loosened. Mianmian Rabbit then easily pulled the radish out of the ground and shook the soil off of it.

The big radish was fresh, crisp, tender, plump and juicy. Mianmian Rabbit likes it very much!

The Duke who put away his function as an excavator took Mianmian Rabbit to the stream to wash the radishes.

Mianmian Rabbit squatted on the bank and carefully washed his rations, while Sivir looked at the rabbit footprints and wolf paw prints beside the stream, and let out a low wolf howl, calling for the two missing cubs.

There was a rustling sound from the other side of the stream. After a while, Little Raphael Rabbit arrived first, “Papa, Papa!”

“Father!” Little Raphael Rabbit happily pushed a big ostrich egg and rolled over, “Didn’t you want to buy an ostrich egg? Look! My brother and I picked one up for you!”

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Sivir: “…”

Mianmian Rabbit: “…”

Mianmian Rabbit didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and grabbed Little Rafael Rabbit and patted his head.

When he looked up, he happened to meet Little Chris’ puzzled eyes, and Papa Mianmian explained, “It’s not this kind of ostrich egg.”

It’s an ostrich egg diamond ring!

The giant wolf shook his head, lowered his head, carefully picked up the ostrich egg, and put the egg back in its spot.

When they returned to the stream, the three fluffy ones were washing.

Mianmian washed the big radish, and Little Chris and Little Raphael washed themselves.

This was because the two brothers burrowed into the grass and got dirty again.

Little Chris and little Raphael, who had been washed clean, were taken by their Dad and Father to dry their hair on a boulder by basking in the sun.

The sun was shining brightly, and their hair dried quickly, becoming fluffy and soft, full of the smell of the sun.

Mianmian Rabbit also laid lazily on the rock, enjoying the sunbathing, and his rabbit claw patted the giant wolf beside him: “Where shall we go to play later?”

The giant wolf used his nose to poke around Mianmian Rabbit’s soft belly—sucking the rabbit!

“Go ahead and have a look around.” Sivir replied while sucking on fluffy fluff, “I thought I heard a wolf howling over there just now.”

“That’s great.” Mianmian Rabbit pushed the giant wolf away with all fours, and kicked on the wolf’s face with a jio. He turned over and sat up: “Then let’s go and have a look now!”

Mianmian Rabbit picked up his big radish, “Maybe I can find the ancestors of your Chris family!”

Sivir had no objections. He stood up, lowered his head, carefully bit the back of Mianmian Rabbit’s neck, and picked Mianmian Rabbit up.

Seeing this, Little Chris and Little Raphael who were lying beside them also ran towards their father.

Little Chris jumped up after a run-up on the boulder, kicked his father’s legs to climb up, and finally came to his father’s back.

The Little Rafael Rabbit couldn’t jump high, so he climbed up the giant wolf’s front leg, inching up like a caterpillar, and finally hung on the wolf’s leg and stopped moving. Sivir looked down at him, but didn’t care.


The huge gray wolf dragged his family through the forest.

The sunlight in the forest sparsely fell on them, making them relaxed and warm.

After the giant wolf walked for a while, a big rabbit with a long scar on its face suddenly jumped out of the woods and jumped behind the giant wolf.

“Hey.” The Scar Rabbit stood in the middle of the road with a piece of grass in its mouth, and said foolishly, “That wolf in front.”

“What you have in your mouth must be a member of our clan.”

TL: *appears* Gang Boss Rabbit~~ ⊂(▀¯▀⊂ )

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